Poems about goodness


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The goodness of the good

And what does it matter

What we do

Or who we are

When even the good

Die the same death?

And why should i bother

To be good

Only for a legacy

That will be forgotten with time?

good,  goodness.

Author: orangesherbet
Date: 15/03/2020

№ 1152005


" I knocked at your door,
I was asked not to come back anymore.
I broke his little girls heart.
No time to explain what drove us apart.
I fled quickly due to the anger in his eyes,
His harsh tone of voice as you looked from your window,
And me waving my goodbye's.
Running to my home feeling safe in my room.
A framed picture of you on my wall.
I just had to make a call.
A desperate need to unleash my sorrow
To mend the heart of his baby girl.
The third ring he picked up, and said, "hello"
I replied "Sir, it's me Angelo. "
"Please listen to my explanation, it's one to be heard.
To belittle your daughter in our childish crowd, as she ran away
I brought the bully to the curb.
A lesson was learned here, and only good comes out of bad.
I was part of that terrible act.
My apologize's from all, for we all hold the feeling of sad. "
She will be protected by me when she's out of your company.
Cause the picture of her on my wall means a great deal to me. "...

bad,  goodness,  trumps.

Author: Micahel De Tomasso
Date: 14/02/2020

№ 1151667


On that bright day his mind was unusually calm
He stopped by the beggar to offer him some alms
Feeling at peace with himself without a trace of qualm
He took a deep breath, with life he was coming to term.

Goodness he pondered was quite an achievable feat
A small spark that made him offer the old man a seat
Each familiar face he smiled at such easy was to greet
Inside him he grew healthier being good was great benefit.

Why men suffer jealousy fight for one-upmanship
Instead of trading for goodness most precious human keep
Just not burn to earn his food comfort and restful sleep
But live in shining goodness make life a rewarding trip.

Being good with one's own kind he felt wouldn't do
Other lives around him must kindly be treated too
A crumb of bread for the street dog on its head a little pat
Pints of milk and a little care for the weak and ailing cat.

As he walked the road thoughts like these lighted up his face
He found waiting on wayside many things begging goodness
Determined he would reach them all do them a little good
He sprinted along in a sprightly gait his mind in deep brood.

Back home when she opened the door he gave her a broad smile
She glowered a little askance for he hadn't done it a while

*What brings you this sheepish smile what for the elation?
Don't even think you can ever make on me a good impression!


Author: Pradip Chattopadhyay
Date: 14/02/2020

№ 1146377


My goodness is a fraud
My god is much more mod
Yet tawd-
Ry it is too you see...

Christopherson Robin is my g. i. joe
Nickname for the ho?
No! I am jest
Though one who knows not
Cannot know.

This pot of kettle trash talk
I invent and vent


There I went, dent and all.


Author: karen hoose
Date: 09/02/2020

№ 1134137


Spirits do not affect me now.


Author: Elise Jackson
Date: 29/01/2020

№ 1116795

The Goodness of the Day

Oh, the blessings of this earth
Whether the day rains or shines,
Is not each day unique as a being?
While showered in similarities,
Will not each day come only once,
Born to us as one as we are born without the rest?

Oh, the thanksgiving
For such a day as good as this!
Just as we celebrate the goodness found in each person.

day,  goodness.

Author: Alice
Date: 13/01/2020

№ 1090904

Goodness gracious

You're practically begging me to write a poem about you

goodness,  gracious.

Author: Lisa Mendoza
Date: 21/12/2019

№ 1084699

Lord In Your Goodness

Lord in your goodness hear and answer me
My enemies surround me they plot my demise
With wicked words they seek to trap me
Day and night they scheme with evil in their hearts
I fear for my life my safety Oh Lord my God
Lord in your goodness hear and answer me

They lie in the shadows watching and waiting
Waiting for a moment of weakness to pounce
But you my God are my protector in trouble
You are my shield and my strength
Lord in your goodness hear and answer me

I cry out to you come save me from these wolves
Hear my pleas Oh Lord and save me in my distress
Deliver me from my foes and by your right hand guard me
I trust in you God come swiftly to my aid
Lord in your goodness hear and answer me

goodness,  lord.

Author: ShowYouLove
Date: 15/12/2019