Poems about feeling


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Feeling sun again

The goddess spoke.
Her mouth opening like
Clouds letting sun through.
Her words, shimmering
Blessed him
With warmth again.

feeling,  sun.

Author: MonkeyZazu
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209486

Feeling homesick

I sit on my porch at 12am
Staring out at the sky
Laid out like a painted canvas

There aren't as many clouds tonight
Unlike the past few weeks
I can see the stars

I envy the stars
The way I'm stuck here on this planet
While they float on out there

I envy the stars
The way they sit there so far away
Shining through impossible lengths

I envy the stars
The way people look at them and feel full
And look at me and feel nothing

I envy the stars
The way people love and admire them
For doing nothing but live

I envy the stars
The way they glitter and glow and die
Bringing hope to all who see them

All but the fallen stars
The kids who want nothing more
Than to fly back up, back home,

Back up to our beds of space dust
To watch over our solar systems
And be at peace again

But instead of resting up there
Amongst the other shining stars
We're stuck here.

Sitting on our porches at 12am
Staring out at the sky- our sky
Laid out like a painted canvas

Feeling homesick

feeling,  homesick.

Author: Arlyah
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208938

Feeling Suicidal?

Listen to me, in the time I've known you I've come to love everything about you. From your smile to your personality, from your attitude(that's a reference to your fighting spirit cause your still alive BTW) to your caringness. There's not a single thing I or someone else don't like about you. I bet someone is willing to spend all their money for you and you know what they wouldn't care because in their mind that's money well spent. Someone is willing to do anything and everything for you. Shit they'd kill myself if it meant letting you live.
I've been through a lot in my life. I've lost quite a few friends to suicide and the one thing I've learned is that all they wanted was help. You have people who want to help. You have people who love and care about you, I'm one. Not only do we care we care deeply for and about you. I'm not giving you an ultimatum because I could never do that to someone I love. I just want you to think about how much it would hurt me and your friend and all the other people you've met and inspired. You did that? Now think how it would feel to you if your killed himself or herself. That doesn't feel to good, I know it doesn't because that's how I've feel many times. I may not know you as well as your best friend but I know you care about other people. This time though you need to care for yourself. Take a moment and just think about me and your friend and if it helps a third friend as well.
You've done that? I bet you feel happy right? Now think of all the good times you've had with then. Lastly I want you to think of your life goal. How would you achieved that if your dead?

feeling,  suicidal.

Author: The Winter Jester
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1202630

The feeling of burning at two in the morning

I started smoking
Because it is the
Closest thing i
Have to you.
How you used
To always carry
Cigarettes with you.
The smell of smoke
Followed you
(traced you, held you,
Touched you, loved you,
Loved you, loved)
Wherever you went.
I grew to like it
Even though
I consciously knew
That it was wilting
Away at you.
The consistency
Pleased me
(i was never
One to like change)
And when you left
You took the
Smoke with you
And it was the
First time
I was truly burnt.
I told myself
That i would do
To have that smell back
To be reminded
Of all the good
Instead of the bad ones.
So i started to smoke
And now i can't stop.

Once again
You have plagued me.

burning,  feeling,  morning.

Author: starchild
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1199924

Feeling Ready

I'm scared, my nerves are shot,
This is the one chance, the last chance I've got.
I know I have to do this right
But I'm scared that by tonight
I would've failed and be left to rot.

I'm scared, really I am,
And I'm not sure i can,
But i must go on and fight and win
And then at the end begin
Again and fight when I would've ran.


feeling,  ready.

Author: Viola Densden
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1198714

This Feeling Of Depression

I have a pain so deep you'll never see
I locked it away and hid the key.
If I ever really could share it
You wouldn't look at me the same I swear it.
I've seen things I shouldn't have to see
But the only one who ever knew was me.
I faked a smile everyday
For I couldn't stand for you to see me this way
I buried my emotions deep inside my soul
It's this hate I have that keeps me whole
If I ever truly showed you what's inside
I'd run away fast and quickly hide
No matter where I go these feelings stay inside
All I want to do is close my eyes
It's like an eternal torture that never dies
These voices that fill my head
Telling me I'm way better off dead
This pain of living hurts my heart
Should I have ended it from the start?
It's like when I get home I take off a mask
Faking happiness is nearly an impossible task
But some how I manage to get by
Going through everyday about to cry
One day maybe it'll be okay
But of course that day is not today.
How much blood can I shed
Before I'm lying on the floor dead?
Will this pain ever go away?
Maybe tomorrow but not today.

depression,  feeling.

Author: Courtney B Trestrail
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1197989

That Feeling

Donna kanji datta?
Ii kanji ka douka?
Tabun wakaranai kedo,
Mada kangaeshite agerun no na.

Moshi zutto ai suru kanatte naoshitette
Mata wa tabun gamanshimasu.
Dochira mo ii kanatte. *

What kind of feeling is this?
A better one or not so?
Maybe i can't say so but,
I still think of giving it...

If only love could heal it longer
Or maybe i could bear it again.
Whichever it is.


Author: jerelii
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1197615


The butterfly flutters,
Her wings,
She dances loud in my stomach,
The mere thought of you sets her a flutter

The stars,
They twinkle,
Like finely cut diamonds absorbing all light,
And reflecting in your eyes

Your Smile,
So forever,
That when I observe,
Silently, I say to myself,
"oh my god"
That smile heats my entire body

A body,
So moorish,
In lust,
I bite my lip as I envision,
My palms against your skin,
Caressing the softness and the rough


Author: Kenya83
Date: 26/03/2020