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My mind.... Just fell

My mind just fell
Knee deep into an inkwell
You're pre meditated murder of creativity
**Didn't end well

fell,  mind.

Author: DaSH the Hopeful
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207146

The Girl Who Fell

If you wanted to play
The game of remember when
I could take it
And repeat it
Using only egg whites
And orange slices
Only to discover
This may never get better.

I've read the pamphlet upside down
From side to side
And still continue to find myself
With semi open eyes
Not sure where, the tide rose
Between the hermit crabs
That nestled and woke me
From a doe eyed slumber
To say, it was all meant to be
Incredibly challenging.

It's the victim hood
The beating yourself into a pseudo
Fake courage
Filled with paraphrased words
You took from the gutter
That artists before
Have worn like old scarves
Only to then sell them at a yard sale
For a penny or a whole dollar more.

I wrote on the walls
I encouraged you too as well
I've always been one to raise the moon.

It's why the fields are always left
A little dry from one side
Once I've built my log cabin
And decided
That the corn had turned rotten.

I wrote you some poems
Made some art too
Played your mama, your sister, your coach, your lover
Only to then
Grow past you too.

The confusing emotion
You drown yourself with it
I've heard you before
It's the victimization
And ruminating on the floor
The endless vent sessions
Where you remain idle
And frantic
For why I've gotta be brave enough
To shut my own door.

fell,  girl.

Author: WomanOfTheNow
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1203664

I fell for you!

Ohhh I fell I fell for you
Can't say when and why
Even I m asking myself why???
Why for you???
Yeah nothing!!!
The answer is nothing!!!
I hated to see your name in my contact.
Your status... mean nothing to me means everything to me.
Your each picture saved in my phone... deleted and again saved.
It really hurts when I stare your pictures in my hidden part of gallery... or the hidden part of my heart!!!
I know I'm befooling myself.
Your messages not for me but still it brings a vigour in me.
We see each other... You shake your hand and I hold my beat... expecting not to reply... But when you bow I just kneel.
It's nothing for you I know... But for that I waste my whole sleep.
It's true we are not friends... but I guess not strangers too.
I can see when you goggling me then and now... I notices your small efforts to make me spell something for you...
I always see when you focussing on my talks... but not say a word...
What should I relate from that... ???
What should I name it???
What should I???
Why should I???


Author: Kanak Kashyup
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1200964

Fell off a horse

Fell off a horse and rose to my feet
Bruised and dismounted... my eyes chiseled
Into sharp orbs.
My bandy limbs, throbbing
From the test.


Before the fall, i was born -
On the moon.
I never broke a bone
In my eye.

fell,  horse.

Author: Third Eye Candy
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1200922

You fell in love with me broken

I never believed when people said music was better raw and rugged.
I thought, that's only what people say when they haven't practiced enough.

I never thought the dying leaves of fall was romantic,
I had hoped the trees could keep it together and not show anyone that they need a break.

I never believed when you said you fell in love with me while I was broken on the bathroom floor.

I had never known beauty as a present circumstance,
Only as an apology that my shipment came late, and I'll have more soon, I promise.

I had never known that
Breaking and
Hurting and
Were not to choke down and swallow
But to breathe into and believe that
It's not romantizing pain,
But admitting the reality
Of what life actually is.

broken,  fell,  love.

Author: The Willow
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1199821

Where The Beech Tree Fell

This is where the beech tree fell
All that remains is a splintered stump
All the birds morn her death
And with no songs bow their heads

The forest weeps in silent tears in falling leaves
For she was the last boarder of the ancient woodlands
Now her shadow with never be cast in her majestic frame
Never one liken to her will ever be seen again

Through the years by the new road
She had endured motorized impacts
Even her new buds of early spring
Would replace their own when singed

Mighty was her endurance of winds swift and fast
She had withstood the blight of many a parasite
Had broken off limbs for the fear of loosing all
On hot heat waves that could finish ones all

In her younger years of life
She had witnessed great battles
Seen many a brave man
Fall on her espied battlefield

Yet that night of that great tempest
She made her whispers to the others
And as the corn turned bloody red
She resigned herself to her death bed

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris

beech,  fell,  tree.

Author: Christos Andreas Kourtis
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1199646

I fell

I feel
With every passing day

Maybe in another lifetime
Another phase

The smell of your chest both
Comforts and sickens


Author: Lauren Sage
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1198073

An Angel Fell Down

An Angel fell down and looked around
This new world of ours she just had found
Enthralled by the vaults of evenings sky
Nights hand touches heaven high
No ages lost past times call out
She hears more where there is no shout
She sees why human hearts and eyes
Do not all yearn for the heaven's skies
Bones of the earth the sweet world's air
She come to see as whole and fair
Sees love and wisdom shaped this land
As much as her own God so grand
Began to see her time for change
Was come and though it felt so strange
Vision and love had now outgrown
The bonds of harsh religion flown
Ahead lie worlds and dreams all new
A kinder world comes into view
And if ordered home by the King of Kings
She'd stand as a woman and shed her wings

angel,  fell.

Author: jeremy wyatt
Date: 27/03/2020