Poems about fingers


№ 1207589

Strong fingers

This desperate fleeing will come to naught
These poems the last mutterings of madness
The last paper to take flight in the cold black and white photograph of morning
Her smile dripped with fetish
But the strong fingers of her words
Worked at the lid of my mind
Prying lose the harbored fears
And delving into the sweet meat

Her own self portrait
Is languid and driven with heat
Curved back with intonations of lust
But benith its lurid covers
One percives the desperate clawing fingers
And ever hungered never sated eyes

My own photograph
Lay out on the floor
Stained with age
And torn along the edges
But benith its neat posed glib humor
One percives the
Small room ages ago
Where hope still endured
That room now vacant

I go
Probably to my demise
A last black and white photograph
Cast careless from the aperture
Of a childhood's camera

Everything we thought we'd be
Never amounted to enough
Everything i though she would be
Was just as barren
As my lurid dreams

fingers,  strong.

Author: mark john junor
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206067

Two fingers

How painful it is to see

How painfully
Hard you
To try

To "mean" something
To "feel"

It's easy to be
When you know everyone
Is going to try to fix you

A false idol
With mindless followers

You let them reach
Out to you
Just to slap
Their hands away

You're no poet

You're quite the jackass


Author: EJ Aghassi
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205268

Letting you crumble beneathe and between my dirty little fingers and hoping you wont drown


A few years ago, i fell in love with the face of the words of the texts of someone i never met til i received singular bits and by bits i mean like 64-bit, 18-bit etc etc etc

I will want to follow you where ever you go

Miles of prodding through the mapped landscape and drawing virtual routes to where my beloved might be, to the sound finalized by the experience of cicada song.

Listen to me

When there was space between us, we would meander in the thought, of zero space, all space inside of us. perhaps the world would stop in its turning if we spun.

I have so many questions for you

Listen to me

I'll drop you off at work

You'll start a playlist as a reminder of reminding yourself

I am wearing utilitarian shoes rn, no foreshadowing.

Please send me good health, peace, happiness.

I wear multi-color often and pretend to taste color as sweetly as water from a spring, and dont.

Collects rusted metal

Los angeles, 2014
Living in a small room in chinatown
With our piles
Then chinatown chicago
With our piles

Perhaps we can be friends someday, someday, someday
(i'll write a screenplay and burn it to dust)
(i hate screenplays)

crumble,  drown,  fingers,  hoping,  letting.

Author: johanna trejo castellon
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204284

Too many fingers in too many pies

Too many fingers in too many pies
So far apart my body is torn trying to reach them all
And now I am dead

fingers,  pies.

Author: Josh
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1202707

... To Exercise My Fingers.

How I missed, how I missed the wonder in your eyes
The smiles at our hellos, and the pouts at our goodbyes
How we kissed, how we kissed only heaven could have devised
The passion with the moon, and the beauty of sunrise

How I wish, how I wish on stars to make this bloom
The stars over your bed, and windows of your room
How we squish, how we swish the smell of your perfume
The blankets with the pillows, and the smile to resume

How it is, how it is will be left for fate to tell
The anxious of a call, and the sound of the bell
How it tis, how it tis will beyond me compel
The things I do, and do them well.
So please don't give me hell,
Just answer your cell.

exercise,  fingers.

Author: John F Pinto
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1200536

Finger pointing in a world without fingers

Mean as anger gives consent
At their own lives lack
And false promises they made up
To convince themselves
That their way of life would beget
All the happiness they deserved
And finding themselves bereft
At a loss to be able to escape
Their meanness they take out
On the marginalised they consider
To be weak, cause of their own grief
Fair game for their vitriolic rage!

finger,  fingers,  pointing.

Author: nivek
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1198208

Intermingled Fingers

It can transcend the physical world.
It resonates and vibrates,
Echoing between souls.
But it's more than chemistry,
It's alchemy.
A meshing of being,
The combination of two disparate elements
In creation of something new.
Something different that makes everything around it different as well.
A light in oppressive darkness
And a shade in harsh light.
We both know of it's existence,
We're not strangers to it's presence.
The very opposite,
We know it down to it's atomic makeup.
Like I know her,
Like she knows me.
What every touch does,
What every look means.
We know the name of this thing,
Like we know each other.
And yet we just stand and enjoy,
Too breathless to name anything.

fingers,  intermingled.

Author: Antony Padilla
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1194183

I'll write words in the air with my fingers

Some days I want to do nothing but write
Grab the moment
Dwell in it for life
Fingers that itch to bleed letters
So I let them fall
From a mind that buzzes with nothing but white noise until it can be seen before me
I can hear non existent conversations
Words that make new meanings
Until meaningless starts to make sense
And I wish I could feed on it
But then I remember how it will leave me
Alone and mute
Some days nothing comes to mind
And I wonder if that part of me has died
One hit wonders
It happens all the time
I'll still write
No quality
It lacks shine
Leaving discontent behind
And I long for old times
Still it's mine
It deserves a post
To those words I can't be unjust
Then like a whirlwind tornado
Something unexpected will set me off
The ball starts rolling
And I'll write words in the air with my fingers
Committing them to memory
Bringing them to life
And that is when you too
Can feel the passion

air,  fingers,  write.

Author: Simpleton
Date: 23/03/2020