Poems about happened


№ 1204463

What Happened To You?

What happened to you?
That you were so afraid of messing up
These words mean nothing
And being thrown to the dust
Because all these gifts and memories take nothing to the test
Hyper visions of misery heightened, the wise are unknown
Curses and shadows brew 'round their heads
Or stars and spaceships from the planet of the undead

What happedned to you that you felt so empty yet so mad and angry?
A raging fire of something unseen, something unknown
Far from your reach
They say expeirence and memories shape who we are
But i cant recall a gooddamn thing that made us who we are

What happedned that you could take that bullet to the head placing that gun inside of their hand?
A trigger, a flash, a ringing sound about
Yet nothing splatters at the wall because we know once and for all
That what happened to you happened to me and no matter how much you think it might be
Our names will never be graved in that stone
For one
One can only
A l o n e


Author: Parker A Blackwood
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1203608

It just kind of happened

My legs they hurt.
The pain's in my knees.
Could you bring me a scotch
And my cigarettes please.

Now tell me a story.
One I've not heard.
Perhaps your life.
Spare not a word.

Tell me your sorrow.
Speak of your dreams.
Of soft Sunday mornings.
Or crystal clear streams.

I'm here for you now.
Not always I'll be.
So tell us a secret.
It'll die with me.

happened,  kind.

Author: Jamison Bell
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1201698

Daddy, what happened?

Daddy often tells me to keep my back straight for good posture, so I do. I always look up at the bright, blue sky and smile because life is beautiful.

Daddy yells at me a lot. Whenever I'm near him, I tense up my body and walk away. The sky is somewhat cloudy but I still look up at it every day. I smile because life is beautiful.

Dad won't stop yelling at me, so I try not to leave my room. My shoulders sag when I walk and I sometimes glance up at the cloudy sky. I try to smile because life was beautiful.

Dad hurt me the other day. I don't ever leave my room, not even for meals. My bent over back is always turned away from him. I haven't seen the sky in over a week. I can't smile even though life was beautiful.

My father has pushed me too far. I left the house for the first time in weeks. My back is in pain from hiding from him for so long. The sky is gloomy and filled with black clouds. I lean over the edge of the bridge and cry because life used to be beautiful but I can't remember it, anymore.

daddy,  happened.

Author: Marly
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1200597

What Happened?

Did cooking your own jam
From real strawberries
And sugar
Become an act
Of treason against
Between the sexes?

Did turning off the tv, the laptop, the phone
To play with your children
Become an act
Of valour and extreme
In most families?

Did reading glossy advertisements
And memorising them
For extra credits
Become an act
Of duty as a proper
In the modern world?

Did choosing an alternative lifestyle
And with no concern for wealth
Become an act
Of excentric
In an enlightened society?


Author: Patricia Drake
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1200033

It happened one day

Some time ago
In lands of mists and cloud
Our eyes claimed a space
Above the deepest gorge
Overseeing the depths of our hearts
The span of time since then
Has melted into brilliant sunshine
Completely we have come through
Eons of revalationary idylls
Backwards and forward we rock
Whilst we gather our thoughts
The fleeting time holds us
Moving our visions from whence we came
To our place now
Swirling, dream-like

Facing you I catch the light
In your eyes and focus
But dazzling me with your mind
You lay back on the cool grass
Arms outstretched
Stooping I collect your hands
And bring them close to my face
Softly kissing your fingers
The scent of your skin
Excites me as the warm sunlight
Suddenly bursts through the cloud
Strokes my back and lifts my spirits

As I stoop further
And gently take you in my arms
Lifting you, as light as a dry feather
Swinging you round
Making your hair stream outwards
You laugh and I laugh
Hysterically we collapse
And lay holding hands staring at the sky
Bodies heaving as the laughter subsides
Electric passing through us
The spark of life invigorating

day,  happened.

Author: Max Hale
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1198262

Love Happened.

I was alone.
I was fine.
The artist happened,
Taught me life on Canvas.
I fell in love.
He left me in vain.
The hunter happened,
Taught me life in Wild.
I fell in love.
He left me in pain.
The teacher happened,
Taught me life of Words.
I fell in love.
He left me insane.
The writer happened,
Taught me life with Ink.
I fell in love.
He left me drained.
The NoFace happened,
Taught me life,
I fell in love.
He left me dead.

happened,  love.

Author: Impersistence
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1194125

Nothing Happened

A rabid dog lies sleeping on the porch,
It has not moved for days
But i see it breathing.

The darkness spreads in
Thick and heavy
Taking my sight,
But i feel it,
Grabbing me and pushing me down.

Now I hear it breathing. first louder then faster.
I begin to choke on the blackness, the fear of the unknown.
I crumble to the ground, melt, and disappear.

It is no longer asleep, i smell its poison breath around me like fog.
It's dense and fills my lungs.
I become a cloud of undefinable mass,
Drowning those beneath me.

Once i have purged, i am empty.
(i tell myself) nothing has happened.

The dog falls into slumber again.
Dormant but breathing, slow and heavy.


Author: Cliona Calnan
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1192888

Diogenes Defaced the Currency, and Look What Happened to Him

Andy Jackson still makes me puke,
His face upon the 20 dollar note,
And I write above his head sometimes,
"Ye Shall Be Forcibly Removed, "
Like he told the Cherokee,
In 1838,
Even after the biggest court in the nation,
"No go, Mr. Prez"
And if you read anything about my beloved tribe,
You will see references,
To their lack of interest in material wealth,
So entrenched they were,
In these eastern woodlands.

I have felt it,
I know it to be true,
I want to return to this dirt.

So I'm taking a lesson from Diogenes,
And his tiny pithos.

"In a rich man's house there is no place to spit but his face. "
- The Almighty D

currency,  defaced,  happened.

Author: Nateive Son
Date: 22/03/2020