Poems about felt


№ 1209764

I Felt It

The desire for his attention, it leaves me hungry
Am I perfect?
Do you love me now?
If I tilt my head this way, prop my leg this way, slur my words just a bit
Will it make me perfect for you?
Everything you wanted, I can fake it, just for you
But that's my demise, isn't it
You can only fake for so long till he breaks your wall and see's your true fucking colours
Just don't love me, it's not worth it anymore


Author: Olivia Addams
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1203923

Feelings Once Felt

My life in a different place
Young and full of bliss
Never again would I feel the same
For my heart would now stand still

Years crawled along
Caring only for myself
Not a second thought given
I felt without feeling

Memories were drowned
Forced away to the bottom
Little did I know
That I would soon feel again

Appearing ahead, a woman
She brings me my heart
I resist with all my soul
For fear of the tides of loneliness
The waves of pain
The knowledge to gain
The feelings to be slain
Why am I afraid

She's in that same place
That I once was
Torn from the honey breeze
And thrown to the bitter cold

I have lived here long
In this moment bleak
Then she appeared
And put a smile on my face

I feel lucky
So uniquely lucky
And yet not so
A taste of things to come
A morsel of feelings
An apprehension
A longing wait
I'm ready now

She has much to learn
And I have much to give

Why must I continue
Wasn't all before now enough
I have been alone
And known to feel nothing
But again my heart sings
For I am alive again
And yet still alone

I feel my hopes are folly
I should just stop trying
She doesn't want my heart
Just stop

feelings,  felt.

Author: Patrice Jones
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1202980

Felt the need but at bottom it was a want

Felt the need but at bottom it was a want
I had been there already many times
And the want when fulfilled always left me feeling disillusioned.

bottom,  felt.

Author: nivek
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1197539

I Felt Through Her

Magic and lies
I don't want people to see it either

I read a play
About a woman
Who was slowly
Being drawn into insanity
A Streetcar Named Desire
Her name was Blanche Dubois
Pronounced 'Dubwa'

And I could relate
To the way she swayed
Between reality and fantasy

How she felt
When she said
She wished to give
To people
And that was the only
Reason she lied
So to cover up the darkness
The unaccepted insides
The parts she knew
Nobody would like

The way she craved
To fill in a space
Which she deep down knew
Would never go away
I was in her shoes
I heard the polka music too
And the BANG
I felt the pain
In my own way
Through this women
Who was made up
For entertainment
Who doesn't even exist

And I'd never tell a soul but you
Will you keep my secret?


Author: SRS
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1195585

Have You Ever Felt This Way?

Do you have any idea what it's like?
To live every day, not knowing what day it is,
Because you just don't care?
Because you are numb, you feel nothing....
Depression is not what people are telling you...
It's not just a sadness, it's more a feeling of nothingness
You smile and laugh, you feign happiness
But in reality you feel nothing,
You just know that is what you are supposed to do
And the last thing you want, is someone asking about it
So you just keep being a fake, and you survive
You lose track of the days
Because time goes by so slow when you can't feel a thing
You feel as if you shouldn't even exist
You feel as though nobody notices you anyway
What's the point to living when you aren't really alive?
You keep asking that question
But you never have an answer
You never will have an answer
But you keep moving forward anyway
Till you reach the day where you've had enough
You stop listening to what everyone else has to say
You make that one final choice of your depression
Do you just give up and end it all, end the suffering?
Or do you choose to just start believing in yourself?


Author: David McKinstry
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1194805

Love that felt like forever

You make me feel:

You feel like forever

And for someone who
Doesn't believe in forever

It's quite extrodanairy how
You can make me feel

You're the pool that I keep on drowning in but that's fine because I like the feeling

I'm drowning in a love
So real I could almost...

Touch it
Feel it
Breathe it in

You're my forever and
I'd be lost without you

I love you forever,
My forever

felt,  forever,  love.

Author: AniiBunii99
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1193939

What I Felt on December 6th

The day we broke up,
I thought you would just be mad at me,
And then you would help me with whatever I was going through,

Were you scared,
Were you worried that I would cross a thin line of skin and blood,
Why did you break up with me when I needed you the most,

You knew I needed you,
But you left me in the dark,
Did you not think about how bad I would feel,

Apparently, I was wrong,
You were right,
You aren't like anyone else,

Because you knew I would do anything for you,
You knew I would help you through any and every situation you dealt with,

It makes me so angry that the person I needed the most on December 6th would walk out on me,

So like I said before,
Were you scared,
Or did you just not want me anymore?

december,  felt.

Author: Maddy S
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1193423


Yes, there were flowers and wreaths,
Black dresses, suits, and ties,
And you were shown the place
Where she would lie beside those
She never knew, beneath a stone
Like so many others, the words
Would be chiselled, the flowers placed,

The prayers said, the visitations frequent,
At least at first, but there was that element
Of unrealness of it all, like a surreal painting
Or play, as if all were small bit actors
In some awkward part, genuine in their grief,
In the hurt and loss felt, in the agony
Of the one lost, but feeling it odd,

That she, whom all had loved,
And seemingly blessed by her God,
Should be one moment here and full of life
And laughter, but then be silenced,
Struck dumb, have eyes closed, ears sealed
And stuffed, her limbs stiffened, her hands
Cold and still no longer to hold or bless

Or caress or heal, her heart no more to beat
Or feel, her brain no more to think
Or be the home of thought, and those
Features that all remembered well
In her face, should be gone, and only
Memories left to fill some small part
Of that emptiness within, that huge dark space.

felt,  sorrow.

Author: Terry Collett
Date: 22/03/2020