Poems about feel


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You feel like writing? Write.

There are words
Tucked away
In minds,
To incite,
Move forward,
Shake cores,
Turn hoarders
To minimalists,
Set to do,
Choose for me,
Shift between
Different places,
Draw different
Passing by on
I've got a tweet
For each
One of you,
Wrapped in
A delicious bonbon,
Desserts of
And more

feel,  write,  writing.

Author: Tina Fish
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209694

How Do You Feel?

I feel like a bother to people;
I feel like a burden.
I feel like so many people's lives
Would benefit from me not being part of them.
I'm always sad.
No matter what drug they give me next.
I'm good at faking.
A smile.
I give so much to people,
Yet I get nothing in return.
I've heard that people are indebted to me.
Yes, very much so.
But I can't say that;
That's mean and insensitive.
And I'm not good at cruel.
I'm good at me;
Whatever that is.
I feel alone.
All the time.
Because I guess it's easier to text
"I'm sorry ): "
Then to call and ask "what's wrong? "
I feel unappreciated.
I give so much
And help so often.
Yet I'm the one always begging for a life vest
Because I'm drowning.
I feel sad.
Plain and simple - I AM DEPRESSED.
I am up and down every day.
But there are more frequent downs
Than ups.
I feel like I have no purpose.
That this life is a waste of time;
A never-ending ride.
But I want off.
I feel like a bother to people.
Maybe if I disappeared...


Author: Katie Biesiada
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209533

This is how I feel

Three words that never felt more honest and real to me
I never would've thought I could ever truly feel this way about a person
But I do
Truly, with every ounce of me
I. Hate. You.


Author: DawynSHunter
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209368

My Soul Feel The Light

I welcome
Starry night
You let
Every star
Shine bright
My soul
Feel the light

feel,  light,  soul.

Author: Stu Harley
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209276

How I feel

She pressed down on the lever and pushed.
Swish, the front door opened. It was silent, the usual hustle and bustle of this place was now at a stand still. She walked into the kitchen and set her purse down on the marbled island. The open room was flooded with sunlight, large bay windows all around extended from floor to ceiling. It had been a particularly beautiful day; exceptionally sunny for a mid december day, and unusually calm for a monday afternoon.

Amar slipped her feet out of her shoes, nudged them aside and walked down the carpeted staircase. Once in the basement she paused, taking a moment to adjust to the pitch black nothingness that now surrounded her. She found the office chair and sat down, closed her eyes and relaxed. Her head tipped back and her feet swayed the bulky black leather chair left and right.

The motion, combined with the quiet darkness was intoxicating, and as she began to drift off... she remembered. Hot tears swelled in her eyes, slowly burning her insides, pain flowed through her veins, her blood began to warm up and her breathing slowed. She felt her heart start to crumble; her body began to ache. Though she sensed herself start to break all over again, she allowed her conscience the luxury and curse of their memory. For one moment she thought of them, morned them and wept for them.

Her eyes tingled... and with a swish, the front door opened.


Author: Suzanne Itani
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209074


In my mind seeps a revelation,
For I have found my solace, my consolation
I seek you in every place that I go
My memories of you have me wanting more
In this darkness I found you by my side
Keeping pace with me, with every stride,
Taking care of my every day, every week,
And in my heart, I see you in every beat.


Author: Moksha
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208506

I want to feel you

I want to feel
Your soft lips pressed tightly
Against my kiss
Making their way across my cheek,
I want to feel,
You whisper in my ears
I want you
As our desires
Admit defeat.

I want to feel
Your fingers slowly make their way
Down my neck,
And slide up my vest
I want to feel
Your hot breath
Dancing its way
Across every inch
Of my chest.

I want to feel
Our bodies collide
As you make soft music
Out of mine.
I want to feel you
Draw pictures
Out of the claw marks
Along my spine.

I want to feel
Your tongue
Make its down my stomach
And between my thighs
I want to feel
Your fingers slip

I want to feel
You slowly
Take your tongue and
Those hungry red lips
Cradling, caressing,
Tasting, savouring
Between my
Pleading hips,

I want to feel
My palms smashing
Into our
As I beg you,
Again and again
Please baby,
Just once

I want to feel
My legs shake,
As you create an
Earth quake inside
Of me
That'll leave me quivering
For days.

I want our pillows
Embedded and engrained
Scents, tastes
That put our wildest
Fantasies and dreams
To shame.


Author: Hayleigh
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208482

10 reasons why i feel like leaving

What if who they expect, isn't me?
2. or better yet what if i try to be what they expect,
3. and lose track of who i am?
4. would you still love me if i wasn't me?
5. or better yet
6. would you love me even more?
7. if you answer yes to either of them,
8. forgive me for leaving,
9. but how can i stay
10. when the person you love isn't me anymore.

feel,  leaving,  reasons.

Author: Lani Foronda
Date: 05/04/2020