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Dear future daughter

Dear future daughter,
I'm writing to you a letter,
Because one day you'll need this advice,
And it's worth a certain price,

It's worth the price of lessons,
The ones that make you think,
You've been running in the wrong directions,
And stop making you see life in pink,

First thing you need to know,
Is that sometimes you need to let go,
Even if it doesn't feel right,
It just as well might,

Most of the time the things that feel good,
Aren't the things that should,
That's why you should never harm your wrist,
¬АШCause then I'll just be pissed,

Second thing to keep in mind,
Is to always be kind,
Because the girl you laugh at with much glory,
May have lived a terrible story,

Ask her what her day was like,
The strangest people have the greatest things to tell,
Even if their stories seem like they came straight from hell,
Trust me it won't be an experience you will dislike,

Third thing I want to tell you,
Is that one day you'll meet a boy,
And the idea of you two,
Will be one that brings joy,

And one day he might leave,
And it will make you believe,
That nobody will stay,
But trust me it won't always be that way,

Fourth thing I want to say,
Is that it's okay,
To give yourself pleasure,
And to give youself some leisure,

Sometimes it's a necessity,
Because you schoolwork is driving you crazy,
And in that moment you're panicking,
But your schoolwork isn't more important than your own being,

Last thing I want to say,
Is that life does not count itself it breaths,
It counts itself in the moments that take it away,
People with short life enjoy it this way before their deaths,

So go on and make your life worth living,
And make it worth sharing,
Because you never know when,
It might end,

Dear future daughter,
Please consider everything I have written in this letter,
Trust me when I say without a doubt,
That your future mother knows what she's talking about.

daughter,  dear,  future.

Author: Alexia C√іt√©
Date: 07/04/2020

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You don't see me coming yet,
But I have already cleared a drawer for you in my heart.

Our first argument will be about how I hog all the covers in my sleep,
Or maybe about how I can never shake away the feeling that I am left
With after a bad dream.

I want you to know that I am other worldly.
Which of course means that I am not from this Earth.
My mind travels to and from other universes and galaxies,
Other realms of thought.
But I will try to leave a note reminding you I will return.

For future emergencies-
I keep a bottle of Zoloft in my panty drawer
And a bottle of wine under the sink.
I am not allowed to take them together.
I hope my episodes won't make you think less of me.

I hope you won't forget the way gravity shifted when we first met.
Tape that memory to the forefront of your mind.
So when I am sobbing uncontrollably about the ending of a movie,
Or the last line of a haiku
You will remember why you love me.
And I will do the same for you.

You see, I am not that great at endings.
I am not a person with promising follow through.
I get caught up in the beginning of things,
The middle of things,
The twist and turn
Thrashing momentum
Of things.

I just can't bare to see it all end.

So when or if it does end,
I ask that you lay me gently down and make your exit swift.
Do not linger by the door frame,
Because when you tell me it's over,
That is it.

You don't see me coming yet,
But I want you to know I have had day dreams about our first kiss.
I imagine it like an orchestra inside your chest
And angels begin to sing when you part your lips.
The symphony hits its crescendo when we finally get to the kiss.

You don't see me coming yet,
But soon we will be in love.

future,  letter,  lover.

Author: melina padron
Date: 07/04/2020

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"Sometime" means there is a future.

" Sometime " isn't Sometimes. It's not occasionally. It is the future.

Just because Sometime is a variable you haven't figured out yet, does not mean there isn't an answer.

It's like solving for x, like mathematics- something You're good at- just because you don't know the answer when reading the question, but there is always an answer, a solution.

There may be a solution, an answer, to this equation that I am now a part of. But I hope that, despite what I lack in the department of math, I thoroughly hope you see me as your equal, and that I will not become just an ex.

You said you hadn't figured it out yet, but you're smart and I trust you.

"Yes" is just a word, an answer.
Not a promise, an agreement.

" Sometime ", however is a promise.
A promise for the future. And I will hold you to it.


Author: Classified
Date: 06/04/2020

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#10 - to my future children

I have been through lifetimes of trouble
In the sixteen years i have been graced by
Biology. i have learnt the power of words and
What they do to a person. i have spun webs of
Silk to protect my soul from everybody around me, so much so
That i fear i may never reach

But, when - if - i do,
I swear to you that i will expand my parameters, that i will
Re-erect my barriers and protect you fiercely.
You will be everything to me.
To you, words will not be weapons.
To you, i will dedicate my life, no matter how small
May be.

Because, after it all, how could i not love you?

children,  future.

Author: anna
Date: 06/04/2020

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What the future holds

It never really ends
Just sort of twists and unfolds
Never ever cured
Just under control
Someday he'll kill me
Or the both of us I suppose
If she's lucky
She'll be spared the worst
Cause in reality
No one is.

future,  holds.

Author: Blake Bourland
Date: 06/04/2020

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My past, My present, My future

It's a rich kid party


Author: S
Date: 06/04/2020

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Thinking in the Future Tense

All the time, defined by enemy lines,
And all that's on my mind is lies
On lies
On lies

Tough fight!
Heavy eyes!
God given rights!

I wanna be someone that you believe
That you'll believe
That you believe in

I wanna hear something that I think
You'll mean
Even though you think, right now,
You couldn't possibly mean it

future,  tense,  thinking.

Author: Alexander Albrecht
Date: 05/04/2020

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129: Throwing The Future Away

It's been a long time
The words still rhyme
Sometimes I change
Being a little strange
I have myself to blame
But the World is still the same

There are still wars being fought
Where peace should be taught
Still racism that is never right
All equal be us native Indian, black or white
Still children the victim of pain
Facing abuse time and time again

Still this world is left screaming
We ignore it and just go on dreaming
Once the air was pure and clean
Now polluted from man and machine
New problems we give Earth each day
We are throwing our future away

Copyright Chris Smith 2008

future,  throwing.

Author: Chris Smith Dark Poet Soul
Date: 04/04/2020