Poems about harp



Music of the Harp

The sweetness of the harp
Plays forever in my mind
Its soft and soothing notes
I cannot leave behind
Each strum comes to my ears
And leaves footprints in my mind
I hope that only you
Will be just as sweet and kind

harp,  music.

Author: Hannah Rose Norton
Date: 23/03/2020


My Harp Of Love I Played For You

My Harp of Love I played for you, each of you
My Harp of Love I played for you with waltzes sweet
We danced and twirled to each song and giggled too
My Harp of Love I played until the Night was through

My Harp of Love I played for you
To make you waltz and dance no matter where you are
My Harp of Love I played to you
Without a single care

My Harp of Love I played for everyone
Each and every listener dear
My Harp of Love I played until I was done
With songs enchanting loud and clear

My Harp of Love I played for friends
I wish it would go on forever
But here I must end
But with one last song


harp,  love,  played.

Author: Marian
Date: 11/02/2020


Knives wisdom harp of control

So blatantly alone---
Everyone caught
Up in their own
Affairs they can
Only offer me
'sorry you're
Sad. ' so blatantly
Alone and my
Parents are far
Enough away
That I know I
Need to face
This on my own.
So so so alone.
I ride busses
Hoping it's
Therapy, but
I am torn apart
Inside with an
Empty hopelessness
About the world---
I want to die and
Come back a
Happier creature.
Or maybe not come
Back at all.

So blatantly alone.

control,  harp,  knives,  wisdom.

Author: tread
Date: 08/02/2020


The Greatest Harp

My pen is like a blues riff,
Not always on the note

I bend within the moment,
New feelings reach for hope

A eulogy unspoken,
On fire around his bed

The Mojo dancing with the Muse,
Marine Band in my head

The words they stretch and vibrate,
A blind man theirs to read

They move in tribute off the page,
Like Sonny's orphaned reeds

My hand they cease to follow,
As letters wail and slide

And somewhere deep in Arkansas,
€the greatest harp just died

(Villanova Pennsylvania: June, 2017)

greatest,  harp.

Author: Kurt Philip Behm
Date: 26/12/2019


Within The Soft Harp Of Sleep

I can hear my soul
Kicking its feet inside my body

Trying to get out. I can hear it
Trying to boot my body into its deathbed:

Death lies waiting within the soft harp
Of sleep. My soul is thrashing my ribs

Twisting my spine, milking my cock
To a shrunken wrinkled prune-like mummy.

There is death crawling under our skin, death
In the broken heart of love, death in Mother Mary's lie.

I can feel my soul slamming against my lungs
Trying to puncture holes in them. I can

Feel its pointed teeth eating its way out
Of my ass. I hear it inside of me

Laughing at God's sick jokes, licking my heart
Dry and clawing at my eyes.

From my second book: 'The Second Coming'
dah / Stillpoint Books 2012

All rights reserved

Http: //www. amazon. com/The-Second-Coming-Dah/dp/0982874715

harp,  sleep,  soft.

Author: Dah
Date: 05/11/2019


Aeolian harp

I came with the wind,
With the wind I will go.
It has always been thus
And will ever be so.
For the wind is his breath
And the Rain is her tears
The sunlight, their glory,
And the darkness, their fears.
More worship the Sunrise,
It seems so to me,
Than the fiery Sunset
As it sinks in the sea.
Yet, in truth, both are equal
In pure majesty.


Author: John F McCullagh
Date: 03/11/2019


Water harp

Be my soul friend
My anam cara
Play my water harp
My water heart
Make music of me
Sing me back to
The way I was
The way I can be
The way I am with you

Friend, be my soul
My anam cara
Make of me a cantata
A rondo
A dance flamenco
Flame me back to
The way I was
The way I can be
The way I am with you

Soul, befriend me
Be my anam cara
Make of me a garden
A stroll through Love
Give me back to
The way I was
The way I can be
The way I am

C. 2017 Roberta Compton Rainwater

harp,  water.

Author: Roberta Compton Rainwater
Date: 12/10/2019


Ode to the Harp

Winged caterpillar
That frees my soul,
Sets my mind to dreaming,
How the hand of man
Out plays the God,
Makes love
To its master.
With fondled fingers, you paint
A dumb firmament, the way
Light dazzles as it breaks
Or how the itching rain
Taps a teasing melody as it falls
To the lover ground.

Beloved of Orpheus
Whose wove you coiled in-
Vents a garment of bird song loom,
Content my breath
The way that water wells
And lolls into puddles
Nesting not before the hot,
Harpy steam.

O melodious pool,
Undulating lake, frame
To emotive vapours, without
Ship you ply in wakes.
The oarsman plucks the main,
Your body is the sail,
Drunkard winds and warblers,
Blow hard, but fail my ears,
Atone as well, the wretched sounds of day
For they are sour spells, and but a fools
Trash canned movements, in a state
So needy of weeding,
Mere sound is soiled
The way you rake.

Evolution spreads,
As stones do,
When moves the river bed,
Grace, in violence,
Sparkles as it blooms,
Like an ears creation—
Rose on the tomb.

harp,  ode.

Author: Ormond
Date: 12/09/2019