Poems about geese


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Geese Eggs

Is there a doctor in the house?
I think I'm having southern withdrawl symptoms
Shakes and such
Brain a blubbering mess
Why give one so much feeling
If they can't get rid of it healthily?
Too much for one body to handle
Maybe throw in another personality
Nothing bad ever happend
Just a technical problem during manufacturing
A wire connected wrong
Or not connected at all
Amygdala super sensitive
Looking for comfort in wrong places
Stupid faces
Blazing aces
Therapists are kind but really need a map
Words only convey so much
Can't help if they can't understand
Whose fault is that?
Probably the broken robot
Doesn't speak in proper vernacular
Accustomed to being freakish and safe
Greasing joints with vodka
Circuit boards of tofu scramble
Electric feed back every once in a while
When I cough
Perhaps new meds will calm overactive internal reactions
Or maybe being all vulnerable to candy hearted young men
Spilling secrets and insecurities to friends
But they'll all leave
Europeans had no problem taking over lands
Staying with natives
Eating their foods
But if the natives had shared their deepest secrets and feelings
Pilgrims would have gladly returned home for persecution
Than to put up with an emotional Squanto.

eggs,  geese.

Author: Matalie Niller
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1176659

I geese'd my goose

In the bin I buttered her up
I thought funny for I find loony
Insane but never duck her incoming flight
Nor pluck any downy plumage stuck
I elongate my neck
Even when temporarily flightless
With grog of fish
My wide beak grins
Holding slippery food items
But, geese are rather appealing,
I squack,
So out again,
Of it,
I extend my breast proud...

geese,  goose.

Author: wordvango
Date: 07/03/2020

№ 1142973

Following the Geese

I sat by the window

My soul fused
With all I saw

A day will come
When we fly away

Following the Geese
And the Sun


Author: nivek
Date: 06/02/2020

№ 1139125

Conspiring Swans Plot Amongst The Reeds with Jabbering Ducks Against The Geese

A desiccated brown leaf remembering greener days,
Summersaults stem over end into the exposed cold dirt softened somewhat in demeanor by the grass and radiant shafts
The geese and ducks squawk and honk in the distance
Congratulating each other for the day's richness
And the way the sun feels on their proud beaks
Glinting off the water in its way
A shimmering band
A princely golden carpet forever unrolling and yet complete
The sun's spindle weaves gems of light into a gossamer web
Laid glittering across the water
A vision for Moses
Who saw the true path through the sea
Fireworks Forever exploding sunlight
Gifted to the eye on clear liquid canvas
The wind ripples the waves
Wrinkles pushed along
Foaming in the sand
Little Kisses
On the grainy cheek
Star Flashes Communicating ancient patterns
Secrets of Existence Coming in Morse code, Fibonacci Sequencing,
Sacred Geometry in Twinkling Motion
Individual explosions blinking on a natural switchboard
Telling the architectural answer
Manifesting the blueprint
To only every reason why
The Last Leaf sings in the Breeze, swinging

conspiring,  ducks,  geese,  plot,  reeds,  swans.

Author: Universal Thrum
Date: 02/02/2020

№ 1123748

Do Geese See God? (10W)

I cannot see myself
Marrying an atheist
Inside a Church. *

© 2015 J. S. P

geese,  god.

Author: Jeffrey Pua
Date: 19/01/2020

№ 1098768


The curious activity of men/women

Makes me wonder precisely when

Both will learn how to conjoin

With rabbits, geese, bull and lion.

Talking incessantly like birds,

Roaring like lions. However absurd!

Snapping like crocodiles

Or habitually waiting in human files,

Torturing like cats

Water-boarding rats,

Rolling like logs

Snarling like dogs.

Snorting like pigs

Gobbling up figs

In everyone an animal lurks

Whether saints or jerks!

bull,  geese,  lion,  rabbits.

Author: Stanley Wilkin
Date: 28/12/2019

№ 1023846

Black Geese Haiku

Watching paired black geese
Flying in cold winter winds
Each as me, one love

black,  geese,  haiku.

Author: Jim Davis
Date: 21/10/2019

№ 982999


Before sleep, I hear their ghosts
Across the dark, as the air blues
Into the cold hour
Up there beneath Orion
They trace a glint of water
Locked to the lodestone of their fragile skulls
Their winter mother calling them home
Crying Mersey, Mersey

geese,  night.

Author: john lindsay
Date: 14/09/2019