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Thirteen Thoughts on the Blue Guitar

In the corner stands
My blue guitar,
Mirrors my grimace.

I have played you
So like dream was the dear song
Where you playing me?

Your body makes mine
Shudder as I imagine
A woman in my arms.

At the top of your body
Are keys unwound at the ready,
Silver spirals of tunings.

My soul is near hollow
But the blue guitar
Is filling in the foundations.

What makes the blue guitar
So shining in the mundane,
All the world is makeshift.

My fingers wet with you,
What water sounds like,
As it kisses the earth.

Deep in the strings
I summon my being,
Always blue as sheer sky.

Blue guitar, silent, singing,
My fingers grope your neck,
Never do you scream.

Once I heard music,
The sweetest tabulations
Of sorrows in rosewood.

My fingers ache on steel,
These are your moved guts,
Strings that I borrow.

At an open window,
All the day obtuse,
I hear birds in your vibrations,
Untouched air of blue guitar.

I do not know anything,
Music is lathed on an open fret,
The heart is beating to a note of bliss,
Hole set in the body braced by wood,
Time cuts as it is sectioned, a staff fires,
All the chords are listed in primes,
Is the ear a window or is the eye,
Blind in the choral songs we make,
All things are ephemeral, wonderings,
Variations we work as structure fades,
As the blue guitar is touched, turning light.

blue,  guitar,  thirteen,  thoughts.

Author: Ormond
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1199370

Broken guitar

You used to bring me everywhere with you
I used to make you smile whenever i sang
You strummed on my heartstrings
And i melted to your touch

But one day you strummed too hard
With anger and frustration
My heartstrings snapped
And i could no longer sing for you

Now i'm your broken guitar

broken,  guitar.

Author: Lunar
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1197938


Play my body like you play guitar
Strum me softly with your calloused fingers
Watch my body move with your rhythm
Make me hum with your love
Turn me into your beautiful masterpiece


Author: Brooklyn RenГ©
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1197867

Bleeding Guitar

Do you aspire to create pain?
When tattered memories line your mind
Or do you feed on rotten qualms?
The source of which is hard to find.

Remember when times were good
You and I rocked the world
But now a broken voice makes a wild cacophony
A deluge of sorrow and despair unfurled.

Together we created euphoric magic
In every tune, the world did bow
But our love suffered a grave defeat
Tears fall cheap and easily now.

Her divine voice, still resonate my heart
Her song would touch the heaven
The euphony would change the hardest of heart
Who retreated in madness of guilt-driven.

She had a desperate passion for life
But death denied her the freedom
When she departed with a brave smile
She was certain to reach god's kingdom.

Now you and I face the lonely nights
And I cry loudly to defeat my pain
But your silent demeanor is quite haunting
So my tears fall stronger than the rain.

With bloodied hands I make a vow
Today i'd play the last tune with you
I ask you to bleed with me
So our song shall reborn clean and new.

Bleed my guitar! bleed all the more
Let my broken voice reach her soul
Where in afterlife, she and I would reunite
And the world will know of our parole.

... and slowly the music faded away
As raw blood diluted the tears
Hugging his guitar upon his final breath
He closed his eyes for she was near.

bleeding,  guitar.

Author: Miraj
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1194603

Magical Music--Old Guitar

The strings of old guitar
Pale & feeble page from the past
Dusting off the layer of time, it lay
Under the cover of dreamy cast

Resonating vibrations of strumming string
Recollecting forgotten melodies to set it start
Slowly slowly the rhythm picks up
Voicing the ones left in draft

Touch of strings sets the pulse high
Gravity falls apart
Music serves the soul
Wishful light ruptures from the mournful dark

Magic fills the room
Time has travelled far
Separation couldn't seperate us
Me and my old guitar.



guitar,  magical,  music.

Author: Manisha Uniyal
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1188400

Guitar Chimes

(Song title from Blind Blake's catalogue, composer unknown)

At the end of a bar a man sits alone,
Strumming his tune and singing his song,
No one else seems to notice or hear him.
ВЂњCan't help but wonder where things went wrong”,
He repeats the same line over and over,
And repents with his words for his sickening crimes,
But no one listens or cares for a man,
Who battles his conscience to melancholic guitar chimes.

chimes,  guitar.

Author: Simon Clark
Date: 18/03/2020

№ 1186054

My Guitar

Your fingers
Playing a tune on my six part heart
My hollow body
Enhancing the harmonious chords
So the whole world may understand
For when I am with you
There's nothing to fear
Because what's there to be afraid of
When music is near.


Author: just live
Date: 16/03/2020

№ 1179414

Guitar Harmonic Lesson

If anyone would be interested to watch me explain some stuff about the way harmonics work as applied to the guitar, check this out:

Https: //www. youtube. com/watch? v=ZJmAw0ITeuc

I get down and nerdy about some basic physics and music theory as they pertain to the guitar, strings, and harmonics. Perhaps some of you may dig it!

guitar,  harmonic,  lesson.

Author: Anubis the Philosomancer
Date: 10/03/2020