Poems about final



Pt.2 Angst & Elliott ( Elliotts final wisdom)

Angst! quit wasting whats left.
You're not falling through time.
What you are talking of is theft.
We cant take that amount in our
Chest. I stress. Please get some rest.

What's to be when you awake?
A sad key on the piano?
Or a distressingly violent shake?
Or just another soul,
One which some lord would gladly take?

Even sleep seems too steep a' hill
One which I dare say he will fall down.
I tried to keep him from his will,
Cause in his freedom he will all drown.

amp,  angst,  final,  pt,  wisdom.

Author: C J Baxter
Date: 07/04/2020



J'ai fait ces vers qu'un bien indigne pocheur,

Bien indigne, après tant de grâces donnoes,

Lâchement, salement, froidement piotinoes

Par mes pieds de pocheur, de vil et laid pocheur.

J'ai fait ces vers, Seigneur, votre gloire encor,

A votre gloire douce encor qui me tente

Toujours, en attendant la formidable attente

Ou de votre courroux ou de ta gloire encore,

Josus, qui pus absoudre et bonir mon pocho.

Mon pocho monstrueux, mon crime bien plutôt!

Je me rementerais de votre amour, plutôt,

Que de mon effrayant et vil et laid pocho.

Josus qui sus bonir ma folle indignito,

Bonir, souffrir, mourir pour moi, ta croature,

Et dès avant le temps, choisis dans la nature,

Croateur, moi, ceci, pourri d'indignito!

Aussi, Josus! avec un immense remords

Et plein de tels sanglots! cause de mes fautes

Je viens et je reviens toi, crampes aux côtes,

Les pieds pleins de cloques et les usages morts,

Les usages? Du cœur, de la tête, de tout

Mon être on dirait clouo de paralysie

Navrant en mime temps ma pauvre poosie

Qui ne s'exhale plus, mais qui reste debout

Comme frappoe, ainsi le troupeau par l'orage,

Berger en tête, et si fidèle nonobstant

Mon cœur est l, Seigneur, qui t'adore d'autant

Que tu m'aimes encore ainsi parmi l'orage.

Mon cœur est un troupeau dissipo par l'autan

Mais qui se rounit quand le vrai Berger siffle

Et que le bon vieux chien, Sergent ou Remords, gifle

D'une dent suffisante et dure assez l'engeance.

Affreuse que je suis, troupeau qui m'en allai

Vers une monstrueuse et solitaire voie.

O, me voici, Seigneur, ô votre sainte joie!

Votre pacage simple en les pros où, j'allai

Naguère, et le lin pur qu'il faut et qu'il fallut,

Et la contrition, holas! si nocessaire,

Et si vous voulez bien accepter ma misère,

La voici! faites-la, telle, holas! qu'il fallut.


Author: Paul Verlaine
Date: 06/04/2020


The final hour of the willow

The cold.
My cheeks flushed pink as I inhaled the remnants of the frail air
Surrounding me - clouded tufts occur
They dissipate as I breathe
I whisper.

The prevalence of rosebuds, nature's pride
Flourish amongst the beaks of the emperor.

Strands of scarlet, stains of blood
They all entail the unrequited sentiment of the weak
The frail entrails dwindling downwards on the empty patches,
Barren warfields where I exhaled.

The enticing floral rain, the vermilion of the soul
The pale old man with the raincoat is watching me
I turn.

Bring me deliverance, old man
The joy of my ultima, the climax of my being
For you watched me ultimately,
For death cheers for me from the sidelines.

Bring me deliverance, for the caress of the end
Is my valentine.

final,  hour,  willow.

Author: Vyiirt'aan
Date: 06/04/2020


A Final Touch

I danced in the rain for you
I laughed until my angry, red heart turned blue
I burned my hand on your cold heart
Oh I know it's clicho, but I loved you from the start
I hate myself for slipping into rime, but still
It's you and only you I think about
Thoughts of reality drift by from time to time

See the mess I get into?
Just trying not to think of you

I breathed in the sharpest air and let out the softest cry
There's nothing left to save
But there's always something more to you and I
I always crave your bright eyes
They make the darkness dim
Even as I watch you stare at her
It's me
I'm imagining touching your skin
Oh my- whatever happened to you?
What made you let go of you and I?

