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The Tear Filled Needle

Put my tears in your needle and send me on my way
Let me be your drug today
Your needle cuts me deeper than the veins in your arms
As I run my fingers across your scars
The pins in your eyes show your love for the drug, as I sit back and watch, as you slowly die
Too many have been taken from me in this life.
Sadly it's taking you too.
You're killing me a little more, with every prick of your skin. As you sit back, getting high on that ten.
The long sleeves you wear can hide your fucking marks but they only contain your demons so long.

You're breaking my heart. If you go down this road we won't get very far
Take hold of my hand feel the love in my heart.
Don't let this drug tear us apart.

So put my tears in your needle and send me through your veins. Let me be your drug today.

filled,  needle,  tear.

Author: Anne Lynn
Date: 03/04/2020

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Half Empty is My Life or Is It Half Filled

Half Empty is My Life or Is It Half Filled with joy and happiness,
I sometimes feel strength, inspiration sometimes laziness,
When I see in the sky sometimes I find it empty,
Sometimes I find there starry starkness,

I can either choose my empty side or the filled one,
Now my heart is in two parts broken and the healed one,
I had my heart on the girl, the sweet one,
She broke my heart by saying you are no one,

Source: http: //www. readquotestoday. com/2014/12/half-empty-is-my-life-or-is-it-half. html

empty,  filled,  half,  life.

Author: ReadQuotes
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1192128

Heart Filled With You

I want a girl,
Not just any girl,
I want a girl that can sing,
She'll sing me a love song to make me smile,
Her cute nose will crinkle when I make her smile,
Her eyes as blue as the bluest sky,
She will make me truly happy,
When she's down she will tell me what's wrong,
I will listen and make her feel better,
This feeling when we will be together,
It's as if my heart will skip a beat,
You'll be just so sweet,
You'll fill me up,
I will finally be whole with my heart filled with you...

filled,  heart.

Author: Kyle Dickey
Date: 21/03/2020

№ 1189778

Mom, Our Puppy, and My Guilt Filled Gut

I've memorized the dance routine to get down my creaky staircase;
Left two three, right two three, spin, skip and check.
Then quickly get into the garage for a way-past-bedtime cigarette.
Once I'm done, I quietly walk into the living room to check on her.
Although my mother has a large bedroom,
Her hips are so brittle she's claimed the living room as her nighttime retreat.
My stomach churns with guilt as our puppy leaves her side
Tail wagging excited to come greet me,
Something she never does for my mom.
Alone on the couch,
Her desperate attempt for the shared affection our dog gives her children
Clearly having failed; I nearly collapse from the guilt.
If only I could force that dog
To give her the one thing she needs, craves and deserves.
Why must the world be so hard for some, and easy for others.
Where people have their lives destroyed,
Their lovers killed, their passions crushed
And others sail through it all in bliss.
Why can't this fucking puppy go back to sleeping at my mother's feet
To show she loves her as much as my brother and I,
Instead of following me back up the stairs.

A clumsy dog wouldn't know to avoid that bottom step,
My mother wakes to cold feet.

filled,  guilt,  gut,  mom,  puppy.

Author: Olivia Addams
Date: 19/03/2020

№ 1189156

Filled - Empty (10W)

How is it possible
To be
So filled with empty

empty,  filled.

Author: Jack
Date: 19/03/2020

№ 1188454

Sorrow Filled Pain

I am done!
I surrender!
Take me as I am,
Or leave me to rot
In this polluted ground,
Because I am done!

Trying to accomplish
What was never meant
To be touched,
Feeling suffocated in
A world that only
Fears to love,
Crushing a fractured
Soul to make ones
Broken heart feel
Just as new.

Being sung by the most
Hurtful melodies that
Can only be seen
In the darkness,
Playing games to
Replace the love
That was never found.

Stepping one step forward,
As the rest of the world
Steps one step back,
For the billion lost
Hearts can never
Be replaced.

Nor can thy build
The foundation to give up,
Barley remembering
What "love" truly means
In the eyes of a faded soul,
Hearing the secret sorrows
Of the pain that will
Never be healed.

For I want to forget
The cruel world,
And live in peace,
But I, too, would
Fade into darkness,
Knowing that
The world Cannot
Be saved.

filled,  pain,  sorrow.

Author: Deserie Indigo
Date: 18/03/2020

№ 1187267

Shame filled eyes

It used to be that I couldn't get her to turn and face me
I couldn't get her to lock eyes
And when our eyes would meet
She would ask what I was doing staring at her
And I would answer that I was admiring her
And she was silent

Now we match stares all the time
And we just look at each other
Perhaps we are looking into each other's souls
But it seems to be too late
Because I can't move in to kiss her
I can't tell her that I love her
Because I can't feel my love for her without shame

I can look into those beautiful eyes all day
Those beautiful brown eyes
Speckled with green
She tells me I have deep brown eyes
Because the phrase dark brown is not meaningful enough
I don't know what she means by it

I want to watch her as she watches me
But it feels like it's too late
It doesn't matter anymore
She turned her head away when it mattered
Funny how you get what you want past the expiration date
I would have done anything to turn her head that day at the theater

She wouldn't even look at me
I should have known that day was it for me
I wasn't going to kiss her
I was going to make a point by not kissing her
But she moved in for the kiss
And I couldn't deny her my lips, as she denied me her eyes

I saw it all coming
With these dull brown eyes
But I went with it
Hoping that I could look into her eyes
Without her laughing
Without her questioning
Without having to worry
I really wanted to see her love me

She doesn't laugh anymore
She does question it sometimes
She doesn't seem to worry
But there is no love in her gaze
Just guilt
As if all I am is a bad reminder of the atrocities she committed
As if my eyes carry my love
That forbidden, shameful love
And that love stings her
But she can't look away
Because she loves the pain

eyes,  filled,  shame.

Author: Jacque Vincent
Date: 17/03/2020

№ 1180666

Filled With Smoke

Maybe my words are filled with smoke
But the regret is soaked
As my pride is soaked
These words occasionally croak
Sometimes my thinking is as hard as pine oak
Don't you ever feel like that again
I'm at fault
I'm going to be corgal with your emotions
Because I never should of hurt you in the first place
I'll bury all my frustrations and aggravation
Like it was the casualties of my own army
It's not easy to farm me
I have a rigid spirit
That can be ignorant at times
The past speaks the volume of my speakers for me.
It takes one to know one.

filled,  smoke.

Author: Peter Robert Hamilton
Date: 11/03/2020