Poems about fleas


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I hope that I shall never see
An awful dreaded irksome flea,

A flea that feasts on helpless pets
And makes them scratch and moan and fret,

A flea that frolics on a lawn
Plotting mischief from dusk till dawn,

A cruel wingless menacing foe
Whose only joy is spreading woe.

I wish that one day I would see
A fleeting fleeing of the flea;

Trillions of them blissful at play
In a galaxy far far away.


Author: Vernon Waring
Date: 05/10/2019

№ 945009


Well look at this place
I must say you've done a good job
With these trees but these fleas
Have been eatin up your doggy today

Well please may I have a bell rub
My tummy's been grumblin up towards the sky
Wonder why your time has
Passed us by

Well just look at your shoes
Laces tangled and soles in the sky
And you aren't bringin them down, no sir
Now I pray for these damned fleas to fly away
Or soon Ill be thinking about running away


Author: Joshua Rosen
Date: 10/08/2019

№ 903794

It's war time against fleas

It started over night
Attached the innocent
That's not right

The army to many to count
I stand alone
A calculated defense I mount
I will NEVER accept defeat
My four innocent babies
Lay listless at my feet

Exhausted My Open wounds need treatment
At the end of the day
But that's little cosilation
Compared to what my babies are suffering
Not a word do they say
Bewildered looks of confused pain
Swollen welts track their skin
The sadness in their eyes
The situation they are in
Their Backs, arms and legs
Mark the horrors of the day
They just want mommy to
Make it go away
I know they don't understand
Not sure what to say
At least I try
They still show love, exceptence I want to cry
They give unconditional love
Only this grace comes from
Heaven God above
This gives me the courage to FIGHT
Planning my attack strategy

As I prepare dinner
I make a list
We may be battered swollen bruised
But we are not broken or defeated

My tools are depleted
FLEAS don't care who they attack
I have bites on me a well
At first I didn't know why I couldn't tell

Now Im winning
Armed with the Internet knowledge
I have become an entomologist
Arradicating the species
It's to early to tell
Half past two a. m.
No sleep again tonight
Oh well
We are all sleeping
With one eye on our surroundings
A false sense of safety
As cautious optimism dances
In my head
There are no more fleas
On my dogs, in my bed
Carpet, drapery, bedding
Its a tremendously large task to complete

Struggling to prepare a list before
I nod off my to sleep
I will not
Can not
Accept defeat

If you don't get a handle quickly
On these fleas
They will take over
One female can lay 200 eggs
Diatomaceous earth food grade
The ultimate destruction
It's Considered the best natural alternative
Safe for humans and animals
Kills bugs

fleas,  time,  war.

Author: Carmen Sutherland
Date: 04/07/2019

№ 860058

Biting Fleas

When your fellow poet becomes jealous
Of your nick knacks love of the art
Pure jealousy! lots of rocks to throw

I will continued to nibble on my dry ball point pen
I will rise up;
You will always be the underdog
I am not your caged bird
The scattered jeers, your hissy fits
Your dark shadow of misery
Or the back channel of you being misled.
It's only fair to say that---

**'Stupid as a man, ' say the women: 'cowardly as a woman, ' say the men. Stupidity in a woman is unwomanly. "
-Friedrich Nietzsche

biting,  fleas.

Author: Dark n Beautiful
Date: 25/05/2019

№ 815958

Fleas, lice

Fleas, lice,
A horse peeing
Near my pillow.

fleas,  lice.

Author: Matsuo BashЕЌ
Date: 15/04/2019

№ 596699

Dog fleas

My dog began to scratch i think he had a flea
I looked through his fur a flea i couldnt see
I got his little brush this he liked so much
It bristles they were soft he just loves the touch
Then he scratched again now the only thing to do
Was put him a bath using flea shampoo
Now his fleas are gone he dosent scratch no more
Happy and content like he was before

dog,  fleas.

Date: 28/09/2018

№ 519536

Fleas, Ticks and Chiggers

Fleas, ticks and chiggers
The bane of a rural life
Animals suffer

fleas,  ticks.

Author: Cori MacNaughton
Date: 20/07/2018

№ 487650


We are fleas that live in the ass,
We think we own the dog.
We fight fleas that live in the head,
We bomb fleas that seem different
Only to us,
For the dog we are all a nuisance.
Fleas that create songs
And flags
To celebrate their portion,
Living in the ass seems better,
Some prefer the ears,
I choose to roam.
I dream with other dogs
Maybe cats.
We are fleas
That destroy their dog host.
Perhaps this dog needs a bath.


Author: Guden
Date: 21/06/2018