Poems about heart


№ 9839

The Heart Starves

The phrase came to me like a silent epiphany... Like an arrow piercing my flesh & reaching my heart like a bull's eye.

From the moment we enter this world, our hearts thrive on love. Screeching infants instantly silenced by the warm embrace & nuzzling caress of their human makers, their parents.

A child's first crush & the rush of holding hands. Chasing young love on the playground, but somehow it always gets away.

A favorite toy lost. A dropped ice cream cone. Being the last one picked for the team.
Our first kiss, first date... Getting dumped by our first love.

We find love, get married, but maybe they're not "the one". Do you stay or call it quits?

Or maybe we hold out for "the one", single, alone. Love teases your heart like an ass with a carrot.
You go through the motions, too many times until you believe you have lost the vision of real love, true love.
You find your life's passion, your major, your mentor, you the prodigy.

In your mind you hear the warning: "There's a fine line between ambition & obsession. "

Through all the stages of life, regardless of our social class, background, history or current circumstances, our heart prods us...
Beckons us to strive for our dreams, pursue our desires, reach our goals & aspirations, proclaim our love... but that dream, desire, goal, love is always just beyond our reach, at our fingertips but never truly acquired.

Like the chef who slaves over his feast to make it perfect & basking in it's delicious aroma & savoring the taste test to serve it up for others to enjoy, longing to sit down and indulge, but alas! there's not a morsel left for him to partake - it's all gone.

Our heart starves.

heart,  starves.

Author: SweetCindy
Date: 14/04/2017

№ 1210606

A little piece of your heart.

I want to be
The stars in your sky
And the sun rays
That shine on
Your face
And maybe even be
The air
In your lungs
And i want to
Be one of the reasons
Why you smile
Why you wake up
And want to be more
Than who you are
And i want
To be the soundtrack
To your happy days
And i want to
Make you feel
Things you've never
Felt before
And i want to
Maybe even
Own a little
Piece of your

heart,  piece.

Author: Gaby ComprГ©s
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210552


Heart! Even now, alone, content, why do you speak?
Pickin' those tender twinned strings of your lyre
With your fingers slender; casting your song to seek
Oil painted visions of her sweet drenching figure,
Shining golden light over her warms my pumping blood.
Why? Why do I care? The eyes alert have seen
What ears failed to detect; messages which easily could
Cause faint trouble of blue. The moon swims in her inky stream,
Night controls mother earth in her gloomy flood
And the little wingod cherubim sails within my loving dream.
Heart, you attached my thoughts on her, sly madam or sir!
As hard as I pull, can not pull down the urge to be with her.


Author: Lee Janes
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210438

Youthful Heart

This youthful heart is scared,
Scared to grow up and run free,
Every time it times to stand alone,
People attack with painful love,
My youthful heart is chipped,
Crushed by the deceit and hurt,
I want to force my heart into the dirt,
Start again,
Refuse to feel,
It's the only way to heal.

heart,  youthful.

Author: Simon Clark
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210234

To the boy who break her heart.

Thank you for letting her feeling something
You let her awake and feel
A feeling of pain
It's much better
Better than feeling nothing and numb

She's grateful you're the one who let her feel something
So in the end of the day
She could forget you without even trying
So she could live her life
Without your shadow in her mind

boy,  break,  heart.

Author: PeonyInTheEve
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210233

Tell Your Story with Some Heart

We're both bad.
We've seen the devil and asked if we can have this dance with a smile.
Looking back at my life on the streets, the life that never left me.
Fist fights and blood, oldies and guns.
You seem to know me.
You look like me.

You traveled through a secret life that I want to unlock.
You took the other road to walk.
But when you talk your words sound like my memories.
You sound like you know low down dirty
You sound like your calling them out.
Call me and tell me all about it.

I'll tell you all about it when I see you.
Stories about sleeping on floors,
Crying in front of shutting doors,
Beating a homie to the floor
For touching my body because we know it's yours.

Tell me about your hell.
And I'll let you into mine.
Tell your story with some heart
And I'll give you mine.

heart,  story.

Author: Sabrina DLT
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210228

The heart of the matter

On love and hate what can a heart learn?
Where is the place of letting go?
What lines to cross to hurt and turn
Away from what love we know?

What words weaken knees and hands?
Cold distances that fill with warmth and flesh?
Amendments, closure, and future plans?
Pulsing blood, and battered breath... ?

OH love I'd been wanting to say I have learned
Alas, no lesson on love or hate can last.
As if not I, but love does yearn
For the verboten love of chances passed.

heart,  matter.

Author: Halima Abdul Basir
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210190

Broken heart

I had a dream I had a heart ache
My heart was cracked in two
But then I awoke an found out it was true

broken,  heart.

Author: Claire Walters
Date: 07/04/2020