Poems about father


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Cold he knew himself to be but with a glimpse of what he missed, his heart had his tears to kiss. Father for where are thee, but in my past to have held my hand, and filled my glass. My hand you did not hold, for goodbye was the words my heart did know. My hands filled with stones


Author: sds
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208980

My Father and Me

My father is a
Black and white
And two slivers
Of memory

In the photo
He smiles peacefully
His thick black hair
Oiled back
Thick black eyebrows
Behind thick
Horn-rimmed glasses
Poor vision
Is what we share

In sliver one
He towers above me
In the kitchen
Laughing as
Our dog stands
On two legs
To lick him
A love of animals
Is what we share

In sliver two
He's behind me
Pushing me
In the swing
I'm eating raisins
From a small red
Cardboard box
Sailing off
Into space
Is what we share


Author: Brad Shurmantine
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1207335


You're never home
Sometimes I like it
I really do like it
You don't feel like my dad
You feel like a visiter
That thinks he has authority
The fact that I'm more scared of
My neurosurgeon than you
What kind of father are you?
You make me hurt
More than is needed
By you being gone
You never talking to me
I've gotten to the point that
I don't even like you
You are ruining my life


Author: Hopeless Wonderland
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206676

In My Father's House, There Are Many Rooms

In my dreams, I travel through time and space,
To the land where I used to dwell
In the house of my father,
Trapped again in its dark and twisting halls.
There is no other place where running will take me
When he decides to set me ablaze
And form a new child from the ashes,
One who will call him sir and remember
To love him more with every bruise.
Upon waking, I check my skin
To make sure that it still exists,
But there's no way to measure
How much this dream has taken
From the places inside that I can't see.
There are wells of gasoline inside my soul
Convinced that the spark is what I deserve.

father,  house,  rooms.

Author: Aaron Blair
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206640

Happy Father's Day

A girl can live without poetry books.
A girl can live without diamonds.
A girl can live without chocolate.
A girl can live without figure skates.
A girl can live without best friends.
I wouldn't be alive without a Father
One who cares so much about me.
I am so thankful that he taught me
About my heavenly Father up above.
I would never survive without God
Who is my heavenly Father up above.
It's comforting to know I will never
Be an orphan because my heavenly
Father watches over me at all times.
I would not survive without his
Guide which is the Bible near to me.
If you are longing for a Father, he
Is so ever willing to be one for you
If you only accept his son Jesus
Christ into your heart and life.

day,  father,  happy.

Author: Twilight Zone
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1205275

Like Father, Like Son. (Part 1)

I'm glad you grew up to be everything you ever could be.
That's all I wanted for you youngin'.
Like father, like son.
And in the end I'm glad you already was better than me.
I hope you know I love you youngin'.
Like father, like son
Your daddy told good things were coming
Soon coming.
Your day was coming.
Now everyday I keep on running.
And running.
And running.

Every time I look at the roof,
I'm reminded 4 years ago that I do this for you.
Heaven's written for you.
I know your daddy gets in trouble some times.
But I'm stay out of trouble now and it's all because of just you.
You are my seed.
You'll have a brother possibly some little sisters.
You're all I'll ever need
Like college kids need to read
And I know I be wilding some times. But you make me believe.
You was a gift that I was glad to receive.
That's on me.
And I know I drink and smoke some times.
But that amounts to nothing when you stay on my mind.
Matching Jordan's
Fitted clothes
And a couple snap backs
We would've been together, no breaking off like a kit-Kat.
I would've thanked your momma for everything.
Even thought I was never good enough to have wedding ring.
You're still my best man.
And one day we will meet.
But for now I say my prayers while you resting in peace.

father,  son.

Author: Amodre' Bolden
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204969

To My Father

Taken away by the
Beauty of Your
I now see myself as
One of them

No time for the ways of my youth
For they lead me to
2 strides at a time

I will listen to You
Because I know you are here
To lead me down the path of

Forgive my sinful nature
And the sins I have committed
Lust and temptation
Latch on to me like leeches
Dismiss them
They have no place in my life

Give me the strength to face the things of this world
Allow me to serve you with
Body and
I submit to You
And you only

My Father
My Creator
You gave Your only begotten son
Our Lord Jesus Christ
So that we may not perish
But repent
And have eternal life

For this I glorify you
Use me
So that I may fulfill my purpose
I love you
I worship you
I thank you

In the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit I pray


Author: Adreanna Hill
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1203339

I know a father who says

He lives for every future he could ever hope to have
Except the one that matters, one to never hold him back
A path discretely paved for his own searching soul to find
Unraveled in the questions buried somewhere in his mind
His tired feet have found another stone along the way
"tomorrow needs to come, there's nothing left of me today"
Too in a rush to notice he had just to turn around
Embrace the life behind him yielding patiently to sound


Author: Olga Valerevna
Date: 01/04/2020