Poems about fate


№ 1209678


That you are fair or wise is vain,
Or strong, or rich, or generous;
You must have also the untaught strain
That sheds beauty on the rose.
There is a melody born of melody,
Which melts the world into a sea.
Toil could never compass it,
Art its height could never hit,
It came never out of wit,
But a music music-born
Well may Jove and Juno scorn.
Thy beauty, if it lack the fire
Which drives me mad with sweet desire,
What boots it? what the soldier's mail,
Unless he conquer and prevail?
What all the goods thy pride which lift,
If thou pine for another's gift?
Alas! that one is born in blight,
Victim of perpetual slight; —
When thou lookest in his face,
Thy heart saith, Brother! go thy ways!
None shall ask thee what thou doest,
Or care a rush for what thou knowest,
Or listen when thou repliest,
Or remember where thou liest,
Or how thy supper is sodden, —
And another is born
To make the sun forgotten.
Surely he carries a talisman
Under his tongue;
Broad are his shoulders, and strong,
And his eye is scornful,
Threatening, and young.
I hold it of little matter,
Whether your jewel be of pure water,
A rose diamond or a white, —
But whether it dazzle me with light.
I care not how you are drest,
In the coarsest, or in the best,
Nor whether your name is base or brave,
Nor tor the fashion of your behavior, —
But whether you charm me,
Bid my bread feed, and my fire warm me,
And dress up nature in your favor.
One thing is forever good,
That one thing is success, —
Dear to the Eumenides,
And to all the heavenly brood.
Who bides at home, nor looks abroad,
Carries the eagles, and masters the sword.


Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209660

Impatient fate

Sitting and wondering if you feel the same
Such a fine line between;

Over stepping and rushing something that is not meant to be
Sitting patiently waiting for fate to makes it move

Hurry up, i grow impatient yet
Maybe ill make my own fate

fate,  impatient.

Author: healy walsh
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1207998

Saving her fate

We can't change our fate? Our destinies are set?

Who was the one to determine this? The one who now brings so much inescapable sorrow.

How do I comfort my girlfriend, tears falling from her eyes, when nothing I do can change the outcome?

I guess sometimes we're stuck with our lot in life. No sense in trying to change it, right?

Maybe so, but seeing those glimmering tears fall from her eyes I shall not accept this. I shall change the outcome and make the world a better place.

I know I can't fix everything and I know I can't save everyone, but damn please let me save her.

fate,  saving.

Author: Ryan Hoysan
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1206495

To Fear Fate

It's called self-fulfilled prophecy.
I control my destiny, but I don't have direction.
I'm called a failure, but by what measure?
The cards are not in my favor.
Who will judge me?
Fate is not a comforting idea,
It has a formality that lacks purpose.
Why do I fear it?

fate,  fear.

Author: John K Trainer
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205768

Ill imagined fate

I crush up the pills
Place them in 2 nice little white lines
Darling im sorry
I promise this is the last time.
My face is burning
I feel so alive
I love you
But im feeding you lies.
For try as i might
And try as i will
My love for you
Dosnt comapre to the love i receive from the pills
So ill leave the warmth of your arms
To the comfort of my drug enduced bliss
Replace your lips
With a empty kiss
And ill forget everything we had
Pretend we never were
I told you to begin with
I am far from anyones dream girl
For my grasp on reality is deluded
Tainted by self enduced hate
Please dont think its your fault
This is just my fate.
And ill leave you a letter
Apolgising for all the lies
Then give into my obbession
Pill bottles at side
And an array of colors is all ill see
As i swallow them all
I create my destiny.

fate,  imagined.

Author: Romona Hardy
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1204027

Liar's Fate

You put your life on hold to examine the past, recalculating the out come and what came out. Who knew we'd be sad again, exempting everyone from the relationships of others. Swallowing acid, eating away your insides. Lying to your heart through the skipping beats, and cum stained sheets. You're crying in the bathroom, reading a graphic novel in a hot bubble bath. Trying to relax, and forget about the past. Failing to tell yourself the truth about your heart-shattering memory and crushed up crush on whom you left behind. Can't face the truth, so you're chewing your teeth and swallowing in the shards. Your gums bleeding trying to spit out what's in front of you but you draw a blank and the targets leaving sight. What are you going to do, you're going to lie some more and hide it deeper down. You are, you're going to taint with the tainted and dance with your demons. But they're leading, and you don't know how to tango. Getting dragged down and busting your ass hard on the ground, you plummet from Earth and fall to the hell you created yourself. You think back again, to what it could have been. If you'd kept your mouth shut, and just let it in. You cry.

fate,  liar.

Author: R L Doe
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203445

Not the fate expected of a life so blessed by grace.

A man trained for perfection.
He must have seen the stain, that could have been so easily been erased.

I still hear the rumors of good intentions.
But it is the things he said, the life never lived, the choice he never made, the words he never said, the life he threw away.

A life of solid plans and indecision
A heart of gold.
But it does not matter.

No not the fate I expected of one so touched by grace.
Now there is the specter of uncertainty that I first endured, accepted and now embrace.

blessed,  expected,  fate,  grace,  life.

Author: Paige Roberts
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1201664

Some People Believe In Fate

Our lives are the purest form of poetry,
Each moment is potent,
We are the cosmos in motion.

Some people believe in fate,
I say believe in flourishing; ask yourself:
**What doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things?

fate,  people.

Author: Mydriasis Aletheia
Date: 30/03/2020