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My Goal (11w)

I hope to be half as wonderful
As you see me to be.


Author: Tessa F
Date: 04/04/2020

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The Impossible Goal

The horizon is the impossible goal.

* It is the goal of trying to catch up with the sun, trying to surpass the infinite boundary that exists only from the limitations of the eye.

* It is the goal that takes years of labor and toil, and when it seems like it will soon be over, it always sets itself further out of reach.

* It is the goal, simple and straightforward at present, but winding and demanding the further along the path one goes.

* It is the goal that must be undertaken alone, regardless of how many are on the path with you.

* It is the goal that is always present, even in times of rest, the one that looms over you, stalking you like prey, hunting you when you aren't hunting it.

* It is the goal whose journey many have taken, but none have returned from.

* It is the goal which, after having been attained, is rumored to reward you in ways that will continue to manifest far into the future.

It is the goal that you can never attain, and yet you must cross the horizon.
It is the goal that you must attain, and yet you can never cross the horizon.

* You can never cross the horizon, only perpetuate the hunt for what lies over it.

* You can never cross the horizon, and you constantly remind yourself of this when you insanely continue to run through the toil of the process.

* You can never cross the horizon, but in the quest for it, you are forced to make alliances, work with others to catapult yourselves across the same goal.

* You can never cross the horizon, but the effort to do so leaves you with a stronger sense of self, knowing how you react in the face of adversity, and understanding how the journey shapes you.

* You can never cross the horizon, yet you refuse to quit when each trial bends the bones of your back, when every step shreds the skin on your feet, when the heat cooks and boils your brain, when all the nerves in your being direct your heart to stop, except that one, that lonely one, that one which refuses to quit.

* You can never cross the horizon, and as the sun shrinks deeper, the hunt becomes more and more desperate with every step.

* You can never cross the horizon; in trying, you will only exhaust all of the resources and time that is given to you, all of the energy and strength that was left in you, and all of the creativity and ingenuity that was built in you.

You can never cross the horizon.

Until you do.

And when you cross the horizon...

*The rest is up to you to write...

goal,  impossible.

Author: Jack Rosette
Date: 15/03/2020

№ 1180133

Journey's goal; journey's end

Hopeless for heaven
Fearless of hell

The goal to live with a little gratitude
While aware of despair -

Life but a moment to remember
While death alas lasts forever -

Though I recognize gratitude can be
A hard sell

Because tragedy lurks and this is certain:

Our journey will not end well.

goal,  journey.

Author: Todd Witherell
Date: 10/03/2020

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#goal part 5

My highest ambition, hopefully my forever joy.
In my goal and sweat, my proudest.
I choose to point it back to you.

I am feeling movement as you rise
And I sink in the ocean depth.


I will swim


Author: Poieinbroidery
Date: 01/03/2020

№ 1165582

The Goal

I want to give you something
You've never seen before
That gives you chills and makes you think
Ideas which you can't ignore


Author: Tiffany
Date: 26/02/2020

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Reality/Goal (10w)

Dreamer until I die/Doer as I am still alive.

goal,  reality.

Author: tl b
Date: 13/02/2020

№ 1142254

On this world leave your mark, it's your goal from the start.

A shallow grave,
Dug but three feet deep,
Waiting for the brave.
Burry them alive!
It's time for their demise.

On this world leave your mark,
It's your goal from the start.

Watch the horizon,
As it drains the light from the sky.
Makes me think it's my time to die,
But I push on, and still survive.

Sleepless nights.
Without courage, we're all cowards.
No such thing as safety,
Not in this world.

We all stand, exposed.
In our houses, not homes,
With every inch of our being,
Left vulnerable.
For the world will leave its mark on us,
Branding us in death,
When we have nothing left.
Stealing out last breath,
In this world, life, is death.

goal,  leave,  mark,  start.

Author: Elemenohp
Date: 05/02/2020

№ 1130529

Losing Goal

The silly urge poisons my blood and seeps through my skin
But my past is screaming violently that I musnt let you in
I've set myself up for disaster seven times, too many
It seems as if true love doesn't enjoy my company
Knowing that it's wrong makes for it to be right
For a girl of experience I'm not too bright
I know if I open my heart to you again
My love for you would become a sin
Oh when will I ever win

goal,  losing.

Author: Agnis Lynota
Date: 26/01/2020