Poems about friends



Real friends

Knowing names and faces
Is not enough

Is not enough to put on
A superficial screen of pleasantries

I can listen
And not listen
With a smiling sheen

While i think of deep personal problems
That i am not keen
To show anybody

But my real friends.

friends,  real.

Author: saryachan
Date: 07/04/2020


Friends with a monster

They say it takes years to establish a true friendship,
I have found a true friend,
Or at least I thought I had,

Once they see the invisible man,
Your true nature,
They will abandon you,
Their friendship with you,
Their trust in yopenness,
It will all disappear into the dust,

My friends have discovered the monster that is my cancer,
I have shared everything with them,
Then you have nothing left to share,

Now I am all but a memory,
A regret in the circle of friends.

friends,  monster.

Author: Thomas
Date: 06/04/2020


Goodbye Friends

For a while now
It's been clear just how you feel
I will no longer raise a brow
The way you've made me feel is very real.
Even after my deepest thoughts and “sorry”
You still choose to put the blame on me.
Told I've become too distant
Although I'm always a click away
You could've reached me in an instant.
I do best to remind you I'm still your friend
I do my best to remind you I still exist
But I think after today
My attempts will desist.
I shouldn't even be trying for you like so -
As you wouldn't even notice I've let go.
It has been painfully long now,
So long I've been alone.

I'm sorry friends,
But this is where our story ends.
Among you, my best friend used to be
But now it's so easy to see
I've been replaced,
My dear old friends have no more need for me

friends,  goodbye.

Author: TeeCrush
Date: 06/04/2020


Old Friends

I can see what your feeling,
Old Friends,
They come and go,
Some stay,
Some don't
Everytime I look up,
Their gone,
Then a new one,
Pops up,
Only to be lost,
Some friends,
Make you solve their problems,
Some friends,
Help solve your problems while you help them in return,
Some friends
Never talk to you,
Some friends,
Are always there to follow.


Author: KyeGrey
Date: 05/04/2020


Gingers and Best Friends

Never trust a ginger”
She sings giggling looking at the red head next to me.
Her song is a pretty good representation of our friendship.
Throw in a booty bump and some dorky dance moves
Oh yea
That's the definition of our friendship.
Laughing and dying at things no one else gets
Actions no one else see's
And mouthed words no one else understands.
That's just a little inside view of our *“love”.

€Never kiss a ginger”
It's a little late for that don't ya think
Blackberry tea and coffee making her laugh till she dies.
Hysterics that break her down till she's on the floor rolling
Rolling down a hill and being so dizzy she can't get up.
Oh but she's a monster that chases you around
Trying to tackle you to the ground.
Falling off the playground rail and hitting her head
Just like in our story
So she lays there laughing hysterically.
All I can do is shake my head

€Never kiss a ginger...twice”
Yea that's a little better.
He won't be telling my slightly stunned, amazed face its cute again.
The face we later joked about
Mouth dropped to the floor
Eyes wide.
Like did that seriously just happen.
Our dumb and quirky reactions to everything
Exaggerated, excited yeses
And happy little dances.

"Never date a ginger”
I'm not nor have I ever...
Where do you get these thoughts that run through your head?
Ok I can't say much
My mind wanders to the strangest places
And leads us to the greatest conversations.
Like cops on bikes with prisoners in baskets
Leading to Mortal Instruments characters all riding one bike.
I've no idea where our minds get these strange ideas and imaginings.

€Never love a ginger”
I never said I love him
Don't let your mind wander
Dangerous things happen when our minds wander
Anywhere from dinosaurs ruling the world to death
And the things in between are sometimes worse to think about

€Never like a ginger”
With this again
I don't I promise there's nothing there
Now please shut up.
Yes, yes I love you now please don't attack my legs again
I really don't feel like falling on the floor
It's not very appealing.

best,  friends.

Author: Fallen Angel
Date: 04/04/2020


Best Friends

Best Friends
They are there for you no matter what
They never leave your side
They make you laugh
Make your whole life better
My best friend is amazing
My world
They are not fake and will help you with everything
Love them
Keep them
NEVER let them go
Best Friends
Are not just humans
They are the other half of you
The piece that was always missing
They are not objects
They are artifacts
They are priceless
And if you lose them you cant replace them
Best Friends
Love them
Keep them
Never let them go
Best friends

best,  friends.

Author: Kayla Sherry
Date: 04/04/2020


Friends in unlikey People

Never dreamed this would happen
Never dreamed I'd be talking to him
Never thought I would consider him...
... A friend

But I guess he is.
Huh Who would have known?

friends,  people.

Author: Fenix Flight
Date: 04/04/2020


And all your friends come sniffing...

I can't be who i am,
And i'm still not exactly sure
Who that is.
One day i like my teacher,
The next it's a girl online.
Who exactly do i

I'm not sure.

friends,  sniffing.

Author: R
Date: 03/04/2020