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Something that Simply Must Happen

I've chosen my poison.
My vice and my reason.
I'll take full advantage of what I've been given.
What I've created, whats been imbedded.
The sensation of something that simply must happen.
Only simple for the sake of complexity
A coping mechanism,
A way of escaping.
What's real,
What's not,
Abstract thought.
All mine for the taking,
Yours for interpretation.

As I,
Exhale slowly,
And inhale through the silence.
Under welcome mats,
(For lack of better hiding places. )
Found squeezed held and deflated.
Mastering the language of anticipating.
Anything to get out,
Let the consciousness spin,
Stir the sensations,
Make you feel anything.

A pulse,
A beat,
A note,

In our sense of security.


happen,  simply.

Author: Koty Peter
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1202014

Whatever Happen To the Investment of Love

Quick to give up.
When the smallest of trouble comes.
The invesment for richness seems to get lost.
Whatever happen to the investment of love?

The one that started it all.

Bad money management.
Trying to hard to impress others.
When there's no need.
Whatever happen to the investment of love?

Which is to the true lovers of love is simply wonderful.

Friends and family constantly butting in.
Not letting you face the obstacles of love.
Which all marriages do go through.

Soon, you begins to let problem bother you.
Even to the point of saying you're through.
Whatever happen to the investment of love?

The one that so many seeks to enjoy.

We know the benefits are great.
If you adjust to the mistakes made along the way.

happen,  investment,  love.

Author: jeffrey conyers
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1194749

A Raw Conversation That Would Never Happen in Any Family

Could you take out the trash?

I will in like, five or ten minutes, I'm finishing an email to a friend.

I'd rather you do it now. I'm in desperate need to feel like there's control and order in my life since these sudden feelings or powerlessness within my own life have surfaced again.

This seems to be a regular occurrence with you Mom.
Why not consider therapy?

I'd rather make up another excuse instead of admitting you might be on to something because of two reasons. The first being that I resent the fact someone younger than me, which is code for someone who I perceive doesn't have much life experience, is suggesting something about my life. The second and much more important is that I'm a coward that would rather hide from my fears than face them.

It's frustrating to me because I perceive there are easy solutions to these obstacles but you'd rather wallow in your suffering. Sometimes I think you'd be happier with a gun in your mouth
If you weren't so petrified of death. Hi Dad.

I'm ignoring everything. Making a b-line toward my office where I can drown my sorrows in cheap whisky and work
Because of my cancerous self-loathing in perception
For not living up to an outdated model of achievement
As set for by my parents and their parents.

It fills my heart with a melancholic rage because you're not letting me lean on you to feel better about my own self esteem issues
Since I rely on everyone else to build up my confidence.

This touches my raw nerve heartstrings because I used to have self-confidence issues that I never felt comfortable sharing with anyone until after therapy and years of meditation.
Now I feel partially responsible in a slightly self-righteous way
That I should try and help both of you even though you two don't seem to want to help yourselves.

I'm much too busy dwelling on the past.

I resent that and don't understand why you're not anxiously brooding on the future like me.

I'm going to take the trash out because I feel obligated to do so even though I'd rather finish my email. I will resent this for a few hours until I calm down into a pool of serenity thanks to my meditation practice. I'm also taking the trash out because extended conflict makes me uneasy and I'd rather compromise my own individuality and boundaries to make all of this end even though I realize this is perpetuating these cycles of conflict.

conversation,  family,  happen,  raw.

Author: Brycical
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1193732

This What Happen(When Trouble Hits The Fan)

Funny, when trouble hits the fan.
Everyone's wants to tell you about your plan.

If it was me.
This is, what I would do?
Second guessers offering their advice to you.

Suddenly, they relationship experts.
But you remember when?
They stayed and never left their man(woman).

This happen only when trouble hits the fan.

Even the real experts don't know.
Why people stay?
They offer their views.
Then in most cases, they are fools.
Cause they never been walking in your shoes.

Or accepted the vows for better or worse.
Often talked about in many churches.

Love is hard to predict.
It makes some better.
And other sick.

Which is, why people stays through thick and thin.
Yes, this what happen?
When trouble hits the fan.

You follow, what God has planned?
Yes, it's hard to explain.
Cause love is a mysterious thing.

fan,  happen,  hits,  trouble.

Author: jeffrey conyers
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1192661


If ever you happen to lose your faith
Look to fate
Like love at first sight
Or the miracle of life
To rejuvenate
If ever you happen to lose your way
Then close your eyes
And let your heart guide
You through life's maze
If ever you happen to need a friend
Turn to someone willing to lend
A shoulder... a ear... a hand
To help you through your circumstance
It takes a lot of pride to do it yourself
But even more in courage to ask for help
And a bigger person to lend yourself
Regardless of whether we help
Or are being helped
Because the perseverance of life
Is the greatest accumulation of wealth

- Diangelo Tyler


Author: Diangelo Tyler
Date: 22/03/2020

№ 1188916

Hoping for a miracle to happen

I told
I won't be
The one
To let
You go
Right now
The one
Who is
Letting you
Hoping that
A miracle

happen,  hoping,  miracle.

Author: Forgotten Heart
Date: 18/03/2020

№ 1176962

It Didn't Happen

Let's dance on the past
For awhile.
For the night.
Thinking about things
That just aren't right.
She's your favorite person cuz
She fucked you right?
Unbenounst to you,
She's the love of my life.
And God damn,
I don't even know why.
My fucking soul is entwined.
I just wanna stop the noise.
There is no such thing as joy
Or hope.
My neck is tied,
Hung from a rope.
I like to choke.
On words
Both said and
Snort some shit to escape the inevitable end.
Oh yeah, let's just fucking pretend.
Pretend real emotions mean nothing in the end.

didn,  happen,  t.

Author: Maria Williams
Date: 08/03/2020

№ 1173064

God knows it needed to happen

It doesn't feel like we're a not together
And that is saddest part of all: that
Neither of us wanted this but both of
Us needed this and if it hadn't happened
God knows where we'd be today but
It's still sad sometimes to think about
Her and not feel distant but knowing
That a distance greater than any
Physical measurement separates us
Now forever

god,  happen,  needed.

Author: Overwhelmed
Date: 04/03/2020