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№ 1209685

I will find you

I will find you.

When you scurry away
Into the haunts of
Your ravaged mind,
Searching for things you never owned.

I will find you.

Amongst heavy crowds
Of people, places, promises;
Where you blend into

I will find.

Your mind,
Your broken self,
Buried deep within
The place you called home.


Author: mariana
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1207990

"Find Everything in God"

My God has all the answers,
If you'll go to Him in prayer;
He will fill you full of wisdom,
And your burdens He will bear!

Yes, His door is always open,
Anytime that you're in need;
He will speak to you and then some,
If you'll just His Scriptures read!

My God is always waiting there,
My Lord's still on the Throne;
He'll speak to you through anything,
You'll never be alone!

He'll be there for you now and then,
At any time you fall;
He'll guide your way back Home with Him,
Just with His beckon call!

Oh yes, My God's the Bread of Life,
The Ruler of All things;
You'll find My Lord will shelter give,
And comfort 'neath His Wings!

find,  god.

Author: Kenny Whiting
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207922

When she asked if I thought I would find the one

She asked me, "Do you think you will ever meet 'the one'? "

I smiled because I see this as a trick question

"Well, no... " I replied...

She looked shocked

I continued... "Because we all are the one"

You see I sincerely believe that love is a state of being

It is not as if you need some magical key that is only in the hands of one to unlock your heart

As long as the spark of love is in you and you can see that spark reflecting back to you in the eyes of your beloved you have found the "one"

But don't stress yourself with searching far and wide

Because you can arrive at this state of oneness with oh so many beautiful souls

asked,  find,  thought.

Author: Coleseph Nelzsun
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207372

Let Your Bliss Find You

A warmth overcame the chill
In the softly lit room
It was as if, in a subtle and yet
Breathless moment's pause,
Thoughts of love triumphed
Over loneliness

The midnight oil flickered;
Shadows dancing teasingly
The playful flame drew life
Near the drafty window sill,
Within the invisible current
Its awakening ether sphere

The rocking chair breaks the silence
Creaking to the unconformity
Of the unsteady flash of light
Bequeathed by the burning log's cinders

In the silence of the peaceful presence,
One chunk of green heartwood sizzled
Like a beckoning voice from another realm,
Sputtering out into the timbre's pace;
Into a wordless respite of hushed solace

Embers smoldering ...
As if they were unspoken words trapped
In an arresting instant
Of purposeful awakening;
Striving to morph into
Some unrealized reason for being

Just the serendipity of fate
In a human sense...
In the right place
At the wrong time
Seeking some benevolence of purpose ―

The glow of the fire's luminosity,
Tantalized the back-lit profile,
Painting it's shadow a simple pendulum's
Undulation on the opposite wall

A dark silhouette exhaled a deep sigh
With the throb of the dark night's nuance
The chair's bent oak runners groaned
While dove tailed oak joints squeaked
With an impatient restless tempo

An aura emanating a soothing,
Peaceful depth of reflection;
Expressions seldom understood
By those unwilling to look beyond
The seemingly nebulous colour
Of dark light

Thoughts flash with the pulse a beating heart
Day dreams manifesting like cinema
On the four walls imprisoning loneliness

Life's reveries, a magnificent puzzle
Even well into the long journey's epitaph,
A reason to believe a moment's relevance
­ is more than randomness
Dreaming good things can always happen ―

When you've looked for what seems missing,
And never found it,
Ardently avowing:
It does not mean it does not or can not exist ―

Still striving to foment faith
In the eternal dream of forever beginnings...

Instead of finding your bliss
... let your bliss find you ...

© harlon rivers... all rights reserved

bliss,  find.

Author: harlon rivers
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207282

Help Me Find My Way Out

Take my silence one step too far
Take my violence and tear me apart
Your words are the cure I need
Your love is where my heart will feed

Indiscriminate demons fill my head
They try to tie my to my bed

The flame in my heart
Is a smoulder
The only blame falls
On my shoulders

Help me find my way out
My eyes show only doubt
Help me find my way out
My eyes show only doubt

I'm pushing back the battle lines
Trying to capture all the lost time
This is just a forlorn endeavor
Forever severed whenever I fall

Help me find my way out
My eyes show only doubt
Help me find my way out
My eyes show only doubt

The flame
Is a smoulder
The blame
On my shoulders
I don't surrender
I don't surrender
I don't surrender

Help me find my way out
I don't surrender
My eyes show only doubt
I don't surrender
Help me find my way out
I don't surrender
My eyes show only doubt
*I don't surrender

find,  help.

Author: Jack Jenkins
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206836

Darling I can't Find The Light In You

You asked me once to write you a story,
I tried, and I failed.
You asked me once to write you a song,
But I couldn't remember the good through the wrong.

I see shadows all around us,
Darkness personified.
So I sat to write you a poem,
And I can say I truly tried.

The darkness closes around me,
I cannot see the light.
I close my eyes to pray,
That all will be alright.

Sadly I see the darkness,
In your eyes.
And I hope it never comes,
When we are forced to goodbyes.

darling,  find,  light,  t.

Author: Aaron Reisinger
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206553

To find a way to make you listen

All the people i've been
Across landscapes we painted
And banged late at night against
Museum walls

One with
Very small and dark green trees
The darkest green you've ever seen
Pointing against the sky, the tips of them
(angels, invisible and leaning, and in love
Impossibly, the human part of themselves, screaming: )
As sharp as the stars that
Wind around my irises
The shape that curls my waist

When we think of each other
I'd give you all of them,
She crouched in poppy petals and
Bright green grass
The brightest green you've ever seen
Gossamer wound around her little finger:
Playing fairy dust under a texas sun and
Wishing her silver hair across the highway at night,
Speeding her future into the veins in her arms;

She never did form a drug habit, she swam it,; tripped like all the music missed, gliding over the flat of her head; (notes in brackets hopping on shoulders
Insisting just only too quietly that i listen; )
Shattered curtains spouting grey morning light on the warehouse beams we splinter our kind and freezing feet on top of, tiptoes to kiss you

My hand printing the dancing ink i bl*ew across your stomach
Never sure he existed
But you'll taste the sweat of him
I'll lay it on your elbow as you lie beside me

Just for the sake
Some history given

find,  listen.

Author: ElГ©a
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205083

How can I find you in a world so huge?

What if our paths never cross?
What would we do then?
I don't know exactly who or where you are,
Or if you're even looking for me.
But what I do know is that I really, really
Hope you're trying.

find,  huge.

Author: Phobial
Date: 02/04/2020