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Galaxy of my life

Dear Honey,

You came to my life like light of million stars. ‎
Slowly and sweetly removing my scars.
Like a creator you filled my spaces.
Forgotted myself with your loving embraces,
On my head you are shining like crown,
My life is not mine it's your own. ‎
Whenever I lift my eyes I want see you,
My Honey I love you. ‎

galaxy,  life.

Author: Sheik Hazi
Date: 17/03/2020

№ 1171247

Undiscovered Galaxy

Traveling the world upon your hazzy skies engulfed in lustrous plumbs.
My lusting of your branches carries us across the galaxy, basking in your rays barreling into my solor powered eyes. Astroids plummeting through space to the rythem of our hearts, dancing in robotic trances among our union. Starships orbiting our rings for all eternity to our guide through wonderous star showers, distributing perfectness among a
World unconquerable

galaxy,  undiscovered.

Author: DaRk IcE
Date: 02/03/2020

№ 1166133

Your Galaxy

I see constellations within your eyes that keep me warm, and dream of being wrapped within your galaxy, inside your arms. I want to be your moon at its highest high, that calls to you like the rough waves tide. You are the reasons stars exist, a fairytale feeling I cannot resist. A pathetic poetic way to spill my heart, like an open vein, that only gushes metaphors and thoughts... and bitter sweet nothings only your ears can hear, your mouth can taste, your heart only can feel. A Demigod forced to live within fallen grace, with a sinner who could never perfect her place. I know inside, what I wish for your eyes to seek, will truly never be. 
That may just be the death of me.


Author: Venny
Date: 27/02/2020

№ 1165003

My Galaxy

Your words crash over me like a tidal wave, and its taking me every ounce of willpower to behave. Your Intelligence is what drawed me in, your smile told me you'd be my favorite sin. Your eyes capture the beautiful colors of the stormy sea, and I'm ready for your stormy waters to come and drown me in all of your chaotic beauty

I want to feel your warm embrace as you pierce into my psyche with the intensity of a thousand suns in your gaze,
I want to explore every inch of you from body, soul, to your mysterious ways.
Even with the slight brush of your skin I can feel the stars collide and the cosmos emplode so violently the sky's shudder under its quake,
All these emotions and passion that I lost so long ago pouring in and causing my stomach to Ache.

Your soul is something so tragically and achingly divine that no human shall ever hold a candle to let alone deserve what you are,
Your movement flows like a river, steps quake the earth, and smile shines brighter then any Star.
I wish to hold your heart close to my chest and feel its rhythmic pulse as I set out to learn all of your secrets and fantasies.
I hold you high in my world but it would still bring you no justice, because fuck those who choose to make people their worlds for you my dear are my entire Galaxy.


Author: Jinx
Date: 26/02/2020

№ 1155058

Galaxy section A31-5.1

I'm banking on the fact
That we aren't really lost.
I'm waiting for the signs
To pull us from the dark.
We can return to our shack
That's buried by the trees.
Drink all night
Until we're rolling through the leafs.


For a second alone with you

My world exists inside your hands.

I feel every star collide.

As both our eyes expand.

The heat is on our skin
The chills are in our bones.
You my dear are a wanderer
But you my dear are home.


Author: Bor ehgit
Date: 17/02/2020

№ 1154195

Alexy Galaxy

You're the boy who changed his name for me
I'm glad to see you changed it back
It's been a long time
My hair is growing back
From when I chopped off
All the parts I dyed black


Author: Galaxy Lineberger
Date: 16/02/2020

№ 1146887

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Author: shireliiy
Date: 09/02/2020

№ 1117981

Galaxy of Thought

I am celestial, my mind is
Like that of a galaxy where
Thoughts spread out.

Each a burning star a thought,
Burning bright around it.
Gases of what could be, but
Not formed to that which it
Should become.

My thoughts are vast, some are
Solid, that are a part but not a
Whole. A burning thought that
Burns bright in this galaxy of
Thought, that is my mind.

galaxy,  thought.

Author: Poetic T
Date: 14/01/2020