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Grandfather Comments on Oatmeal Colored Yarn

The yarn came promptly.
When I started
To use one skein,
I began to pull out
Pieces of yarn about
8-10 inches in length.
About half of the skein
Was made up
Of these short strands.
The next couple of skeins were OK,
But the third
Had broken strands
About every 10 feet.

A bit frustrating
To say the least.

colored,  comments,  grandfather,  oatmeal,  yarn.

Author: Aaron Case
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1155575

Grandfather Clock

Life ticks away...
Like smoke from fire...
Tick! *


clock,  grandfather.

Author: Raphael Uzor
Date: 17/02/2020

№ 1154447

The Great Grandfather Blue Sky

Mohawk truth-sayer
Speak in tongues
To the fire
Speak in tongues
To the wind
Our People
Seek a better place
Seek a better world
Ritual ghost dance
Let us
From the soul of
The spiritual fire
To take us
Higher and higher
Great grandfather blue sky
Native People desire

blue,  grandfather,  great,  sky.

Author: Stu Harley
Date: 16/02/2020

№ 1151161


I went to visit him...
All dry skin and breathing machine
All medicated up, and the nurses were mean.
All cancer ridden but the floors were clean.

All love in his heart but his mind was gone
How did this end up so terribly wrong?

He passed on that next morning.

I got a call from my father mourning.

He said please, i beg you, as I'm on the run
I can't make the funeral so you'll be the one.
I am truly your grandfathers only son
And you are my heart
Please go for me.

I was never very strong
I was always very weak.
And even though i had a future
It was always very bleak

So i ate a klonopin
Before the funeral home
And i hoped i could keep the pain in
Every one was there but i felt alone.

And then my whore mother walked in

And I felt she might attack

So ran out the back
And i ran down the street
My dress flying up, my sneakers quite clashing
My brains boiling my head was bashing.

I stood by the road until the persession ran
By time the cars drove past me i couldn't stand

I climbed in a car
And road to the grave yard.

Time is warped and i dont remember the burrial
I remember the rose... I remember it was april
And i threw it out, of the window.
And it flew like i wished for his soul to fly

I never saw it land...


Author: Mary Magdalene Queen of Queens
Date: 13/02/2020

№ 1150276

Constant Water, My Grandfather

I wake to his whistling
On the couch in the den
His mug full of black coffee
Now empty, he'll get up to fill it again

My grandfather is constant
He has never walked out on me
He has taught me that nonsense
Lies within the person who flees

I have watched him slow with age
His bones have grown weak and frail
I know that he sheds tears offstage
When he looks back on the trials of his tale

My grandfather is water
He flows and ebbs, traveling from place to place
But he has had three otters
To keep him company... just in case

He is a constant imperfect man
Who loves motorcycles and sweets
He's too laid-back to have a plan
But shows up early when we meet

I lie awake and I know he does the same
Staring at the ceiling is one thing we share in common
Sleep has always been like a waiting game
He wishes he could close his eyes more often

My grandfather is constant water
He is changeless and tranquil
I am certain that his love has made me stronger
Even when it appears to be casual

constant,  grandfather,  water.

Author: Allyson Walsh
Date: 12/02/2020

№ 1102033


So much time
Has passed
Since you grabbed me by the shoulders,
And yelled
At me
About stealing money from my parents.

You are the asphalt.
You are the reflectors.
You are the speed limits.
You are the road.

I came to visit you,
When you were laid up in the hospital,
And I felt all right
About crying.

I have been in love
By now,
And you know about it.

Bojangles tastes like happiness
When we sit in the lobby,
Over cajun fries,
And you tell me about
My grandmother.

Because she was so strong
In her love
And you
Were so weak.

"You are my hero, "
I said.

And meant it,
Even now
When I am
And unsure.

Are not paid in full
By the end of the month,
And I have a thousand loan checks to fill in;
But I will pay them in your stern and gentle voice.

I think
That there are some things that I am missing on,
I will never plan
Your funeral.


Author: Waverly
Date: 31/12/2019

№ 1074678

RUNNING THROUGH HISTORY( for Grandfather Sheedy )

RUNNING THROUGH HISTORY( for Grandfather Sheedy )

I, a creature of flesh
& mud.

Mostly mud I
Train... run... running

Across Curragh
Plains... pain... pain.

School cross country
Running is - not:

My forte.

I, being constantly told I
Am not my grandfather.


I plod after grandfather's
Famous footsteps

Inheriting only his calf muscles
But not... his stamina.

I am all skin & bone
Merely my mind keeping me going.

Grandfather Sheedy is
Running on into history.

I, the clod forever
Running after his fame

Into many a Curragh

I run back through

'In the year of the world
4608... '

The Annals of the Four Masters
A running commentary in my mind.

I run through
My mythological past

The ghosts of kings famous
Before time began.

Cobhthack Gael is still
Killing Laoghaire Lore.

He highfives me as I
Stagger past.

St. Brigid casts her cloak
It covers the entire plain.

I greet and thank her
With a wordless nod.

The Curragh Camp of today
Coalescing into being

Thanks to the Crimean

I recite Tennyson to
Startled furze bushes.

'Furze bushes to the left of me
Furze bushes to the right of me... '

Into my mind rides
The 17th Irish Lancers

Leading the Balaclava Charge

Their mascot terrier Jemmy
Following close behind

Barking at the Russian guns

Surviving it all
To roam around where I am

Raoming now.

My Uncle Tossie's
Familiar greeting

'How ya... howya... how ya
Are ya winning... are ya winning! '

Grandfather and Uncle
Balaclava dog & mythological

Kings and saints

All urging me on
Claiming I can do it.

I can & I will
... come... last.

Me the non-runner runner

Driven by

grandfather,  history,  running.

Author: Donall Dempsey
Date: 06/12/2019

№ 1073151

My grandfather

My grandfather Edward
Left home when he was a boy
And changed his last name
In his teens he was arrested for stealing a cow

Then he joined the Air Force and became a photographer
Smoked opium with fishermen
Photographed bombs being dropped

Then he married my grandmother Evelyn
And they had 3 girls
One of them died as an infant
And one was my mom

I remember him as a quiet man
I was very little
He smoked a pipe and carried a pocket knife
He twiddled his thumbs which had no thumbnails

And in 1994 when i was 7
He shot my grandmother in her sleep
Then himself

And i will never forget him.


Author: Graham C Gibbs
Date: 05/12/2019