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Don't forget to not forget that jokes are no joke

I'm a joker, I joke so often.
I joke so often life became funny from inside this coffin.
Life became a joke, trivial in its pursuit to make better my perceived reality.
But that's all life is, your perceived reality.
Life is a joke and you can laugh and laugh, some might laugh with you and some against.
But don't forget the most important parts that lay inside this life
Love, family and friends.
Don't forget them.
This is not a joke.

don,  forget,  joke,  jokes,  t.

Author: Aric garza
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1206723

I Can't Forget.

Tears cascade down my mascara stained cheeks
As I scream into my already wet pillow
Your name eases from my lips in a whisper
The very contrast to all the memories whirling within
Tornado like winds take over my mind
Removing any other thought, or possibility- all thats left is you

Your memory teasing me with detailed images of your smile
Something that was erased for so long I forgot it existed
Dimples tugging at the corners of your thin pink lips
As they framed your blinding white teeth, as straight as a picket fence
All thanks to three years of pain and torture of metal
That you whined about at every moment possible

But even when you whined, I couldn't take my attention away
Hypnotized by the sunset gleaming in your ever changing colored eyes
Reminding me that the world exists outside of your arms
Though I never wanted it to, I wanted to stay
To feel the warmth of the inside of that dreary black jacket
As long are your arms were at home there too

Home took on a different meaning with you
One that meant late summer nights with our minds among the stars
On a barely exinsistant landing strip
Dedicated as our towns sad excuse for an airport
Never did we see a plane, though we hoped
Sadly plotting that if we ever were so lucky it would show us the way out
Into a world that we hardly knew because we were both here
Stuck in a one horse town with people whose every name we knew

And then you were gone
Swept away with the changing of the tides from fall to winter
The seasons change without passing because my mind doesn't see
My eyes only exist glazed over in long lost memories
Days like death I would pray to forget if I ever thought that God did exist
And early morning hours I wish I could remember

Where ever you are now I hope you know this
Whether you're six feet below me or a thousand above
Your name rings in my ears every second of every day
Never forgetting the promises we made, or the games that we played
Tricking each other into believing that forever did exist
Never forgetting the times you made me laugh because you were stupid
Or the kisses that I never could seem to resist no matter how mad I was

We were robbed by depression that gripped your soul
It dug in its sharpened claws and snatched away the purest of hearts
Within months that raced by like moments it drained you
Like the longest of droughts drains the deepest of rivers
Away went the days of love and sanity and in came the hurricane of hate
Tearing apart everything that we had and throwing it a thousand feet away

Who knows where we would be now if you had managed to escape
To find your way, even broken or damaged, back into the eyes of that
Golden haired hero I could not tear my eyes away from
Even when you were preoccupied across the room hidden from my sight
I was fixated on you

Now that has translated into fixation of my brain
Onto memories and horror and pain that I can't find any way to contain
So I cry on nights like tonight when I can't get away
The dam of a facade I apply with my makeup every day fades
Into a twisted crumpled hurt of never understanding
Why you're still always on my mind

Hazy dream like memories are crushed by the terrors of fights
Then mended by the paintings of us on those late nights
Broken and shattered by screams we both regret
No matter what ever the flashback consists of
It is running through my mind, chased out only by
Shrieks into my soaked stained pillow
And never drying eyes

forget,  t.

Author: Stephanie Carlson
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206706

I was too young to understand But too old to forget


forget,  understand,  young.

Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206609

Let's Forget.

Take my hand,
I promise you,
Everything will be okay.

Let's go,
Leave it all behind,
Because none of it matter's now.

Don't be scared,
You have me,
And i have you and that all we need.

Take my hand,
And get ready for the adventure,
Because there's no looking back now.

Let's go,
Grab your passport,
And forget about them.

Don't be scared,
The nightmares will stop,
I promise.

Take my hand,
And never let go,
Because i need you as much as you need me.

Let's go,
Pack your suitcase,
Our planes leaves in an hour.

Don't be scared,
Look at me,
I promise you, everything will be fine, i swear.


Author: summer
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1204658

I Will Not Forget

I don't have a good memory
I may forget things about my past
I may forget old memories

But I will never forget you
I will not forget the way it felt when we touched
And the sparks flew
I will not forget the hugs
And the safe feeling you gave me
I will not forget the late nights
And the deep talks
I will not forget the phone calls
And the confessions
I will not forget how happy I was with you every day

But maybe I want to forget everything.
It hurts remembering
I want to forget it all

-H. R.


Author: Blurryface
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204362

Forget me nots.

He falls from my thoughts like
Autumn leaves from the trees;
Dancing away on a bitter wind.

I survive the winter, easy to ignore bare branches
Whispering of ghosts buried shallow
In the cracked and frozen ground.

I continue; I forget to regret as
The dark nights draw in
Whilst I thaw out.

No fear of green here, nor of light
Bringing colour to what I now
Admit I have lost.

But, even so, as the earth twists on its axis
Thought of him still will flower;
Loathe to grow back as the sun shines.

forget,  nots.

Author: Ella Gwen
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1204291

Some day's I forget 10 Words.

Some day's
I just forget
I fell from

day,  forget.

Author: Paul Hardwick
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1202798

But How Could They Forget?

I want you to haunt me when you die. I don't want to forget what it was like to be constantly tortured by you. I want to feel every bit of your existence even when you're long gone and my lips no longer remember yours.


Author: jaden
Date: 31/03/2020