Poems about feelings


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His feelings ricocheted
Off her world
Impaling his unaware heart


Author: Amitav Radiance
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209585

Feelings of Fallings


Sprawled and appalling
On my face,
Drooling disgrace, galling


In love and above, tall in
A flood of enough
Smoothening rough, or mauling


Down a dire spiral calling
Tired warnings
Fired down and bawling


On deaf ears boring when sure in
Death near and above all, or fawning


In line and recalling
Confines and rules in forming
Decisions, once and for all


The wayside supporting
Weight and tired eyes, squalling

*But the feeling of falling is deceiving when believing that the subject moves around the ground
Which is dawning the befallen
When in feeling fallen I feel more than
I am moving but that the world has proven
That I am stuck while it rushes up
And I cannot catch up or take much
Protection from the projected connection
Of the rocky bottom on my rocked cheek
The breath inside me left to hide in a better guest
For life's essential and potentials
Falling to me is not easy humiliation, or needy contemplation,
Only lungs devoid from the impact deployed
And the same dirt, on my tongue and gums, curt
My eyes, unhurt, can never avoid


Author: Poppy Perry
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209364

Feelings of selfishness

I wish i could stop this feeling inside my chest,
I wish that these...
Feelings of selfishness just fade away
How can i stop them if all i want is to have you?
How can i stop these feelings of greed growing inside my veins
If all i can think about is your face,
The way the corner of your lips go up whenever you smile
Or laugh
Or the way your eyes shine so bright in the dark
The merely thought of having you laying down in bed beside me
Is storming inside my head?
I've been feeling this selfishness inside my chest
Inside my heart,
My lungs,
I want you for my whole own self
I don't want anybody else,
Anybody else but you
And i want you to
Have me
To have me
And anybody else but

feelings,  selfishness.

Author: marГ­a guadalupe
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209226

I've Confused My Feelings For Emotions

Elevate me, bring me to a separated plane,

That would culminate my thoughts from somewhere between spiritual and deranged.

But ok, debunk yourself from stable,

From making magic between the tragic epiphanies; reversed serendipity to cradle.

This traffic of ideas tesselate the snake train,

Elaborated in definitions of tapestry and fake names.

Wallflower, with no protest to bonemeal,

Kaleidoscope of diets from eggshells and chlorophyll.

Hmmm, this brain food's a drug inducing misdirection, that holds no compass but somehow still sheens a cruel reflection.

Of course, consolidated losses, juxtapose the crosses,

Sway the form of faith to a diluted array of traits. +

And when the gullets a game for gross concoctions,

It's obvious isolation and failure seem the only options.

But anyway, with a sober mind still intact,

I could follow lines of letters from loosely to exact.

Clearly there is no sure thing, especially when the puppet contorts to the willful rhythm pulling at his own strings.

Look how far we've come, from willing to unable, that would shatter any semblance of cards still on the table.

confused,  emotions,  feelings.

Author: Carlos
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208574

Overwhelming feelings

Have you ever felt so lost,
That you wonder when you'll find yourself, at what cost.
I've been roaming in circles trying to make sense,
But whenever I try to break the habit I meet a fence.
Am I the one holding me back from happiness?
Am I preventing myself from feeling bliss?
Yet, I have no idea where it all begun,
The last thing I remember I was having genuine fun.
Depression seeks into the cracks,
Leaving no room for take backs.
It leaves you wondering if you're worth the fight,
But eventually you always find the light.
As hard as it may seem to get through,
The only person you have is always you.
Don't feel discouraged when you can't find your way,
Breathe in life day to day.

feelings,  overwhelming.

Author: Meredith Sjostrand
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207800


You dont have feelings
Why are you here?
Hoping your feelings
Are very dear?
I don't wanna tell you
The bad news
But I have a gun...
And it will go "Pews"
Typical sound of a gun
This ain't gettin' anywhere hun,
Not copied or pasted
Not Generic or typical
OO I got a pickle
And im getting tickled


Author: KyeGrey
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207254

Dusting Out Old Feelings

Sorting feelings too big to understand,
Heavy like blankets yet light,
One by one, set free finally,
I'm set free... finally.

dusting,  feelings.

Author: Duplicate Virus
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206079


There are things from day-to-day that make me sad.
Things such as grey skies with very few birds,
Deserted paths and benches in result of the frosty spiteful cold.
The leaves falling off of the tree's due to the change of season,
Like their losing their home's and been replaced by brighter,
Better things.
The elderly man or woman sitting alone, eating alone, walking alone,
Or an elderly couple walking arm in arm, hand in hand.
A flower dying, or losing a pretty petal,
And this petal gracefully floating off in the wind, into the deep, vast nothingness,
Of the universe beyond our eyes and ears and the arm's stretch.

But there are things that make me happy,
It's funny how the world can give you so many mixed emotions, just by the things you see around you.


Author: cloudsofnothing
Date: 03/04/2020