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Fill Me Up

I looked to you for healing,
And you did not let me down,
You uplifted my spirits,
You unleashed my true self,
For that I am thankful,
For that I feel free,
And it is all because of you Lord,
Without you,
Where would I be?


Author: Poetic Artiste
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1208880

Fill the whole in my heart

The only thing we share is a difference in opinion
At least it'll always be interesting

fill,  heart.

Author: Josephine
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1207385

Fill Me Up

I feel so hollow inside,
I wonder how I can be alive,
It's like someone ripped out my guts,
I'm surprised I haven't shriveled up,

Please come fill me up again,
Even if you have to pretend,
I don't care if its just for a while,
It will still make me smile,

I have to have some time with you,
If I don't I feel so blue,
And when we talk on the phone,
I just want to hang up and run,
Right back home to you.

© copy right protected


Author: Pure LOVE
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207256

Fill the world with love

Fill the world with love fill the world with peace.
Take away the wars let the troubles cease
Spread it all around to each and every race
Let us live as one in each and every place.

Let the world be happy for each and everyone
Make the future bright make the love go on
Share it with the world each and everyday
To make the world worth living in its the only way

fill,  love.

Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1198577

Fill me up

I feel empty
Completely emotionless
And it's awful.

All I know is that I want something
To fill me up
But I don't know what that something is
This blankness within confuses me
It's bewitching and perplexing at the same time.


Author: Juniper Deel
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1185807

Fill your lungs with that which scares you

My dear, just stop
Will you breathe for a moment?
Stop writing lists of what you have yet to do
Turn down the radio, put your bills on hold
Don't fret about these college degrees and potential promotions

Will you just stop?
Take some time, breathe the air that scares you
As if free time makes you high on some terrifying hallucinogenic drug
Darling, take some time,
Just think
Look at the anthills, think of what's there
Look up to the stars, imagine what's more

Please, I beg you
Just take a minute
To scare yourself to death
To appreciate life
To set aside all they tell you to believe, to be
If college and an office job is the life for you, live it
If not, don't let them tell you that's how it is to be
You are not a brick inlaid without potential for motion,
You are the Northern lights
You shine
You move
You dance, brighter than the darkness would allow

Just take a moment
Please just ask why
Ask, why am i doing this?
Why am i saying this?
Why do i believe this?
Why do i live like this?

And if the answers suit you, let it be
And if not, break out running like a deer who's escaped the trap

Live. please do anything you can,
Why not?

I hear you whisper my old tunes, like that dreaded broken record,
"what's the point of trying to be happy when we all end up dead anyways? "
Dear, would you ever let a newborn pup in the fighting ring just because one day it will inevitably see its end?

Darling you deserve the world,
It is yours
With the stars in the sky and the potential for life
With the ants and the termites, we are alive
We are but condensation waiting to make waves

My dear, just stop
Just breathe for a minute
Wondrous is the universe
Let us be wondrous with it

fill,  lungs,  scares.

Author: Plain Jane Glory
Date: 16/03/2020

№ 1175792

Fill the world with children

Fill the world with child so they can bring a smile
Just to watch there faces makes life seem worthwhile
Watch them as they play as happy as can be
Doing just what children do making life feel free
Watch them as they sleep safely in there bed
Think about there future that they have ahead
Just watch them as they grow each and everyday
Fill the world with children so happiness will stay

children,  fill.

Author: william worthless
Date: 06/03/2020

№ 1171444


I smelt the morning air
As I walked the cloister
From church to kitchen,

Oratio est labor,

Dom Francis busy
About the pots and pans said
Bring me cabbage
From the walled garden
So I did,

The French peasant monk
Wheeled a barrow
As if loaded
With the world's sins
Over the rough grounds
Of the abbey,

We must sow the seed
Not hoard it
Dominic said,

Sow your seeds in me
She said fill me
With yourself
And your squiggling fishes,

Sunlight through
The high windows
Of the refectory
As I swept the floor
But the sunlight stayed
With its tiny
Particles floating,

Dieu voit tout
The French monk said
As he aided me
In the apple orchard
Plucking fruit,

She opened to me
Her valley and garden
And I dug deep,

The punishment
Of every disordered mind
Is its own disorder
Augustine of Hippo said,

I lay the benches for lunch
With jugs and bowls of fruit
And watched the Crucified
On the wall
Above the abbot's bench
High above my head,

Das GefГјhl Gott in dir
The Austrian monk said
As I mowed
The monk's graveyard,

I sensed God
In me some days
Other days nothing
But an empty wind
Through the hollowness
Of my soul,

Come she said
Lying there
On her bed
Enter me
Fill my hole.

fill,  hole.

Author: Terry Collett
Date: 03/03/2020