Poems about favorite



My favorite spatula broke today.

Do you ever think that life could be more?
That we are sitting,
Doing nothing,
That life is passing us by?

I feel remorse
For having had children so young,
For not having adventured


I want some adventure!
But all I see ahead of me is


I wish I had had a chance to go out into the


And just lived,
Moment by moment.

I'm afraid I will die,
Regretting that I never once lived.

(If I were a wealthy man, this might be the beginning of my mid life crisis. )

What is it called when a woman feels the panic of settledness coming upon her?

There is no name.

There is only the feeling of the sameness of days going by,
The aloneness of standing here,
Surrounded by routine,
By repetition.

While the desire to jump,
To plunge, into the unknown,
Beats steady on in my chest,

And the knowing that

That moment,

That chance,

Has passed me by.

broke,  favorite,  today.

Author: Bruised Orange
Date: 06/04/2020


You're my favorite place

In your arms, wrapped up so tight. Body heat radiating so comforting I refuse to move.
I feel safe. this is home

favorite,  place.

Author: Martyna Manis
Date: 04/04/2020


She's like a toy that when I got it was my favorite but now I'm bored

You touch her

Undress her

You see through her

What frightens her

You take what you need


You leave

bored,  favorite,  toy.

Author: Hortência Granair
Date: 01/04/2020



Please don't ask me
What my favorite feature
In the sculpture of you
Because that's fucking nonsense.
I can't pick out one
Like the ripest berry on the bush.
You don't work that way.
I love the way it all works in harmony
The way that I know that nothing would look right on anyone else
But it looks like heaven-sent beauty on you
Your nose, your eyes, wrong on any other face
Are the face
That dreams are made of.
I don't love you for
One piece of the puzzle
I love you for the picture now that it's done
You are more than the sum of your parts
More so than any being has ever been.
You're the revelation of perspective
Of shading and shadows
In the art of my life
And I will not view a painting
In 2 inch squares,


Author: Alice Julia Miller
Date: 31/03/2020


The next thing I know you'll try to paint me her favorite color

I am a bookshelf
Filled with books
Arranged by their hue
That hold my own stories and experiences
So why did you think
You could take the books that once belonged in her
And fit them in me

color,  favorite,  paint,  thing.

Author: Ki Marie
Date: 31/03/2020


Old favorite firework

You light my darkness.
You explode into nothing.
I really miss you.

favorite,  firework.

Author: Alex
Date: 30/03/2020


Favorite Boy

You may be my number one but,
Coming in second place ain't nothing but me on the run from your first love.
Sneaking into your room
Smelling nothing but her fresh sprayed perfume
Laying on her pillow on her side of the bed
Its almost too easy to just pretend
To you, there is nothing to mend
Nothing wrong with it
It's just sex no feelings in it
You say to yourself “it isn't really cheating”
While telling me I'm the one who really gets your heart beating
Filling me with fleeting horomones I know will go away when I go home
Right now you and I are all alone
If I try to leave you'll just call my name and groan
€I can't live without you”
So I'll crawl into the bed that you pretend is ours
As if we're the ones engaged in more than just an affair
I lie to you and tell you I just don't care that i am not yours
As you hold my body and stroke my hair
I almost feel loved
But I know in reality there are no doves in our future
And No future for those imaginary symbols of love to inhabit
So, after our fun
I rise up and
Smile and
Say goodbye
Because no matter how hard I try I will
Never be your number one
And not looking back I'm
Back on the run
This time, not from your day one,
But from you, and your false illusion of love.

boy,  favorite.

Author: Sarah Levene
Date: 27/03/2020


Not the Favorite

Have you forgotten about me?
Am I just not important?
Had it been him,
You would have done it in a heartbeat.

Is it just me?
Or do I see the truth?

You do have a favorite.
You both do.
I mean little to you.

My heart,
My feelings,
My health,
And life,
Are unimportant to you.

You treat him like a king.
You serve him like a prince.
While I am left to fend for myself.

Do you even know you are breaking my heart?
Do you even care?
As I lay here dying inside,
You are somewhere upstairs.

So I'll ask you one more time.
And you'll say “sorry I forgot. ”
But it's too late.
I've already given up.

And the worst thing is,
I don't blame you.


Author: Jacquie Bullinger
Date: 26/03/2020