Poems about goodbye


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An artful sigh whispers a heartfelt goodbye


I wish I wasn't writing this
I had something else to say, but
Yesterday turned into Tomorrow
And I'm reluctant to come and play

I don't usually explain my Poetry
But I no longer have 'the gift'
No longer have I the emotions
Eternal despair has caused a rift

So I'll whisper my meanings to you
All my words mean nothing to me
Just what I gathered from the universe
I'm an Empath, you see

I can no longer hold
All your feelings
In my heart
I can no longer
Cry for you
Laugh with you
Or sit silently
As you fill me
With emotions
I can't cope with
I never wanted this
From the start

But I never denied you

So this is *Goodbye
Let go of my hand
Unwrap your arms
From beneath my soul

Don't cry for me
Or laugh at me
Or catch your breath
Or try to see
Where I'm going,
You can't follow me

My journey is ended

The price...


artful,  goodbye,  heartfelt,  sigh,  whispers.

Author: Helen
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209830


The first time I saw you
After I left without a goodbye
Was the first time my heart fluttered.

And I hoped that I would see you again
But my heart dropped
Because I knew that was our unspoken goodbye.

W. H. Y


Author: ConstantEscape
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209762

Untitled Goodbye-Your Eyes

Ever since you left me alone by phone
Saying goodbye I haven't been the same,
In your endless dark eyes
That would glow with so much light
You left me without a lit candle
Lost in the darkest plight.
Yours were the softest small hands,
And your short brown hair so bouncy
With a playful touch to all the strands,
And such beautiful boyish eyes,
I could see a lot of tenderness in them.
But you left me in the dark, here,
To play a dismal part, desperate for love,
Whether you were far or near,
You were like sunshine I longed for,
But I never received your warmth.
This is now my darkest hour,
Watch as I am taken down by this storm,
You stand there from a distance, it's not
Unlike watching someone get banished
Without a trace, longing for one chance
To for once even look at your smooth
Vixen face. But your visage so sweet
Was but an idea, more like a dream,
So when or if I wake up... *

I will still never again be free.

eyes,  goodbye,  untitled.

Author: Alan S Bailey
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208959

Goodbye Friends

For a while now
It's been clear just how you feel
I will no longer raise a brow
The way you've made me feel is very real.
Even after my deepest thoughts and “sorry”
You still choose to put the blame on me.
Told I've become too distant
Although I'm always a click away
You could've reached me in an instant.
I do best to remind you I'm still your friend
I do my best to remind you I still exist
But I think after today
My attempts will desist.
I shouldn't even be trying for you like so -
As you wouldn't even notice I've let go.
It has been painfully long now,
So long I've been alone.

I'm sorry friends,
But this is where our story ends.
Among you, my best friend used to be
But now it's so easy to see
I've been replaced,
My dear old friends have no more need for me

friends,  goodbye.

Author: TeeCrush
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208940


You can't live life this way
Your going to burn out one day
On the narrow path you must stay
Then everything will be okay

I crave the joy of the thrill
Always pushing up a steep hill
I can't walk away from the fight
Refuse to go quietly in the night

Your stubborness will kill you soon
Living life like some kind of goon
Fight if you must, but I will go
What will become of you I don't know

I cannot change who I am inside
No matter how much you will deride
Leave now friend and don't come back
Your presence here is an attack

Now you are gone and I'm alone
To sit upon my hollow throne
Now that I've it to the end
I have to say I miss you friend

We've become two different people
Both changed in way not equal
Nothing left to talk about
Your fight filled you with doubt

Don't walk away from friends who care
Friends who care are always rare
Now off into the distance stare
And ponder that forgotten tear


Author: Brennen William Nesbitt
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208929


I don't want to talk, and I don't want to speak, Everything you have say, well you could let that be, I'm not blind to see, where this will lead, to save to myself from further pain i have to leave, but before I go, we'll you should know,

I will always loveeee you.


Author: Jaji
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208079

A goodbye song

Leaving a place is heavy
As heavy as carrying an ocean of memories
You do not know which to leave behind
So you keep them all-
Every single memory
Of you.

Warm salt water
Runs down my cheeks
Onto my chin
And drips away.

One tear drop at a time,
I remember
I hold onto
I want to dive into
Our time, us,

Something comes loose inside,
Gives way to a tide that has been dormant,
Every emotion
That you gave me
Comes alive

The familiarity and yet strangeness
Breaks me into pieces.
I fall apart,
Crumbling into cascading.

goodbye,  song.

Author: Tessa
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207180

I Say Goodbye, You Say Forgotten

I say goodbye,
And I know you already forgotten about me.

Because you know prettier girls,
Than I could ever be.

And I keep going back to you,
Like the fruit on a poisonous tree.

forgotten,  goodbye.

Author: TheDaisyDancer
Date: 04/04/2020