Poems about freedom


№ 1210382

Woes and Ways of Freedom

Falling through the sky
Dodging the time
A victim of reason
And the lack thereof
Faster now it keeps flowing
Rivers rush and rivers pull
Out to sea and drowning
Submarines may come and go
But there creeps deep red rust
Slower now it all seems to happen
A loss of kindness and a loss for rage
A loss for touch
For feel
For words

A loss of everything
Besides the thunder
A distant rumble
An urge, a spark!
To the blaze to keep on
Swimming now, faster than ever
Impossible to keep up
Outlandish dreams
Lands of incredible beauty
And the will to live
Onward with this forsaken time
Keep it going for I will prosper
An illusion to our minds
It moves nowhere
With nothing to hide
A concept that whispers to move
To go, to go forever
Beyond a wicked cage
For freedom – grasp it now!

freedom,  ways,  woes.

Author: Taylor Ganger
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209672


I once was blind
But now that I can see
I am free


Author: Child of the Word
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209381


I see the sun
I want to be in it
I wish I can run and play
I wish it everyday
But you keep me locked up
In my body
I don't know why you won't let be
All I want is to be free
Please just let me go
I wish you could know
How much
I want the sunshine
It's cold
Where I am
All I want is my freedom


Author: Eleanor
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1207539

Freedom...? of speech

"So I got this idea for a poem"

"Nono!!! You can't write that!
You'll regret it when he reads it"

Doesn't mean it's about him!!!

Freedom of Speech has more then one meaning

Then being lawfully allowed to speak your mind.

And if it means you don't have to face consequences,

Then that law is fake.

freedom,  speech.

Author: Alice Kay
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207293

Freedom to say No

Saying No is a right
You shouldn't have to put up a fight
Your eight years old you have the right to run in the sun, play in the park, ride on a bike, climb a tree, fall and scrape your knee, drink coca cola, eat pizza, play games with your friends, learn to swim, collect shells on the beach, reach for the stars they shouldn't be out of reach.

At eight years old you should not know rape
At eight years old you should not be murdered
You should still be loved and cherished and running carefree
A child not a political pawn, what has humanity spawned.

India is getting the blame for it was there that little Asifa, lost her flame.

The reasons for this happening is not entirely clear.
But let's not pretend that bad
Things don't happen here

We have a duty to our young ones, to watch them very close.
Protect them the best we can, and if we see bad things happening help them to make a stand.


Author: Jackie Mead
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207167


I am done with the chains that seem to bind me to your feet.
No more broken promises.
No more lies
I wont give you a chance to deceit me again.
I was there every time you were in need.
But where were you when my soul cried out for you.
I thought what we had was true.
But I can tell you only used me for the attention.
If you cared for me,
Where were you when I hit rock bottom?

It could be that I expected too much from you,
Or that you weren't who I wanted you to be.
If everything you ever did was sincere,
If everything you ever said was true,
Then this will break your heart.
And I hope it does.

You say you don't know what you want,
But I do.
You say you don't know what you want to do,
But that doesn't matter.

My heart is tired,
And I'm taking it for a rest.
I just hope if you are going to realize what happened,
I hope you do it soon because if I'm too far gone,
You won't be able to find me.

Maybe later we could start from scratch.
Our journey ends here.
Maybe when we're old,
We will think this was just a dream,
Or a well written song.


Author: Lily Karter
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206074


I get pain in my joy and joy in my pain
I get pizza an' marshmallows, joysticks, juice, and things

Resistance won't break out
Won't fuck up your head
And if it does
Thank god you'll get dead

The caged bird sings
But it's got a tiny head
So you cook all it's flesh
And keep yourself fed

The time is coming
And you'll be happier then
When you just get nothing
So your flag can win


Author: AJ Enemie
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1202816

State Of The Union (originally titled Freedom)

They'll use Martin Luther King day to sell anything from mattresses to cars.
Even he has been ripped up and replanted,
Capitalized, like Christmas or Easter,
By the people who give us images of a white Jesus,
But you bet they don't pay everyone equal.
We have boulevards, schools, and libraries named after King,
But streets over, we have Confederate soldiers carved into a mountain,
We call 'em heroes, that's what I was taught,
The ones who fought, the ones who ate lead,
But, they aren't talking about who really put a bullet in Dr. King's head.
What the fuck is wrong with us?
America will go see Selma in millions,
This weekend, go back home to their all white neighborhoods,
Thinking about how it was bad then, but now, it's all good.
Who are we really trying to fool?
Stand up for the pledge in school
Put your hand over your heart and forget
All this country denies you
Telling you that there isn't a heart of a human beating inside you
Because you're gay, you're black, you're not like that,
She was a flirt, she wore a short skirt,
Every day you try to heal the hurt
Justice for all? Like are you kidding me?
There ain't such a thing here as liberty
Do you know where you stand
Was Native American land?
Ripped from their bleeding hands
And don't even get me started on Iraq and Iran.
You know that mountaintop?
The one I was talking about,
Did they tell you it was a KKK meeting spot?
Bet not.
I wonder, is the clay here red from all the blood?
We hide our history,
Sing promises of liberty,
Say that racism ended with slavery,
And it's Stonewall Jackson, he's a hero, they say
But never speak of Stonewall Riots any day
And I'm afraid for our children and what they will learn,
In classrooms, will they be silenced?
Come here kids, let me tell you a story,
Of Ferguson, New York, Hong Kong,
About how people will look back and see they were wrong,
But some never did, some died with hatred,
Some died because of it,
Let me tell you about homeless LGBT youth
Let me tell you about all these issues
Let me tell you the truth
And there are different ways of seeing it,
But only one way to say it,
You and I both know,
You just have to listen for it.

freedom,  originally,  state,  titled,  union.

Author: Mariah
Date: 31/03/2020