Poems about half


№ 1207733

Half Cream, Half Sugar; Still Coffee

Blue boys, pink girls,
Basketball teens, ballet queens,
Those who dare cross purple borders,
Receive shame, ridicule, despair,
For purple is fine if it's the color of bruises,
Given by blue boy's fists or pink girl's words.
Why do people react this way?
It's unknown, but it still hurts.

Let's say you were a number two,
With favorite color teal,
But that's only for ones, not you,
Then how would you feel?
Would you change your colors,
What you love inside?
There's no law that says you must,
So you need not abide!

Women dressed in shirts and ties,
Men wearing makeup, hair getting dyed;
The world is not so black tie or white dress,
For some prefer to stand apart from the rest,
By wearing what they think suits them best.
Taboo, you say, or on the fence,
Look at how they smile, such confidence!

Some say men take coffee with cream,
While ladies sweet take sugar,
Such silly aspects of life split in two;
What about those who want both or neither,
For which this certainly will not do?
Sit on down and take a spoon,
Grab one of each, maybe two!
For what does it matter,
What don't they see?
It doesn't matter what you put in it;
It's still just coffee!

coffee,  cream,  half,  sugar.

Author: Heath Leonardo
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1203347

Half of my heart

Half of my heart.
Will forgive all the pain you've caused.

Half of my heart.
Can fight back when I thought i've lost.

Half of my heart.
Feels everything and still breathing.

Half of my heart.
Is your love and our lives between spaces.

half,  heart.

Author: Joyce
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1202611

5 and a half

Sweet skin, sweet
Taste September,
Pallet boiling to
An icecream froth,
Eyes blue-moon
Blue-cheese blue-
Sea blue-teaful,
Planets in arraign
Of Pluto, far out
Years before back
-hand kiss to back
-hand slap to my
Metallic tears first
Come first serve
Arriving home drunker
Than Charles Bukowski
On the average day, I
Hope to be the barfly
Of her heart.


Author: tread
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1202303

Half Alive

I forget why I'm alive, this time
I could lose atlantis in these pockets, along with all these cigs and
My jeans dark with rainwater my stomach thick with butterflies
It's just a cacophony of what ifs and who are yous and whys
I don't have the answer this time
I just don't have the answer this time
You walk in with your devil may care
Your perfectly timed jokes, thousand mile stare
You say you'll protect me, make me yours
Make you mine
I just don't have the answer this time
I just don't have the time
Don't kiss me don't miss me don't play that song
When I've been used to leaving, why does it hurt that you're leaving,
It's the end of my line, bus return to station
It's rattling in my head, rattling brakes and stop signs
You say it's time to pick the map up, to go round again,
I just don't have the answer this time.

alive,  half.

Author: Alexandria Hope
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1197619

Living Isn't Half a Book

Filtered sunlight exists beyond another leaf.
Lingering in the musty smell of wormwood
Thoughts, regrets, permeate parched veins.
Amid tenuous crackling the mantra persists.

While glassy gaze and fingertips move feverishly
Oils pillage to dismantle fiber and ink.
Aimless memories fall apart unglued,
Unbound by desperation's white-knuckled grip.

Chapter two is an inkling, a slip of the tongue,
A pasty hand reaching for the curtain's leading edge.
A give, a break, the playful breeze
Slipping a tendril beneath the foliage to steal your breath.
An ending without a reader,
Sunken eyes or wizened lines,
Without a face--never lives.
Living is every page.

book,  half,  living,  t.

Author: Tranquil Dawn
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1197410

Thoughts of You at Half Past Two (a series of clumsy haikus)

I hardly know him.
I don't want to overthink
Meeting his mother.

He is just a friend-
A kind, loving, holy man
To whom I am drawn.

Lock my heart away.
I refuse to lust after
Another good man.

He is beautiful,
But I want to get to know
His immortal soul.

Lord, guide me through this.
Tell me how significant
He is meant to be.

I'll leave it alone
Unless You say otherwise.
Jesus, take the wheel.

clumsy,  haikus,  half,  series,  thoughts.

Author: Hannah Jones
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1195469

Privileged Half (Dear Patriarchy)

At times what a man can own
Is a house, some land, a home
A woman, a wife, his daughters
But not his sons or his father

A man's voice is respected unless his pitch is too high
Because a woman's voice seems just way too shy
And a high voice sounds like a woman's: inferior
Because all we are judged by is our exterior

He does not typically write sweet refrains
He does not feel any monthly pains
His feelings are for the inside
He doesn't love, only shows pride

And how does he go on living thusly,
Showing love, but only roughly?
Where does he grow? Can he ever know
That his own son's heart groans when he goes
About spouting prideful privileged words?
They attack me like preying birds

And I am the fawn, to whom no one belongs
I am the heartbeat and the aching due to wrongs
I am the taken aback by art
I am the trembling of a heart

So then here I sit, so very distant from him
Yet still a mirror image of him.
With my chromosomes resembling his,
I observe roses while he throws words like fists

He possesses objects even if they're humans
He tells them what to do for his own amusement,
Locking his heart far away until it becomes
A fabled leviathan he keeps from his sons

Dear Patriarchy, how you've stolen my claim to normality!
How your disadvantaging of others is an intrinsic reality!
Keep your dirty, dying hands away from me
Your grasp forms almost everything I can see

I didn't want you upon entering this earth
I haven't wanted you since the day of my birth
But my rebirth has found me dying from what you do
While you're slowly decimated, We all still die too

dear,  half,  patriarchy,  privileged.

Author: Anthony James Brandy
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1194861

Half Past The Hour Of Sadness

Tick do the go the clocks in slow repetitive remorse

My spiders have stopped making webs, all are in discourse

Our satellite faded out from view at midnight

Time has come and gone

Now it's half past the hour of sadness

My sister sun still shines

In her yellow hue I do admire

But I have watched her die again and again

And in my heart I do wonder why

Why should beauty come to a sad end

Why should I suffer

Looking on helplessly

In this most tragic time

Half past the hour of sadness

I can't let he go nova again

I try to claim amenity

Pretend to shield my eyes

But I am far too gone

Far past the light

And in her hour of need

I her brother

I will comfort her

As comes that darkness

Half past the hour of sadness

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris

half,  hour,  sadness.

Author: Christos Andreas Kourtis
Date: 24/03/2020