Poems about fan



And, I'm not a Pat's fan, go figure

It's Amendola
Not Motorola
Not Penszola
Or Pepsi-cola

Pat's on a roll-a
To Super Bowl-a

It's Gronkowski
Not a Jetski
Not a concuss-ski
He'll be back, see

Pat's on a win-ski
To Super Bowl-ski

It's Tom Brady
No way is shady
Not like a lady
History made-y

Pat's not afraid-y
Super Brady

It's Belichick'ed
No defects
Not a speck
Stuck out his neck

Kraft, Pat's exec
What the heck

Yes I've said it
I'll take credit
Pat's live
Not die...

fan,  figure,  pat.

Author: Temporal Fugue
Date: 06/04/2020


White ceiling fan

The brisk air flows
Through my window and I realize
I was deep in thought of you again
My fan is turning
But still my window brings a much cooler air
Like the kind you brought
The night you broke
My heart
And left your imprint on my bed.
I don't blame you,
After all, it was I who loved too much
Too soon
No one has ever showed me
Affection so when you were here
It was you
Who kept my fan turning

ceiling,  fan,  white.

Author: bvtterfly kisses
Date: 06/04/2020


Fan(shape poem)

In my
Neat and
Liked loved
But The
Other one
Was full of
Dirt dust
Worn ­ out
Run daily

fan,  poem,  shape.

Author: Jugnu-the firefly
Date: 04/04/2020


The fan

I found someone
A fan for life
She keeps no score
This friend, my wife

She is, “my goodness”
My, “God knows when”
My inspiration
She is my pen!!!


Author: SE Reimer
Date: 31/03/2020


The shit's really gonna' hit the Fan!

The Shit is really Gonna' hit the Fan
In the United States politically
But I can't get involved in Political Polarizations.
I'm already Bipolar!
I'm the Oppressed and the Oppressor.
The Suppressed and the Suppressor.
The Repressed and the Repressor.
The Controlled and the Controller.
The Terrorized and the Terrorizer.
The Victim and the Victimizer.
The Dominated and the Dominator
The Exploited and the Exploiter
Give me a Politics of VISION
And I might become more engaged.

fan,  gonna,  hit.

Author: Daniel Steven Moskowitz
Date: 31/03/2020


This What Happen(When Trouble Hits The Fan)

Funny, when trouble hits the fan.
Everyone's wants to tell you about your plan.

If it was me.
This is, what I would do?
Second guessers offering their advice to you.

Suddenly, they relationship experts.
But you remember when?
They stayed and never left their man(woman).

This happen only when trouble hits the fan.

Even the real experts don't know.
Why people stay?
They offer their views.
Then in most cases, they are fools.
Cause they never been walking in your shoes.

Or accepted the vows for better or worse.
Often talked about in many churches.

Love is hard to predict.
It makes some better.
And other sick.

Which is, why people stays through thick and thin.
Yes, this what happen?
When trouble hits the fan.

You follow, what God has planned?
Yes, it's hard to explain.
Cause love is a mysterious thing.

fan,  happen,  hits,  trouble.

Author: jeffrey conyers
Date: 23/03/2020


I'm a Harry Potter Fan

Harry Potter marathons

Keeps my mind going strong

Feeds my imagination

Hogwarts is my destination

Fun times can be found

Magical abilities will abound

Harry has a path to follow

Leading up to Deathly Hallows

Ron and Hermione his best friends

Stick with him to the bitter end

Dumbledore a blessing to behold

Guides Harry as his life unfolds

Snape was such a scoundrel

Turns out he's quite wonderful

In the end you will see

There's nothing better than family

fan,  harry,  potter.

Author: Teri Bennett
Date: 19/03/2020


Only if you're a fan of bulgakov

I do "think" that telepathy exists,
But only between a man and an animal,
The piercing stare of a cat lazing on your bed -
Squinting almost "saying":
Where's the vodka,
And where's the chess board?
I'm unlucky owning a ginger
Black holes are
Telephones to god?
I prefer the mind of cat
And telephoning the devil:
He's usually the more informed one
Given god's omniscience, other omni- etc.
Imagine that gymnastics i have
To go through, to bypass
A cat's meow and read his
As i said: you'll get the investment
In the "investigation" once you've
Read bulgakov...
Oh sorry, no mark twain? oops...
Must have forgot,
Or burped a champagne bubble
From my gob, say hello to daisy,
You still breeding those
Types of virgins these days?
Lucky me, i get the cinema
Of islam resurging and invading...
All i can do is, sit back,
And joing the chorus of applause.
Even though cats sleep so much,
Watching a cat sleeping never
Leaves you feeling lazy...
Always... itchy, for some reason.
Maybe their autistic nonchalance
When awake...
But fuck me,
I "ask" him:
Händel or foster the people?
Answer resides with the latter.

P. s. that's diacritical arithmetic,
Isn't it? it's not some grapheme innuendo,
Right? i know, i can count...
ä = paa (hiding the surd h to
Either laugh, or breathe - catch 'un...
Extrovert says hello with regards to what
Introvert confuse, a tongue twister of
æ... is that
Vampire for blah blah, or... bleh' bleh bleh bleh?
I was seriously going to posit that
Comma below to insinuate the pause:
I. e. ultra syllable stressor) -
Em... why make writing boring?
Readable, page-turning?

Can writing at least resemble
Its retarted yet autistic genius cousin
I find more easy narrative
Wiping my ass, on the throne of thrones,
Listening to ac / dc's thunderstruck
Song tapping the beat to avoid
Getting a cramp from massaging my
Prostate; so... go figure what's appropriate
Given whatever circumstance
Also requires a napkin and a fork.


I can't imagine a world where written language
Had the 1 + 1 = 2 rigidness ascribed to it,
What with the play-dough of
Diacritical marks and punctuation marks
Running rampant revisions...
A microcosm? well that's diacritical
Syllable distinction...
A macrocosm? well that's punctuation
Syllable distinction...
All in all, comes the atom: letter,
Comes the compound: word -
Comes the sentence: chemistry,
Comes the paragraph / book -
The per se, alter. god.


Author: Mateuš Conrad
Date: 26/02/2020