Poems about feels


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If she really feels the way it is

For the love that she feels,
The sun, or the light, or the dark
Do not matter for her to so say.

If she really feels the way it is,
She would come to me
Regardless of the time and day.

She would speak or not,
But her eyes would be telling,
She is gonna leave or is here to stay.

I have happiness she might wanna see,
But I have some pains to share too,
Some thorns i picked up on my way.

She won't take time to see,
What others could not after all,
And know all that I have and all I may.

If she likes me as much she would,
She would wait for me to come,
And hold on to me without delay.


Author: Aditya Bhaskara
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1207328

This feels unfinished..

I hate when people ask what's wrong
As my eyes fill up at a sad sad song
Or a movie or a book
They'll take one look
And question my emotional response

But happiness isn't something
We all get for free
Especially girls with broken hearts
Who write bad poetry

feels,  unfinished.

Author: Harlee Kae
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1205350

How it feels

Depression feels like you're stuck in a blizzard
As everyone enjoys a hot summer day elsewhere.


Author: Chloe Zafonte
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204893

How it feels, to not be with someone - Whom is with someone else

I quietly awaken from a metallic misty slumber.
My head pounding, I roll over. Expecting to feel the scratchy bed sheets I had fallen asleep on, I feel a sudden fear, because I am falling.
Falling into a strange darkness. Deep black hues sitting around me as I plunge down.
I look and seem scared, but I secretly feel excitement pumping through my veins.
Stale, stabilized air, swims around me.
I now realize that I have been on the ground for quite a while.
No sound-No light.
I search around for answers, but while laying there
Not paralyzed-but fearful to be where I am.
Where am I?
An electric hum circulates throughout the lonely area.
I roll over and cry.
The world is so far away from me... have I left the world?
Cold and alone. Alone and scared.
A faint far away light shines behind me.
Revealing the area to be a total nothingness. As if I were floating in a pitch black continuous space.
I stand up and slowly turn towards the light.
My heart stops. I loose every ounce of sweet air breathing through my lungs. An electric zing stings my every nerve. My brain screams in confinement-as if it no longer can control my body.
I slowly feel my blood flow throughout my body.
My heart beat is so loud-echoing throughout this hollowed out infinite area.
I see you. A shining light. Radiating warmth and light. Reflecting electricity off of everything and nothing.
Absorbing every ounce of life. But in a joyful exciting way.
Mesmerizing. Without thought I feel a compelling feeling that it is ok to move towards you.
I glance down at my skin-which seems to be a very pale and lifeless gray. My fingernails slightly purple.
Your skin glows with sunshine and life, while mine is a piece of lonely death. Your eyes deep and alluring, while mine forever fade into oblivion.
I walk towards you. Feeling a happiness fuel up my soul. Turning my aura a warming peach.
You are alluring and intelligent.
I get close and reach out my warming pale hand.
You reach out in amusement, allowing our fingers to touch.
I get electrocuted with life. I become bright-glowing-alive.
I feel no more pain. I feel simple happiness. Excitement that only comes from exploring uncharted territory.
I feel sunshine flow through my veins.
But you look away and smile.
Your hand lowers away while mine is still reaching out.
I fade to a glowing hue of serene pink.
A feeling of longing rushes over me.
I look over to where your attention lays.
Another beautiful light swings this way.
You waltz off calmly with the other lovely brim of light.
Still amazed, I just watch. Crying inside-but too afraid to show it. Fading away inside- but shining on the outside.
I watch your light's float away wishfully in a pool of happiness.
While I sit and watch in a whirlpool of lonely longing.
I realize that I cannot find my way out.


Author: M
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1196970

Happiness feels like this

If i had
A big red rubber ball
I think i'd be happy.
I think i could
I could walk down the sidewalk,
And bounce it
And try not to think about
My little brothers' and sisters' faces
Try not to think how
Little jesse would
Love a
Or how miriam would
Try to stand on it
Or how john would
Kick it as far as he could
Or how elayna would
Paint it

If i had a big red rubber ball
I could be happy
For a couple of seconds
Until i started to
... but maybe those seconds
Would be
Worth it...
If you love me
Give it to me
But then
Take it away

feels,  happiness.

Author: Redshift
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1195698

This is how it feels to break.

I just want to scream.
I want to scream until my voice is lost.
I want the world to hear the pain I harbor.
I need to let go of every single feeling that suffocates me...
Along with every emotion I'm holding back.
Because this heart can't take much more.
This body is beginning to fail me.
I'm not strong enough for this.
I'm not strong enough at all.

break,  feels.

Author: Amber K
Date: 25/03/2020

№ 1193981

The constant feels

When we were all just kids,
What wishes we wished and did.
When we were all just children,
What did we really want to happen?

When i was just a boy and even to this day,
When i wished for anything,
I'd always have to say,
I wanna be a robot at least, take my heart away.

constant,  feels.

Author: Black
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1193729

If you want to try an understand how it feels to love you.

Go under water and breathe in.

2. Take your dinner knife and push it through your heart. Slowly.

3. Open up your skull, and fill it with bees. Dance around a bit to aggravate them.

4. Stare into the sun without blinking.

5. Stick your tongue to a stop sign pole when the temperature is below zero.

6. Walk across a fire pit. Hell, just stand still in the middle.

7. Run as fast as you can and hit the corner of your counter with your hip bones.

8. Bite on your lower lip until it bleeds.

9. Lie on the ground and have someone put rocks onto your chest.

10. Pour grits on the floor and kneel upon them. You'll bleed some, but that's okay.

10. Go outside during an autumn evening with a sweatshirt on. Do you feel that breeze?

9. Read the Bible and wonder why God didn't tell anyone to write a book solely about you.

8. Play with children.

7. Stay up late and watch your favorite shows under thick blankets and pillows.

6. Put up Christmas lights and turn off all the others and think of how happy you were in every Christmas you've ever had.

5. Go to your local ball park and catch a game.

4. Look at how the stars match the same constellations in your eyes.

3. Go camping and wake up early. Make sure you make hot chocolate and fried potatoes and wear a hoody the whole trip.

2. Read poetry and sit at the ocean.

1. Fall in love with yourself too.

feels,  love,  understand.

Author: Two Parts of a Broken Heart
Date: 23/03/2020