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Rants From the Mismatched Grapefruit Child

The monkey on my back is just a cigarette under the crack
Where your fingertips can not, anymore, the nicotine pursue...
A stain in my Egyptians, the painful intermissions
And nevertheless a violent ingestion, the cavalry consumed.
Dogs don't eat dogs unless they're the runts of the group,
And when they come out crooked, the casualties ensue.
Ribs on my shoulders, eyes in my aorta
And just as I guessed, from out of my chest, a ghost not unlike you.

Ive been here 666 years and the irony is insane
The only voices Ive had in my head were dripping off the brain
A zombie could knock down a wall or take 3 in the chest
But a dog with the head of a worm is quicker than the rest.
Uninvited your spine comes crashing into my field of view
Negatives of your face fading into non-photo blue
The tree canopy becomes a face that looks a bit like yours
But when it blinks my heart sinks, and you walk out the door.

Signals running every which way! Scream me, baby! Do it!
Lose my caller I. D. witch bitch slow

Eat it all under a vacuum heart and say the words!
Gooba gabba gooba gabba! We accept you, one of us!
Shoreline, waistline, eyeliner, center divider
Crash into the sea and settle underneath!
The bubbles quit rising! A man is inside!
He looks like your and my hatechild!

You wanted art!!! Ill give you art!
As soon as my head stops circling around.

One of us!

child,  grapefruit,  mismatched,  rants.

Author: Mellow Ds
Date: 16/03/2020

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I saw your chapstick in the store the other day
I stood there just staring at it
Do I even need chapstick?
But it has the taste of you
And god I miss that
Now my lips feel permanently stained with you
You linger on every word uttered from my mouth
I can't stop licking my lips
Ive never even had a real grapefruit


Author: My Scarlet Amora
Date: 28/01/2020

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Grapefruit: abomination!
Such a hybrid shan't exist!
So within my machination
This strange pink fruit I protest

But if it seems I cannot win it
I will find rest within.
Yes, the peace of all my oranges,
My fruit goes without a sin


Author: Shae Nicole
Date: 25/09/2019

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Grapefruit and the cats meow

Orange 4 squared room,
Purring of Cat
A Dripping White Spoon
Is this a Yellowing Moon
Floating Upon oceans
With it's Glowing Swoon

Dashing Ones Palette
With Grape Fruit Juice
Bitterly sweet
Like raptures beneath Moon
Forcing ones cerebral Ecstasy
To begin begging for
Beginners Tune

The ocean Now a Purring white satin
Basque in beauty
Rotating its symmetrical fashion.

cats,  grapefruit,  meow.

Author: Patrick Hart
Date: 16/09/2019

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Your eyes; a dark abyss,
Your back to the grapefruit sky.
Your heart is a closed fist,
And i cant help but wonder why?


Author: Bilal Kaci
Date: 07/07/2019

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You're bittersweet
Like grapefruit.

You're tart.
You're sweet
And you've got that bitter aftertaste.

Some like you with a little sugar,
Others need a lot.
But a select few of us,
We like you raw.

Even though I like you raw,
I can't take your acrid taste anymore.
You're delicious, you're good,
But you're no good for me.

Maybe I should've waited till you were ripe.


Author: Gloria
Date: 15/06/2019

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My grandparents grew grapefruit trees
Four dark trees lining the lawn
We'd wait eagerly for the first ones
¬АШtill fruit fell in thumps around the trunk
We'd peel back the pithy skin
Sweet as sea water, blooming in our mouths
We devoured them too fast,
They stained our skin with juice
The earliest ones went uneaten,
And sunk into the grass
They became white ant-ridden stars

Dirty river, eels lurking, us
Swimming in the old bath
By the summer blackberry bushes, playing
Ring-a-ring-a-rosy, we all fall down!
Writing plays, with curtains for capes
Being in character, in and out of trees, which had:
Cousins sulking
Parents pruning
Rivals throwing
Brothers cheating
Biblical how it all pivoted around the fruit,
How everything was drenched in gold

Oh, that first taste!
Dripping tree-lollies on the lawn
Their cold perfume
In the dark the trees made shadows
In which we would hide.
In the awning of the branches
We lay and talked of other places

I walk down Saleyards road
I call mum, crying, I say, вАЬthey've cut them down,
The trees, they've cut them down and made a swimming poolвАЭ
Decades of earth science to gain the perfect recipe
The one where there was no bite, only sweetness
There is something so wrong about drowning trees


Author: Moon
Date: 14/05/2019

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Had A Grapefruit

It's 10: 34
And life
What a beautiful bore

I am not a productive

I just got out
Of the shower

Move like a sloth
Dragging my feet

First a grapefruit
Then an orange to eat

And money
So funny

Who really cares?

Love being poor

So be it
So there


Author: Matt
Date: 23/04/2019