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The view from the top of the parking garage

I'm not sure if anyone in this city
Maybe this is common in other cities too
When you put your hoody on late at night
Feel the slightly biting summer midnight cold
Walk through campus, mellowingly meandering
Walk through the parking garage
Run your skin along the rough concrete
Break the musty depression
Of the still air in the stiller garage
To enter the outer top floor
Let the clouds settle and the moon to become free
In the distance, you can see the fig settle on the mountains
Theres such a calming reassurance
In knowing that nature is always just a little jog away
Even when surrounded by concrete
Even when surrounded by unfamiliarity
You can always breath just a little bit of the sight in
And know that everything might just be okay in the morning

garage,  parking,  top,  view.

Author: Blue Flask
Date: 03/02/2020

№ 1123043


It is noisome
But rather unnoticed.
Easily remembered scents;
Sawdust and masculinity.


Author: liz
Date: 19/01/2020

№ 1095922

Christmas at The Garage

T'was just before Christmas and I went down to the garage
To have my old car looked at by a fellow known as "Sarge"
He said I need tires and my wipers weren't so hot
My hoses all were leaking and my muffler was shot
The repairs just kept on coming and I saw a sparkle in his eyes
He was counting all my money, he was the devil in disguise
I told him "Thanks, but I would go and get another look"
Before I signed for his repair list and I was on the hook
So I went on to my friend's place to see what he could do
We've been friends for nearly 30 years... since 1982.
His mechanic took it out back and while he had it on the hoist
I saw a woman at the counter, looking rather moist
She said my car is leaking there's a hole that must be filled
I thought that if Rob had a coffee, it'd most certainly be spilled
A girl came in and she told Rob her boyfriend had loose nuts
And whenever he was driving her, they slid into the ruts
Rob stepped back, grinned a bit as he was looking down her front
And from where I stood behind her I could almost see her
Donation to the Angel tree that was standing in the corner
A door opened, a breeze blew in, and there was no time to warn her
Her skirt blew up, exposing her tattoo of some sprigs of holly
And Rob came round and covered her just like Sir Walter Raleigh
I'm sorry miss, for I did look when your skirt was lifted
And I must say, you made my night, for my drive shaft has shifted
And then a man came through the door and said "My name is Nick"
"I've problems with my reindeer and I need them seen to quick"
Rob said "we work on cars here sir, I can fix tires or a hose"
"It's nothing major son, I need a bulb for Rudolph's nose"
"It doesn't stay on like it should and the other deer get frantic"
"And I can't risk it going out when I'm over the Atlantic"
"So, if you would replace it now with something nice and bright"
"I'd pay you well for all your time and for aiding in my plight"
Rob stepped up, fixed Rudolph's nose and said "This one's on me"
"And for all work done in my shop you get a guarantee"
We all stood round as Santa left, for we new that it was him
For he left us each a candy cane in a metal alloy rim
And as we watched him fly away, I'm sure we heard him yell
"There's mistletoe tattooed on her too, but... where I'll never tell! "

christmas,  garage.

Author: Roger Turner - Poet
Date: 25/12/2019

№ 970162

March Moon Over George's Garage

The near half moon,
Low in the eastern sky,
Like a god-given teardrop,
For we who can't cry.
It sits on the cheek
Of a darkening light;
A tear such as this
Is cold comfort at night.

garage,  george,  march,  moon.

Author: Francie Lynch
Date: 02/09/2019

№ 959218


Gurrrrrr Raj!!!
Get your Oil Changed
And How!
Nasty Prince!!!

The Kind
The Kind
The Kind
That Epic Poems
Are Written About
A Love So Real
That Going To Hell
To share that Heart
Once Again
And Play the Sounds
Of Comforting Music
Is The Very Gratitude
Of the Soul
For Its Beloved

Shall We Only Bring
Heaven to the Good
Or Shall the Greater Majesty
Be in Service
To All that Is


Author: KathleenAMaloney
Date: 23/08/2019

№ 958431

The Highs and Lows of Parking Garage Love

We scream and swoop
Down the stairs of
The parking garage.
It's winter out,
Chilly yet warm,
Altogether great.
I remember
The monkey-hops
We made, excited
By the prospect of
I recollect
The dino-growls
We spoke in, enthralled
By the feeling of
We are
The arctic air
Goose-prickled my
Face, my legs, my
Mind and my soul.
Things were different, then,
Demons hid in the
White and pearly dust.
We wanted a race
But got a contest
"How cold could you be? "
The snow was tumbling
While we were rumbling
With imagination restrained.
Let children be children
And always be children,
As adult comes so fast;
Too fast,
Too fast,
You were gone too fast.

garage,  highs,  love,  lows,  parking.

Author: Hands
Date: 22/08/2019

№ 945871

~garage world~

It is my
Intention to
Collect the world
Old and new
And store it all
In my garage
All the ends
With all the odds
One piece
One treasure
At a time
Until the world's
Entirely mine
Then i will sit
With all i've got
And enjoy the world
In my garage


Author: Mike Hauser
Date: 11/08/2019

№ 906739

Work in the garage

The disparity of happiness
Between blue collared men with
From lunch (or anywhere else)
& the mixed up, excessive-
Lyelling (who are so close to anger
That the shaking sycophantic splattered bursts live in my mind's eye)

Is fucked.
I'd rather drive a truck.

garage,  work.

Author: Richard j Heby
Date: 07/07/2019