Poems about growing


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Growing up

When your mother misses your birthday because she is in love with her bottle
You'll grow up to find alcohol taste like tucking yourself into bed at night
And for some reason you won't like that
When your father forgets to call you on Christmas
You'll grow up to find your phone disconnected to avoid my disappointment
When your mother tells you that you are not beautiful
You'll grow up to find mirrors are very tricky and you like yourself better through shattered reflections
When your dad hugs and kisses your brothers and barely tells you he loves you above a whisper
You'll grow up to find yourself searching for someone who says the world love similarly to your dad
And you will find no one does
When your mom is yelling at you for things you do not understand
You will grow up to find patience is something you just have to practice
And God have you practiced it
When your dad never directs the word proud towards you in any fashion
You'll grow up to find that you are very alone in the big bad world and
When your parents are not very good parents
You'll grow up very quickly
Because you will have to


Author: connectixns
Date: 06/04/2020

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Guess I'm growing up

I like sparks
They tend to light up the dark
They might not always get very far
But if its just who we are
Best to just be a part
Its best to just share your heart
And rest in the dark
Making marks in the bark
Letting it grow to be a part
Of who you are

You're branches may be getting tangled
Shedding weeds
Letting it get overgrown
Let it become more of what you own
Set a part to be a lone
Getting past who you've known
Yourself to be
And just who else you've grown to be
Where you've sown these seeds
What else you've learnt to see
You're health you've learnt to keep
This sore wealth you don't need to feed
And yourself you've burnt to in order breathe
Has turned to leaves
And twigs
Getting bigger
Setting a blaze
This blinding gaze
Lost in this haze
You've let yourself loose in this maze
And it's dark
But these sparks
Bring me further through
Brings me to something new
Something I didn't know

growing,  guess.

Author: Colin Makgill
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208009

Growing Pains

You have outgrown it,

It no longer fits you.

Old ideologies wither up, like too small shoes.

No one's there to hold your hand,

Because you know better now.

Got the blues because those growing pains are starting to become too powerful to ignore.

Some truly do take longer, but you've been lying to yourself all week, all month, all year...

The procrastination you used to slide on doesn't fit anymore.

The self-doubt that you once tried pulling on over your head, now causes friction against your skin.

The blanket of these familiar things no longer keep you warm; for you have evolved above and outgrown them all.

Your fire now burns too bright. You can not douse the flames in mediocrity.

It is time to grow up.

-Martine Beauvais

growing,  pains.

Author: Martine
Date: 05/04/2020

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Growing Up Is Hard To Do

I use to dream of heaven... I use to feel the magic,
But listen to this story, I'm afraid it's rather tragic,
The presence of an angle, a constant ray of luck,
But all that beauty fades as sadly I grew up,
The world had changed it was bitter and greedy,
A dying planet with no concern for the needy,
I am stuck here now... With all the facts,
Trying to deal with my anti climax,
We kill, we take, we're not very smart,
I thought it was awesome, now it just breaks my heart,
Am I alone? Do you feel it too?
I guess growing up is just hard to do...

growing,  hard.

Author: Peachycooke
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1203226

The Art of Growing Up

Now the art to growing up is not as easy as it seems.
You only grown up when all the universe
And the stars all look upon you and beams.
Of course growing up is not a curse.
You may see the physical change of course you will,
But when you've grown up inside
If you chose to finally master and kill
The hateful side of you then whether you grow up is for you to decide.

art,  growing.

Author: Emily
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1199679

Haiku (growing)

Chaos breeds order,
Sun is greatest gardener—
Pulling out the weeds.

growing,  haiku.

Author: Ormond
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1199377

Growing Up(side Down)

When Dorothy was a child she started building a castle
With bricks of yellow and blue;
But how could she have known that someday soon
Each one will be broken in two.

The bricks consisted of ideas and thoughts,
Colorful dreams, love, bit of fairy dust as well;
And as the construction was growing she made a decision:
ВЂњThis will be my kingdom, dwell in it I shall. ”

She felt happy in her sunny fortress
Dancing in the rain and sleeping on the clouds;
Until a strange figure harshly knocked on her door
Saying she must not live there anymore.

Lifeless grey eyes piercing through her soul
As she was offered a hand skinny and cold;
She heard a whisper which sent shivers down her spine:
ВЂњCome, you need to meet some friends of mine. ”

At first she refused, always coming back to
Her Kingdom, which was now falling apart;
She tried to rebuild dreams that turned into nightmares
Failure continuing to deepen the hole in her heart.

She fell from clouds on a bed of nails she currently sleeps on
She barely has energy to breathe;
Locked up behind bars of her own mind
Ailing, lost bird unable to fly.

She still lives in her castle though not as happy
Bricks have been deprived of their bright colors
Her eyes have become the clouds from which rain is pouring
But she has forgotten how to dance, and there's nobody to help her when she's drowning.

Nowadays three figures never leave her side
They paint the lens through which she sees reality;
These three friends you may recognize since they go by names
Twisted Society, Depression and Anxiety.

growing,  side.

Author: Dora
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1197140

Growing in Love

As a boy he'd not really imagined
What his life would be like as a man
Oh he'd had lots of dreams like all boys did
But he'd hoped he could be Superman.

But of course life doesn't turn out quite like that
And he'd moved through his youth at a pace
As a man he'd set forth and in a grown way
Got a job and joined in the rat race.

On the way he met a woman and she loved him
A woman who even now has such grace
They bought a small house in a village
And moved in and lived life slower paced.

The rat race proved too much for his taste
He got out and then slowed down his life
He started to write down his thoughts every day
And he spent more precious time with his wife.

Many years have passed by in the village
The shop's gone, and the Post Office too
And some of their old friends aren't alive any more
And they think of them fondly, they do.

They're getting on now as age takes the years
They still love each other more every day
And they're happy that they chose to live this life
For them it was always the way.


growing,  love.

Author: Joe Wilson
Date: 26/03/2020