Poems about gold


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Fool's gold

Don't be fooled by these jerk offs that you're their gold.

fool,  gold.

Author: Deepening Wells
Date: 05/04/2020

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Cinnamon and Gold

I sing no songs of mystic whales
I find no ultimate harmony
In the balance of caribou and wolves
I do not proclaim the salvation
Of man in the wisdom of the wild
The law of nature is a cruel knife
And I know the dark underside of the woods
Is the death by rending of all who
Live in its green halls
Except that one creature who chose
To walk concrete passageways
And live by the hum
Of his own constructs
I do not begrudge my ancestors their choice
To flee the ruthless machinery of nature
And seek a longer life
In a world of straight lines
And unnatural light
Why then does my soul fill up with peace
When I watch the sun set
In a sky brushed with
Cinnamon and gold?

cinnamon,  gold.

Author: David Hill
Date: 01/04/2020

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A little story (Gold = Wisdom)

I was cursed with wisdom
From the moment I was born
In this shiny and deadly prison
Which they all call it вАШ'the world''

Since the day I've learnt to know
I aimed to buy back my freedom
The price was high, and tended to grow
It's a greedy and corrupt kingdom

They all asked me for money
And I offered them my gold
They said it has no value...
I said вАШ'it has more than you can hold! ''

I just wanted to leave this madness
Before time ends, and I'm too old
And stop to breathe this blackness
This sadness, rust and cold.

Now, I'm old and careless...
And I've failed my very goal,
But you my son, do not be reckless,
Chose faster, live mindful and take control.

gold,  story,  wisdom.

Author: Capatina Crinu-Petru
Date: 01/04/2020

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Aura of Gold

Why does my soul feel hollow?
Why is it difficult to breathe?
Why is it bile that I swallow?
When it's only you I see

I want to fill my soul
With petals of pink and green
And have an aura of gold
Surrounding me, heaven-serene

But your eyes melt like wax
My warm and giving heart
My white flag stands at half-mast
You pull and tear me apart

I'm standing at a crossroads
If I stay, I'll wilt like a rose
Or, I can choose to run far away, down paths and unknown roads
And hope and pray that it all will end in lyrical, elegant prose

aura,  gold.

Author: Red Starr
Date: 31/03/2020

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More than just gold

They always say that
"Nothing gold can stay. "
I remember a couple of years ago
When the sun set for the day,
And the golden flames' absence
Made the night seem much too long.
I wanted the stars and the tears
To pass
And I held my own hand.
But the sun came back
And peaked through my blinds, saying hello.
I knew I had another day
And I was stronger.
I remember having a bad dream one night:
My parents were in a room full of nothing
Having an awful fight.
I awoke with fear,
My mind in a wreck. I thought they were done,
But my nightmares weren't right--nowhere near.
That morning at breakfast,
I saw her golden ring.
It sat comfortably on her left ring finger
As she smiled at my father like he was an angel,
But without wings.
Maybe I've been lucky
To see the sun's golden rays
Shine in the morn until the end of the days,
And maybe it's not so common
For that golden circle to stay on most hands,
And perhaps peoples' lives don't always go as planned

But trust me when I say,
"I've seen that gold can stay. "


Author: sw
Date: 30/03/2020

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Fool's Gold

I used to make believe
In the stability of unity
And unified individually

Until the knot came undone
And I hung a hairsbreadth
Above oblivion

We built up Rome in a day
And for a while it was great
But I should have known
Easy come, easy go
You're gilded and I was sold
So we glimmered like fool's gold

Just Like fool's gold

I used to make believe
You and I were lost
Interchangeably and there
Was a surety in security
But gold's just rust in training
And all time's wasted waiting

But you're not waiting any more

We built up Rome in a day
And for a while it was great
But I should have known,
Easy come, easy go
You were gilded, I was sold
And we glittered like fool's gold
So it's no surprise I find
That I'm better off alone

Should have known from the start
You cried easy and came hard
You were gilded, I was sold
It was nothing but fool's gold

fool,  gold.

Author: J C Lucas
Date: 29/03/2020

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Gold Rush

We have let go of our frantic lust
For the shiny metal in the Sacramento hills.
It was hard for my grandfather,
In coming west on horse and with wagon,
Dragging a family across the pimpled skin
Of the young land, to help John Sutter
Build his new empire.
He then found that his dream of good land
For ranching was subverted with easy gold.

Grandfather's first home on the bank of the river:
A tule hut, or grass hut, left behind by
Mi-wuk Indians, who wandered with
The elk and circulated with the
Wonderment of passing stars;
No regard for what shined beneath them.

It's in the luring poems and the stories that the
Old California adventure comes back to us.
No one longer builds much with grass,
And cannot so easily pick out fortunes
By following the earth's deep cracks.

Some would walk away from jobs and cities,
Bulging packs strapped on shoulders,
And head up through the openings
And narrowings of the valleys,
And into the foothills of the Sierras.
Camp beside virgin trout holes
And dip into the riffled water
At the edge of perfect green mirrors:
To find what is precious and become
Free from the cycle of the frantic lust.

gold,  rush.

Author: Tom McCubbin
Date: 28/03/2020

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An Illusion - Every Poet has a Heart of Gold

Not so long ago
In this land of Poetry
You see

I was Used, Abused
And Misused
And like that wasn't

I was then Stripped, Ripped
And Flipped
Stomped, Cursed
And Kicked

And finally,
Finally when I thought
They were done with me

Well this ringleader,
Mr. So and So
His pride
Must've been really sore
Not exactly sure why though
He wasn't satisfied
Until he gave me more

gold,  heart,  illusion,  poet.

Author: sunprincess
Date: 26/03/2020