Poems about grandparents


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Taking my grandparents to a concert

Is an ode
To Hip Hop
To Bob Sop
And Rob Top.
You flop mop the back drop
And sweep the front shack shop.


Listen up gramps and stop licking those stamps cuz I got a bit more for ya then this sweet little dance.

Lemme tell you a story
Of a few men who gotta bit more then glory.
We got 2-PAC, wutang, and snoop Dogg with a ciggie.
Eazy-E, Jay Z, Eminem and Biggie
Outkast to outlast 2000? I mean really.
Ice cube and Cool J won't keep it too hot.
Need a shot for the cold you just caught?
Il throw you a deal- 50 Cent,
And dr. Dre?
He's yours, all yours
But just for the day.
Run Dmc, busta rhymes, slick rick, and tech nine
Oh! And a tribe called quest.
Alright. Ok.
Il give it a rest.
Dear gramps. Dear grams.
Just want you to know
These men- they're the best.
Now let's go to the show!

concert,  grandparents.

Author: Tiffany Merkel
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1175192


You are old,
And you are young.
But I think
That, You are drunk.
Drunk, in the memories of childhood,
Where there was peace and universal brotherhood.

You are like my candies,
Oh! My dear grandies.
Whenever I cried,
You held me with all your pride.

I am so blessed,
Being at rest.
Listening to grandma's story,
Supported by grandpa's trolley.

Those were the days,
You held me in your hands.
These are the days,
I'll hold you with my hands.

Oh! My dear grandies,
Thankyou for your brandies.
A brandy of love,
You showed me,
Being your beloved

dear,  grandparents.

Author: Khushi Charan
Date: 06/03/2020

№ 991117

I watched my grandparents

Old age arrives
We notice its signs
The insanitary odours
The squeeks the creaks
The inappropriate hairs
That grow from ears
The time it takes
To do simple things
The less to say
As the mind decays
Make your time with them
All it can be
For someday soon
It will be you and me

grandparents,  watched.

Author: Micheal Wolf
Date: 21/09/2019

№ 971322


You can spend time on your iPad
At any time you please
But you can't with your Grandma and Grandad
You know that he and she's
Getting older
And only older they'll get
So if you can
Make sure to visit them

When you are old and gray
And wait
And pray
That someone will come
To take your loneliness away
Remember and realize
That back then this scenario was the same
When you left your Grandparents' house
And they stood there in pain
Just thinking
"When will they come again
To ease our lonely hearts
To make us smile
Even as our bodies slowly fall apart? "
And they wait
And they wait
And they wait
Until it is too late
For you to visit once more...

Please, I beg you
Visit them as much as you can
That last visit
Might be your last time with them
Even if you're shy
Sit there and listen
Even if you're busy
Somehow make some time
Even if they are cranky
Always be kind
Realize nobody is perfect
And that everybody feels
A loneliness that can never be healed
Until a hand reaches out
And holds their hand tight
And keeps them company
Through the night


Author: Alexandra C
Date: 03/09/2019

№ 937015


Breathing the modern air,
Living the old way.


Author: Le Lotus
Date: 03/08/2019

№ 880878

Half Way Up (Welsh Grandparents )

Half way up a hill
This was our spot

Grandfather on Mothers side
Half way up a mountain

Makes wonder
Do genes go that far

grandparents,  half,  welsh.

Author: nivek
Date: 13/06/2019

№ 877854


Everyone loves grandma and there grandad to

They have watch you grow and gave there love to you

Always there to listen with a helping hand

With children of there own they can understand.

There to help you through when ever things go wrong

They will sit and listen help to keep you strong

Every one loves grandma and there grandad to

Always there when needed to give there love to you


Date: 10/06/2019

№ 860698


They want to sit in aeroplane and travel the whole world together but their bodies are not in condition to do so.

They want to ride a horse and play polo but their age does not allow them to do so.

They want to be happy and enjoy every moment but their white hair makes every moment tasteless.

They want that as a couple their partner should die first or both of them should die together so that after their death no one can hurt their partner but their destiny does not let them to do so.

The darkest dream of 'I will die soon' haunts their real dreams, desires and themselves.

They are the cutest couple of every family 'GRANDPARENTS'.


Author: YUKTI
Date: 26/05/2019