Poems about farmer


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Farmer's Soil

Standing innocent ten year old
In the courtyard full of greenery
My Grandfather's effort in the soil
Looking at the bunch of plantains
Hanging vertical yellow smileys
Fragrance of ripe bananas
Filling my mouth with water
Giant mango trees full of king fruit
Orange-red ripen mangoes with crown
Smiling at me handsome monarchs
Red chubby tomatoes looking up at me
With a pony tail on each ones head
Either big or small none are like a twig
Shining green chillies with anger
Nodding their heads to capture
Dozen of aubergines in violet dress
Covered one part of the soil
Oh! Jackfruits are ready to pluck
Spreading the sweet smell all over
Like children on mother's waist
Climbing creepers holding bitter guards
Seen as lighting lanterns of villages
As a farmer, my grandfather passing inspiration
Respecting our soil and farming

farmer,  soil.

Author: Prathipa Nair
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1169520

Farmer blues

I make a living, by farming and grit.
I make a living on crud and spit
Spit into the hands
Dirt on the shoe
A farmers hand playing the farmer blues.

blues,  farmer.

Author: Bill murray
Date: 01/03/2020

№ 1159230

The Farmer (written for my late Uncle Arthur)

He is a farmer of these lands
You can tell from his calloused hands
He's worked many a plow
See the sweat on his brow
He spends his day out there in the field
Waiting to see what the earth will revile
Every day he gets up early to toil
He's happiest out in the soil
He loves the smell of fresh turned earth
Deep in his soul he knows of its worth
With a happy heart he'll sow his seeds
He knows all the people it feeds
So with a smile he'll go thru the day
Listening to what the wind has to say
He puts in all his hard labor
And prays God shows him favor

arthur,  farmer,  late,  uncle,  written.

Author: Pauline Russell
Date: 20/02/2020

№ 1149998

Confessions Of Being A Farmer

As am sowing my crops, the dreams of my family are being sowed.
These are not just crops to me.
As the crops are growing, the dreams of my family are being nurtured.
My little princess wants a new dress for her birthday.
My beloved son needs a new bicycle.
I will not delay their fees this time.
And my lovely wife,
Haven't bought a piece of clothe since last six months.
I can't wait to see a smile on her face, when i gift her new jewelry and clothes.
My happiness lies in their laughter.
Today my crops are ready to reap.
It "RAINED"... !!!
Everybody else was enjoying.
My crops died,
So did my "DREAMS"... !!!

confessions,  farmer.

Author: Jaspal Kaur
Date: 12/02/2020

№ 1118493

The sheep will slaughter the farmer

The calm after the storm
The totalitarian sheep has landed
Her hair as frenetic fleece
Fake apologies from her dry lips
She has no clue what she's sorry for
A trick, she puts out her feelers
I'm not about to tell her
Let alone be her stupid games dealer

She slit your throat
With a ten pound note to a five
That's the way you live
In the commune of your buzzing hive
Doing nothing all day
And yet still you thrive
Your politics
Must be the thing to try

farmer,  sheep,  slaughter.

Author: lowercasemmmmmm
Date: 15/01/2020

№ 1117324

Jennifer the Farmer's Cat part deux

I watch her and know my friend's Cat has a soul
Why greet me and chase away the strays?
Go figure out the unity, it last
And you will realise
There's instinctual maturity,
The pride of her groom
The health regime of cat grass
Prawns auto reckoning!
The decision that Rock N Roll
Is a tacky tail, is gracious,
Her class suitably ignores
Associated man made discordance

cat,  deux,  farmer,  jennifer.

Author: topaz oreilly
Date: 14/01/2020

№ 1103371


My name
A name I always thought dull
And inaccurate
Means farmer.
And funny,
How close it sits on my skin,

I suppose I have toiled
Have pushed fingers into earth
Felt the Mother humming
And I hummed back,
Clenched the roots of the world
Into fists and took from them strength
To rise,
And again

And I suppose I have nourished
Been both soil and the crop
And the blood and sweat that birthed it
I have always been growing,
I've been spinning sunlight
Like thread on a loom
Have always reaped gold,
I, planter of bountiful harvest
Sower of sweetened fruit
It is always, Me
To nurture

And look,
How green the fields are
How well the name fits.


Author: Georgia Marginson-Swart
Date: 01/01/2020

№ 1102709

The Quiet Love of Elizabeth and a Farmer

The sun sets on dripping blood
Shed for love
And brought out from a gun
Elizabeth is close to death
Drawing final breaths
She was so fine and so young

Pedro runs across the barroom floor
Bursting through the door
On his way to the border by the sea
His hand is still hot from rage
There's nothing left to save
All he can do is flee

Now that heaven can finally breathe
Resting on the sea
While Pedro hides away from law
Elizabeth wore Pedro's golden ring
Along a silver string
Yet she moaned among the farmer's straw

Pedro shed the lonely tears
Of a love lost in years
He made a promise that he kept
As he read aloud the vows she wrote
With the heart she broke
The sun set as he wept

elizabeth,  farmer,  love,  quiet.

Author: Jordan Rowan
Date: 31/12/2019