Poems about gods


№ 1210355

3#: the gods amongst men

Save me from this life
Like you have done
Many a time
If i listen to our old songs,
Will they summon you?
If i scream them from the peak of my lungs
Until they tire
Until they burst
And my throat scorched
Will you come back?

Perhaps in pieces, your life has been an open window
Or a poem, open for everyone's interpretation
Or just the grey matter of the dead
And the maggots are feasting
And your toes are cold
The snake's lies, how they got you here
And humans never listens to me
It's the lack of fear

gods,  men.

Author: greyhound thief
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1203896

Gods & monsters

I tried flying towards the sun, but it only made me fall.
I miss the golden warmth it gave, the ocean makes me bawl.
My skin is stung by salt, washing out my wounds.
Is this the fault of fate, or not having any control?
I just wanted a sunny stroll, but i guess im taking the toll.

amp,  gods,  monsters.

Author: Katie
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203074

The ones who own the demi-gods

Even though i don't understand,
I've watched him love you hard.

I've felt Olympus shake and i've
Created supernovas on his behalf,
Steadied my arrows and called out to my galaxies-
But, consistently, he quells me quiet and it's always then that i see it-
The warrior he is demands he doesn't give up on a battle
And Ares has been chasing Aphrodite too long to set a better example and i
Hate to say it
But it's alarmingly beautiful.

Father may have made a star,
But that lionheart made you a sun.

I have long preached that perfection takes time,
That my mother has a love so pure and perfect set aside for her,
But her heart caught on you.

War is love and love is war -
She has weathered battles in your name and each time i try to end the fight,
Lay the final blow
She quiets my furies
With a hand on my chest and music in my ears.

Apollo has been chasing dawn too long to teach the lesson of patience,
But you were her dawn and mornings aren't the same, anymore.

She sings songs of you at daybreak
And i hum songs of war.
She pretends she isn't missing her star.
I try not to miss the sun.

demi,  gods.

Author: Day
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1198344

Gods, Men, and Catacombs

The pitfalls and pendulums,
Humans saying that indulging their cruelty
Persecuting the heretics, was the will of
The one true god.
Was gods will, truly present?
During these times of cruelty and persecution.
Towards those who committed no less a crime,
Than worshiping the god or gods of their region of the world.
As inquisitors raped and pillaged the land in the name of god.
As they torched and burned through the villages,
Screaming burn the heretics, the whole way through.
It seems humanity even in this day and age,
Still, can persecute under false gods names.
From the modern societies of man
To third world places locked away.
Humanity still,
Kills in gods names.


catacombs,  gods,  men.

Author: Vexren4000
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1198177

City of gods and Poets

Only gods could have built this city.
The tall buildings do not make you small;
They were built with the spirits of men
And they build a fire within mine.

I feel as if I can shout as high as they,
My words can carry their weight.
I am empowered,
My breath is fire.

The spirit of mankind is in this city,
And it will only grow:
It will fill every soul who looks toward sky
And sees himself standing there.

In this city is a fire,
That will burn the world.

city,  gods,  poets.

Author: Benjamin Woolley
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1195048

Snake Gods

Courtyard blessed with snake Gods
Under the large plumeria tree
With its yellowish white flowers
Sitting there in the world of my imagination
Conversing with the disparate designed snakes
Came to visit their King with Queen God
King was in golden colour with his head high
Queen in her attic of red with black lines
Wearing garlands of corn marigold flowers
Offerings made by devotees
Tender coconut, turmeric powder,
Rice pudding with rice cake
Blessing them pleased with their devotion
Turned towards me to convey their heartfelt joy
In furtherance of visiting their
Kingdom with respect to nature
Giving them a space with devotion in this nasty world

gods,  snake.

Author: Prathipa Nair
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1191297

(Our Media Gods)

Our Media Gods with their All-Knowing Eyes
Blinding our sight, pumping out lies
Snow-filled screen set to hypnotize-
Keeping us mesmerized
By the pretty colors all flying by

Feeding us shit in saccharine splendor
With its paper tiger prophets
And consumer agenda
Flaccid talk shows and 'Reality' TV-
They're only showing what they want us to see

Sensationalism sells!
And they gotta push pills!
Trying to 'cure', or kill, or frighten away
Any desire to go out and play-
And why bother? It's safer inside,
They tell us it's true!
Now don't go anywhere, it's time for the News...

gods,  media.

Author: CoffeeInfused
Date: 21/03/2020

№ 1185790

The Limit of Gods Love

Gods love has no border
It is an ocean with no shore
A universe with no ending
An opening with no door

It has no edge to mark
No line where its complete
It is an endless depth
It has no bounds to keep

No wall can hold it back
No river is too wide
Gods love is always reaching
Even through the tears you've cried

Forever it carries on
Into the great abyss
Never has man known
A love such as this

gods,  limit,  love.

Author: Robert Blankenship
Date: 16/03/2020