Poems about fight


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Fight Me

Flick of my wrist
And I'll have you at my feet,
If our fight is a conversation
Between our blades,
Mine is shouting
Yours blaring cowardice and fear.

Faint heart never won fair lady,
And fair lady always wins
Over faint hearts.
I'll slip my sword
Between your smart remarks,
And carve myself a plea.

I'll have you begging for mercy
In the flick of a sentence,
Rhymes have never locked me in,
But my rhythm will rattle your bars,
And knock your knees.

If you're looking to battle me,
I may as well weave you a rope
Of my poetry
To hang yourself on,
Because this is a fight I've already won.
Now excuse me,
I'm going to enjoy my lovely mug of tea.


Author: Anonymous Freak
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210203


Cricket fever gripped the sub-continent
Pakistan could not wipe out the sentiment
Against India it lost her match for the fifth time
Even though Tendulkar was not at his prime

This world cup turned out to be all Asian game
The English have slowly lost their cricketing fame
There will be a fight between the tiger and the lion
Who knows who will surely win

Sachin achieved every thing except the world cup
I hope he will get it without any hiccup
India and Srilanka reached finals thrice
If India wins the cup I feel very nice

fight,  lion,  tiger.

Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1206839

Festive Fight Club (part 1)

Seasons greetings go with a cheer, who will be the
Winner of this nights festive fight club now here.
Starting with Santa the Easter bunny with his
Whipping ear, Santa starts with a hoho... startling
The bunny as he gives him two to the ear.

No rules in this game we come to see, as the Easter
Bunny drops two eggs, does something smell rotten
In here, eyes watering he can hardly see as the whipping
Ear screeches and straight across fathers tummy.

In pain he shouts I'm so jolly, is this the end of Claus,
No as Santa jumps up higher than the bunny can see,
Landing on EasterKnocking him cold with his enormous
Belly, with a hoho... and I feel jolly, any one for rabbit
I'm starving.

club,  festive,  fight.

Author: Poetic T
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1205428

Fight to keep

I can see your shadow coming closer in the dark
Growing like a tumor while I slowly fall apart
Nothing like a moment to remind you that you're weak
Grazing on the bits of truth you never fought to keep
Yet somewhere underneath the skin of what you have become
There exist the rudiments of silences to drum
But how do you identify a peace you cannot see
And put your trust in every part invisible to me
I am not the one who claimed your body as my own
So I will sit here ripping all the stitches we have sewn
And as the holes expose themselves the light begins to dance
Gradually consuming, letting go of what I can't

-e. t.

fight,  keep.

Author: Erin Tommas
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1203265

Fight zone

Is the fight zone
At least unofficially
Even those
Who sit in the aisle
Aren't necessarily safe
They're just safer
Which is better
Than nothing
I guess.

fight,  zone.

Author: mikecccc
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1203227

Leave me Sacred Fight

Furious tides, black black skies

Water chilled, like my heart

Waves fierce begging demise

Hollowed soul, beckons my blood.

Fire tears guiding my hate and your deepest fear...

Curse you resentment

Shower me with faith

Relieve this demanding desire to bludgeon spirit and hope of the one who keeps me living

Fail me not heart so fueled

Let me surrender this which makes me merciful or set this evil in the stone, so I can transform

Let me be kind or let malevolence reign

Dominance sway no more

Rivers wrath o' sin, utilize my entire being

Or strike my heart with life, and rid this vengeance so pure

Bring the rays so warm with it's beauty so sweet and incandescent all that is right

Or swallow me whole, and blacken my eyes so all who encounter me have time to flee

Let them destroy me with true affection...

Overwhelm me with good intentions

Or shatter every shred of my beauty...

Contort me to my selfish form of desire for pain, drenched in the fear that I bestow

Hummid, disgust, gasping dirt darkened night

O' sun obliging comfort O' generous warmth...

Bless me calm winds.

Take in the light and rid me of sin

Save me...

Condem me...

Do as you will...

Just do it quickly and leave me fulfilled

fight,  leave,  sacred.

Author: Just Me
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1202512

Love is story; Love is a fight

LOVE* is the story of sleeping beauty and prince phillip.
The worlds a Neverland if a lover doesn't wake us up.
Just like Cinderella who had fear to walk on glass but not in the glass shoe,
She found her a lover that fits with her like glue
Just like Ariel, a fish out of water eager for a man On board.
Mulan did the same when she found love by picking up a sword.
We fight for love not just you, not just I, because without a love we could just die.

fight,  love,  story.

Author: Kaitlyn A Warnken
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1200712

Fight me (ding ding round 2)

Why'd you do it
Why'd you fight
Why'd you come at me tonight

I am fire
I am death
Stab you in the back
Modern Macbeth

Here I stand
Cavalry of words behind
Of course to you I'll remind

Bow before
Kiss my feet
Or die in fight
Sure deceit

Back down
Submit to me
Maybe I'll be gracious
And share my tea

ding,  fight,  round.

Author: The Mellon
Date: 29/03/2020