Poems about heard



Ever heard of teardrops

Ever heard of teardrops
That shattered a heart
A story of love
And the pain that accompanies it.

We started like a fire
A Stray from its path
I wasn't sure about our direction
Didn't know it would turn out so

I'm not here for long I told you
But you gave me your heart anyways
And mine came unstuck and
Followed you

In your hands it turned from stone
To ice, to glass
Delicate but beautiful and ready
Just like yours
To be adored; To be broken

Now I'm leaving but not for good
You still have my heart you see

But that didn't stop the tears and
From you they came
In drops of sadness
As I held you close to my heart

Now I'm left to tell the story
Of how teardrops
Fell on my now delicate heart
Shattering it.

Ever heard of teardrops
That shattered the heart?
I wish it was fiction
I wish it was fiction.

heard,  teardrops.

Author: Ugo Victor
Date: 06/04/2020


I heard a mutterance - 10w

Distant it grew nearer
Shaggy, wagging butt
Muffled barking mutt


Author: CA Guilfoyle
Date: 04/04/2020


He heard the sea crying out in many voices

Holiday crowd on the beach
Watches, in horror,
One slowly walks in to the hands,
Extended by merciful sea,
In a mission of self discovery.
Water inch by inch takes him in
When the eyes and ears becomes still
The sea sense takes over,
A new awareness prevails,
And what does he find, now?

The sea is full of voices of pain,
Of souls abandoned in water, for ever,
Water is full of life, invisible to human eyes,
Near the shallow shore,
Sitting on a kayak non existent,
An old fisherman laments:
"Dead and gone, in agitated sea, yet
I am here, they don't count me "
And the girl, who was full of life and love,
Her lover gifted her a watery grave,
Her body thrown in to water,
Floated and drifted around frenzied,
The sea is her home now,
Love is the most hated word for her.

The sea then erupts as a cry
Waves of tears, salty and thick swell.

crying,  heard,  sea,  voices.

Author: K Balachandran
Date: 04/04/2020


For the echoes I have heard.

On choosing the right perspective,
Of those that were mine alone,
Your heart became irrelevant,
Mine mirrored what I'd shown.
I fostered hope without a home,
And acceptance replaced doubt.
Then I bore myself a revelation,
One of life and of life without.
And whether you were fairydust,
Or of a constellation unknown,
At the end it never mattered,
I still reaped what I had sown.
"Thank you" is just not in order,
In fact, it'd be quite absurd,
To offer you any gratitude,
For the echoes I have heard.

echoes,  heard.

Author: deanena tierney
Date: 31/03/2020


Silence Loudly Heard

Silence is the loudest noise that is never heard.
We will fill our lungs and expel nothing,
But always, will every nothing be heard.

heard,  loudly,  silence.

Author: Poetic T
Date: 30/03/2020


I heard a knocking in my mind

I heard a knocking in my mind
Against the cedar door,
Beating, beating as if to find
Something worth looking for.

And as the rhythm proceeded,
The sounds faded into the wind.
It was gone before I believed it,
Yet it stole something within.

I heard the footsteps tread away,
A soft and steady pace,
The shadows cast a murky grey
Upon the would-be face.

Dragging a prisoner's remains
Though no one left the room
For the bounty came from within the brain
And all it's splendid gloom.

heard,  knocking,  mind.

Author: Meka Boyle
Date: 29/03/2020


So I Heard You Were Living In New York?

New York City,
Said the same by masses
Yet reflected upon
Uniquely by individuals
To some it's just a place to visit
And they would never live there
To others,
New York is a haven
A shoppers delight
An amusement park
The city so nice they named it twice
Those who are lucky enough
To have been to New York
You always have at least
One crazy story
The definition of crazy being,
"Possessed by enthusiasm of excitement"
"This one time I was in Bushwick
And I gave a guy directions,
Then he invited me to a cannabis cup.
It was crazy. "
Or there's this other definition
Of crazy meaning,
"Fooling or impractical. Senseless"
Crazy New York stories often
Associated with the second definition
Usually involve a homeless person
And urination
Whose urine it is,
Well that's another story
I can sum up my New York
Story in a minute
If you live here
That's all strangers ask you anyways,
"Where you from friend? "
So I've rehearsed my story a bit
I've gotten pretty good
At expeditiously answering
The questions that follow,
"So what made you
Move to New York? "
"So do you go
To school for it? "
"Where do you work? "
"Do you have
A cigarette? "
My answers,
"I followed a group of friends
To document their experience
As rising musicians
Eventually “Train Robbers”
Was formed and I
Shot an abundance of videos of those
Said musicians busking.
They would preform inside of
60 miles per hour subway cars,
Finish a song or two
Collect the loot
Then bail
Hence, “Train Robbers”. ”
I'm mostly self-taught
In the fields of film making
As well as guitar,
The guitar you can tell
After months of watching
Then later re-watching
In the editing room
These musicians,
Counting up all that easy money
Stacking all the ones
Then forcefully folding
The wad of bills
Into their pockets,
I too then started to play guitar
On the subway.
And no, I don't have
A cigarette. ”

heard,  living,  york.

Author: Shelby Hemstock
Date: 29/03/2020


Words Heard

What is heard cannot be unheard
Words cannot be snatched from the breeze
Much as some might wish it to be so
What is said cannot be unsaid

€Do you want to fail out of school? ”

€I wish she would just listen sometimes. ”

€Is that a dude or a chick? You just can't tell anymore...”

€Some people! ”

All words floating on the breeze
They cannot be snatched back, those words
And all can hear your thoughts,
When you put them to voice

€Oh, I love her shoes. ”

€Careful there love. ”

€Here let me help”

€Thank you kind sir”

More words found floating in the air
Don't you think those there
Are so much more pleasant
To spread around the summer breeze?


Author: Xander White
Date: 25/03/2020