Poems about gazebo

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The gazebo

Too cold. For April.
But we took a walk because we're just young and in love, starving for time together.

The ice and snow beat us in the face, clinging to our eyelashes, interrupting our smiles with spits and sputters.

It was cold, too cold. But we held each other close, a fire between our hearts.

Then we went to the gazebo where we simply spoke beautiful words to one another, just us. Our arms were wrapped around one another, clinging like we would never hold each other again.

I told you something, admitted even. It hit me hard, I almost cried. That's when you spoke sweetly to me, hugged me slightly tighter, and kissed me ever so gently.

But I remember the pinky promise.


Author: Olivia A Keaton
Date: 12/10/2019

№ 994001


There's a place where ivy grows too thick
Spilling over wooden walls of white lattice
It stands on a platform of grey brick
Where fireflies wallow in a luminous status

In the night, the lights give off a hazy glow
It traps the sounds of laughter and lust
Where daytime fades and shadows grow
Where a lovely sigh becomes a windy gust

In the morning the leaves whisper secrets
And the flowers listen in with open ears
And the dirt stays moist and weedless
So the vines creep up from cloud's tears

That beautiful hideaway we used to share
I'll always remember what we had there
Now summer arrives and you hardly care
And you'll never love me, you'll never dare

But at least I still have my gazebo
It's roomier without you


Author: Olivia Ventura
Date: 24/09/2019

№ 958045


Will you shelter
This old soul
From the whiskey--
Rain of the bluffs?

Will you keep me here
In this warm embrace
From all of the failure
Of the realest reality

I jumped into
Your red boards
It felt good
Like sex or something


Author: Sam Stone Grenier
Date: 22/08/2019

№ 822436

A Face, a Gazebo, Where the Wind Blows

A place, a placebo, a flamingo
Wild hares fairly mild smile here
Far to fear apart or for a pair fair
In middle age daze muddle subtle ways
Ground upside down around highest lows slow
Can't quite quit quietly can he Candy?
Arrested development for the hell of it Elvis, as if
We got told to see old brought bought taught and sold
I'm fine dying blind behind the kind mind kinda trying to
But who's what where we once were when we had a how?

blows,  face,  gazebo,  wind.

Author: Azrael-Always
Date: 21/04/2019

№ 289931


On the ruined side of town
From an old unsettled score

1970s melodies drift

Shadowlines shift
In love's unfinished war
Lay the greatness of your time
In a hollow bend by a tree of skin
And bones
Under air tides of sea
And summer duets


Author: Brian O'blivion
Date: 24/12/2017

№ 103900


A park bench
A gazebo in the middle of a circle of a keyhole
Like a teapot centrefold
Three dance inside of it- bright hair
And nowhere else to go
Passing around a single thin cigarette
My ankles have goosebumps

A streetlamp that creates the illusion
That the night isn't setting in
And yet beyond the gazebo the sky looks
Like it would smell like lavender
And "seaside"
The buildings and buses all let of orange yellow glows
I'm getting too cold
The wind really gets up under my coat
This time


Author: Mary Correia
Date: 09/07/2017