Poems about fire


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We Are Learning to Make Fire

Ђњ...where painfully and with wonder
At having survived even
This far...we are learning to make fire. ”*
- “Habitation, ” Margaret Atwood

Slowly, our failed attempts drift back to us
On breezes thick with unfurled smoke.

We gasp for the cold air that stings
Our throats, and lay our ears to the earth.

The heartbeat hums through the dirt –
Steady and slow, so we wrap our arms

Around each other and exhale.

But we are learning to make fire,
To lift embers with our fingertips

From damp leaves, to tickle them
In our palms, and wish them away.

We watch them dance along twigs;
We weave our fingers together;
We whistle to the flecks and the sparks.

And they kiss – with innocence,
Without hesitation.

The earth hums low

fire,  learning.

Author: Jennifer Marie
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210675

Fire and Steel

In all that you gave me
By flickering fire
Old wounds that you kissed closed
And monitored through
The night
Each time that I tore them
With nails to bleed
You held back condemnation
Your lips suturing

You forgive
For you love

Mistakes that I make
You steer me away
Guarding my heart
From errors of
I can be winter dim
But you keep bringing light
And however I sin
You wipe my slate

You forgive
For you love

And when our hearts
Can't sustain
We are adrenaline
Liquid day
A twin headed phoenix
Rising from death
Each trip to the furnace
Burns off all the dead

And we forgive
For we love
Shaped in a crucible held by the hands of fate
We wait

fire,  steel.

Author: James L Nunn
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209939


She never knew how much fire
She had inside
She was never told
To dim the flame
She was always burning

Burning everything she touched
Melting hearts and igniting wild fires

She was never told to be careful
"not to play with fire"
For she was an expert
That meddled with danger

She was never told to silence the sparks
She let them echo in places where
They'd reach those who need some
Spark in their lives

She kept going
Moving forward, fire never leans back
She held on catalysts
That fed her flames
She grew more and more
For she was never told to settle for less

She was a fire sign too
What a coincidence
She sometimes found solace in reading
Her compatible partner
But never relied on them


Author: Maria Etre
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1208748

Fire to ash

There is a fire burning,
And I can't move my eyes,
Even when there are no embers,
It burns in me,
So I embrace it,
As the flame cleanses my sin,
And burbs away my love,
So be ready for the ash,
As its your turn now to pick up the pieces.

ash,  fire.

Author: Lovelust
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208715


You have ignited a fire in me
The flames sweep over my bones
And turn my heart to ash

I kiss you
Your blood collecting heat
As you swallow my flames

We live in our own summer
Just for a moment
Before the fire swallows our souls

Phebe Brocke


Author: Phebe Brocke
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208073


I'm taking my time, looking out the window,
Waiting for the first snow.
I'm tired of these dreams, with their same old colored leaves, waiting for the new to turn to old.
Fall down pretty leaf, be the change between two theifs,
Let them learn to let go.
Birds migrate in the air, christmas time is near,
As the lamp lets light glow low.

A wise man and a fool, which one will rule?
I know that I could learn a thing or two.
Stop clock now retreat. fill every minute with a great feat,
I sure wish I could but thats my cue,
I go half way then stop, I reap half my crop,
You think you got it easy then walk a day in my shoes.
A lamb now lay slain. Broken and in pain.
His bruse brought blessing for me and you.

And as the same story gets told,
Its words lose their touch as it gets old.
But i can't change one word, or dot one i
For these memories have been written down in time.

As the fire burns the forest down.
To grow new leaves that will fall to the ground,
Just like a story told with fire,
Will bring back its passion and desire.
As a fire burns the forest down,
Animals run and scurry the ground.
But just as the fire destorys
A new story it will tell,


Author: ryyan
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207320

Dissolved into Fire

I see fire
Inside your soul
The ache of distances
Bleeding passion into movement
The wide eyed terror of not
Being there
To see you wake
To share the shaking agony of lonely
Longing to taste your breath

The night burns with the smolder
Of your love
Raw skin
Relishing the intensity of devotion
Of lost time
Shaking on the afterglow of starlight
Disolving me once more
Glazed eyed and clinging
Clenching the stuttering maddness that has possessed my heart.
Only to have you fall

Leaving you behind
The night chokes my breath
And I drown in the wake of fear

Breaking heart to the shadow of chilled sheets
Damned to dream of love
To hear the tinkling laughter of memory
Where you walk
Standing in all your glory arms open
Lips cracking that damned cocky smile
That brings me to my knees

I fall into the flame
Of resentment
I hate you
Just a little in your ability
To smite me with love
To shake me down to the echoing void
Where all I feel is the loss of you
It eats away the corner of my sanity

I can't think without the your image
Name or memory
Touching the most intimate integral parts
The bits that are hidden from the main line thought process
You infect me with love
And hang me

With my own hands on the despair of absence
Where I would do anything
Say anything
Take anything
To touch
Or be
Where you are.

You wreck me
Running headlong
Into the wall

dissolved,  fire.

Author: Emily Jones
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207087


My girlfriend is a forest fire
She told me once about how
When she was young her father would buy her bikes
These beautiful bikes
And tear them to pieces before she could ever get her hands on them
She told me that tragically,
This was hereditary.

Also - she couldn't ride a bike

She calls me up sometimes at 1am
And tells me she's tearing the walls of her house down
'do you want to come over? ' she asks
'i think it's a load bearing wall' she tells me
'i think the ceiling is going to come crashing down on me and kill me'
I go to her place
We break down the wall
We survive, that time.

I know someday soon
I'll go to her house
And she'll be there, in someone else's arms
Intent on destroying something new.
Destroying me

Before i met her i never knew how much of yourself you could destroy
Before you stopped being a real person
I tell her i love her one day and she tells me
That that's not what this is,
And that there is no her to love


Author: Cordelia Copson
Date: 04/04/2020