I tilted my head to the side
Tried not to realize
Forgetting you is the last thing I can bear to do
Pressing myself against him doesn't compare to loving you

See the mess I get into?
Just trying not to think of you

I bit my lip and slipped into oblivion
The girl you loved could rise above it all
Now this boy that's here gets to watch a stranger fall
Staring at a empty slate
Caucasian chalk circle's drawing me out, sketching a piece of fate
This isn't my life at all

I drowned in pain for you
I let myself go insane for you
Over a year I've wanted nothing, nothing, nothing else
Oh it's clicho I know, but I loved you from the start
There's something about the sound of a broken heart
Resounding even though we're worlds apart
I always crave your bright eyes, and you hunger for my thirst
I've never dreamed a demise so dull

See the mess I get into?
Just trying not to think of you
And what the world has come to

final,  touch.

Author: Sydney Reed
Date: 04/04/2020


The Final Muse

I think I've come to the end of things, '
He said, without a tear,
€But I don't mind, for I cannot find
A reason to be here.
The hopes I cherished are in the past,
The dreams all come undone,
I look ahead to the future and
I know, there isn't one. '

He sat alone on the patio
And stared on out to the bay,
€There was a time, ' he began again,
Then stopped in his dismay,
For whitecaps out in the ocean still
Were rolling in to the shore,
Just like they had on another day,
Just like they'd done before.

And pictures came to his aging eye
Of the world, how it had been,
When life and love were a world away
When he was just sixteen,
But times and tides had rolled over him
In a restless, reckless ride,
Had torn the very heart out of him
To leave empty space inside.

€There must be a time, ' he thought aloud
€When it's right to call it quits,
When you've done the things that you wanted to
And it's fallen all to bits,
With friends and lovers gone on their way
And with not a glance aside,
While I, stiff-necked, being so correct,
Am caught in the sin of pride. '

And then, the thought of his darling wife
Had finally raised a tear,
The sense he'd not even noticed her
For the time that she was here,
€We never know what we've got, ' he thought,
€Til it's well and truly lost,
Just one more line in the ledger that
Adds up to the final cost. '

Then the children, what of the children with
That look of innocent trust,
Who burrowed into that heart you had
When you thought that God was just,
But once they're grown and you find they've flown
To their lives, to stand or fall,
You wait for them to return to you
But you find they never call.

€I think I've come to the end of things, '
He said, without a tear,
€But I don't mind, for I cannot find
A reason to be here. '
The only sound was the breaking waves
With the salt-spray and its sting,
He looked about like a man who craves,
But none were listening!

David Lewis Paget

final,  muse.

Author: David Lewis Paget
Date: 04/04/2020


Final farewell

To the greatest love I never knew. I wish you well
Lost but not found

farewell,  final.

Author: DaRk IcE
Date: 04/04/2020


Death so final

Death so final
At its peak a sheer bottom
Nothing left but the remains
A simple good bye is vital

Alone I feel the chills
Hoping its the presence I desire
The hair that stands on its end
No more shitty pills

Happiness is what i hope you have found
No more regrets, no more pain
With your mamma once again
Remnants of mine buried beneath the dirt

To have you in my life to share
Felt like I never had the chance
I would kill for it
Do you remember how much I cared?

Your final resting place is beautiful
Ive dreamt of it many a night
The only visitation I can spare
3000 miles away inexcusable

death,  final.

Author: Cody Boyles
Date: 04/04/2020


Final touches

Pictures gleam on the wall
I hope it will stand there forever, without one fall
All we have are memories and dreams
Memories that last long enough with us telling a vivid story of our drops and leaps
We always stopped on trips to steal the feelings of life
We made a painting but we didn't get to put in the final touches
We were sad at first but it brings back a great time

final,  touches.

Author: K G
Date: 03/04/2020