Poems about hand



Whiskey, cigarettes and your hand in mine

I want to run every grain of sand in your soul through my fingers
Not to call you my own,
Just to
Because i am certain nothing could be as cosmically beautiful.

I want to take every piece of everything tangible you have ever put your energy into,
And meditate under it
Slip my ears below the hot water of your composition.

I want to drown in the infinite fountain of catalyst beauty you spout

I want to dance in your orbit and wake up wearing things that smell like you

Desires abounding, love:

Let's be in the moment
To be in the moment with you is to be in the stars.

cigarettes,  hand,  mine,  whiskey.

Author: Kiagen McGinnis
Date: 06/04/2020


Pawpaw , the Crabapple Tree and the Hand-dug Well ...

For cold, crystal clear water, tart treats and sage advice
On quite a few hot, humid, June afternoons*...

dug,  hand,  tree.

Author: Randolph L Wilson
Date: 06/04/2020


Holding an afternoon in your hand

I will die in despair
From never having
Held his hand
Or even known him
As the other
Real women
In his life
Held his face,
Kissed his lips,
Embraced him,
Whispered shared pain,
Gave him the blood of days together,
Hours and minutes spent in time.

afternoon,  hand,  holding.

Author: Lisa Jeanine Winett
Date: 06/04/2020


Hand painted carnations

Hand painted
Along my abdomen
Aligned like the stars
You made

Tears of Gods
Wash them away
Preferred Zeus to Athena

carnations,  hand,  painted.

Author: Beaux
Date: 06/04/2020


His Hand on Her Leg

She's your friend
Your friend
He's got his hand
On her leg, he's -
Got short hair
On his face, she's -
Got a short skirt
On the way to his place -
I'm at home
With my hands
At last alone
With my hands.

hand,  leg.

Author: mikev
Date: 05/04/2020


Shaking Edward's Scissor Hand

I'm the bland, the misguided misfit who is always “with the band, ”
Feigning prestige, I'm nothing more than a coffee-carrying consumer,
I'm eager, yes, visibly excited even, to hide uncomfortable truths behind a stain of smiles.

Walk with me. A mile in my shoes; follow the trail of tread wearing down like my patience for the songs of the dead...
Listen closely, purge evil intentions from distant futures.

Culture has clouded my judgement, raised and reared like a starving artist, fighting against nature and nurture for my next meal.

Peel. Layers laughed as you ripped again and again into each one, never reaching the source or your full potential.

Essential. Liquid love, your words entomb practical promises deep inside of me where the truth hurts the most.

€I don't think I can ever love someone again, ” I whispered to myself; remembering to practice what I preach. “Not since the last person let me down. ”

It was me. I tried to love myself, but it was like grasping at straws that fates fire had decided to light aflame.
Blame. It is me; gifted in ways that matter to none. “Remember, there's someone, ” But... what if I were honest and told you there were none?

Bliss sometimes comes in the form of a kiss that we missed. Lips locked in a battle that should have never began.

I hate you for this. I love you for that. Let's just skip to the end, and end this. Reach for the stars so that when you fail, you're high enough to fall to your death.

Tell me, once again, how “I'm everything you never wanted” with your final breath

edward,  hand,  scissor,  shaking.

Author: Jason Margraves
Date: 02/04/2020


Playing the Hand She was Dealt

Looking over my mom's shoulder
While she sat in her chair
With her Toshiba laptop, and
A hummingbird's beak
Was nestled in sugar water
Outside the living room window.

Engaged in her game of “Buck Euchre”
While I massaged her stiff neck
With my tired fingers, she
Messaged her opponents
€You guys will be lucky to
Take one ‘trick' this round
With the hand I got. ”

Her brisk tapping of the keyboard
Seemed nearly in sync
With the fierce flickering of
The hummingbird's wings.

I wondered what it'd be like
If my mom had energy
Like a hummingbird everyday—
Upbeat and alert,
But I knew that wish was
Out of reach. Chemo kept her
Either in her bed or a seat.

€Yes! Ha! Ha! suckers, ” my
Mom shouted,
€Ben, there's no way they will beat me. ”
I smiled and said,
€You show ‘em, Mom. ”

dealt,  hand,  playing.

Author: Nebulous the Poet
Date: 01/04/2020


Hold my hand (haiku)

I have five fingers
You have five fingers, Let's make
Ten together please

haiku,  hand,  hold.

Author: not so anonymous
Date: 31/03/2020