Poems about fly


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Born in illusory chains
Gnarled metal
Encrusted in my broken skin
The copper colored dust
Of rusted steel
Infectiously envelopes

Shaving off antiquated layers
Of fundamentalist religion
Encrusted for generations
Unpeeled until raw
An unsophisticated method
Ancient lodged glass shards
Colored with deceit

Brought before their court
Unfathomably skewered
An eerie salem witch trial
In modern times

Barbarically they shun me
I wander aimlessly
Smelling the rotten decay of deceased community
As splinters pierce my feet
From the crooked wooden plank
I walk alone now

An unfathomable inner ache
Kindled a residue within
Igniting a wildfire from the darkest shadows
Uncontainably erupting
I dance savagely
Naked in the orange moonlight
And in every shaded edge
Lit my soul ablaze

I am a nomad sheep
¬АШtho not one of their color
No pasture to contain me
No shepherd i can follow
Theological safety nets
No longer there to catch me
I plunge

Free falling
Stripped wide open
Reverses gravitation

I soar amongst
Apricot tinged clouds
My skin still wet from rebirth
And rise with the flaming coral sun

You cannot destroy me
I twisted in your decrepit pencil sharpener
And with fresh mettle
Cut through the chains that bound

You can have my ego
But you cannot have my soul

Dismantling domestication
Transcending limitation
Wildly untamed
I fly

©2016 janetaylorhardy


Author: jane taylor
Date: 06/04/2020

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Tell them I'm coming,
Tell them I'm raising hell,
Show them the names I've been taking,
Look hard at the demons I'm waking.
I am a something, my cards are showing,
Don't think I am bluffing.
This is my title, so don't amazed when I summon waves,
The hole that I've dug, I call it a grave,
Still I dug it myself, unlike the slaves
Unaware with no care of the bridges their burning.
With a gust through the air, this windmill keeps turning.

Wake up the world in witching hours,
I'll stand on a stage and recite my life,
Yet none throw me flowers
This day job has me living each day in repeat
So quietly, I write week after week
Looking for an audience to pull me from this desk
Until that day comes, I will never rest.
I've been call a quitter, a fighter, a dropout, a dream.
Always striving to be the best me I could have been.

Now tell me them I'm coming
I'll crack through the sky
No limit exists when I sprout wings and fly


Author: Dream Fisher
Date: 05/04/2020

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There's Soup On My Fly

Oh no there's soup on my fly
Cream of mushroom to boot
And here I am in this restaurant
Wearing my best black Armani suit

I dare not get up
Can't get off this chair
Oh good grief
I'm in utter despair

The napkin did not help
Just smudged it a little more
It looks a long long way
To get to the restrooms door

I'm in such a pickle
I wish I could die
Oh the embarrassment
For there's soup on my fly

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris

fly,  soup.

Author: Christos Andreas Kourtis
Date: 04/04/2020

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My need to fly away

My need to get away is
So great that I am even
Considering applying to
A school up north to
Finish my high school years.

Isn't that supposed to be a sign, mom?
I am utterly miserable being here and
Living with the people I call "family".
The kids and teachers at school are
More a family to me than you'll ever be.

I do hope I get in,
I have the grades for it.
Maybe they'll see how hell bent I am
On getting away that they'll even give me
A free ride.


Author: R
Date: 04/04/2020

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I Can Fly

What if I told you that I could fly?
You probably wouldn't believe me,
But my friend and I, you see,
We are as free as can be.

Don't give me that look!
I'm referring to my horse,
And although he can't speak to me of course,
We, together, are an unstoppable force.

It's amazing how much you can understand
Without words.
I brush his soft coat of hair,
And look into his brown-eyed stare.
That's something we have, you see, care.

When it's time to ride I climb into the saddle,
His feet move at my gentle command,
And just like that we're above the land;
I'm guiding him solely with my hand.

After minutes of warm-ups in trust,
Towards the fences so high we head,
And I whisper words of comfort while looking ahead
Pushing away fear, my eyes closing in love instead.

Because together, my horse and I,
No matter where we go
Or where the wind blows,
May it be rain or snow вАУ

We can fly.
Can you?

So after the broken bones you ask why I haven't stopped.
And I look at you with a frown,
And then to my horse's eyes so brown,
Knowing that without him I would surely drown.

I would sink to the bottom of this hopeless, charred earth.
I have something that you won't ever will.
Something that stays with me still,
And will be there even when I'm old and ill.

I have someone who understands me with feeling alone
Because he can't comprehend my words -
And you know I don't run in herds -
Yet despite all this we can fly like birds.

So don't question or ridicule,
That which you don't understand.
I can fly and you can barely stand.
Close your eyes and give me your hand.

And take a look at the ground far below.

Maybe then you'll understand.


Author: Jennifer Freya
Date: 04/04/2020

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A Fly
That's what you are
Pesky little irritating low-life
If you were a fly
You would die
In less than a day
Less than 24 hours I would be rid of you
With your disease, you spread pain and suffering
That kills
You have infected me
And I have a Fly Swatter
So rid me of your presence
Before I rid myself
Of you


Author: Avery
Date: 01/04/2020

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Fly Little Bird

Go on little bird, take flight
Up, up high, set your sight
Let your colors reach full potential
Strive to be great, stand monumental

Fly little bird, fly up high
Let yourself be seen, don't be shy
Stay confident, stop doubting
You'll simply waste time with all the hiding

Go on little bird, take flight
You won't be alone, there shall be light
Guidance and help will be by your side
So don't let fright, nor worry, step inside

Fly little bird, fly up high
Don't settle for less, aim for the sky
Dream big, no limit is set for you
Remember, there's nothing you can't do

Go on little bird, take flight
Spread your wings
Reach your dreams
Fly little bird, fly up high

bird,  fly.

Author: Day Wing
Date: 30/03/2020

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Fly like paper

My thoughts are paper planes
That don't seem to see the runways that i drew
On the blank sheets in front of me.

fly,  paper.

Author: aashi
Date: 29/03/2020