Poems about hearts


№ 1209205

Grieving Hearts

When you asked me... " what Will you do if I betrayed on you"

I replied... "A Broken heart never tries to break another broken heart...

Sometimes even in my dream less
I wonder why Broken one's are drawn to other brokenone's
They aren't solely an illusion in my
But I know this play has long runs

No one ever died of a broken
But still they brood over what
Destiny has made a way to meet
So they can find and fix each others broken pieces

grieving,  hearts.

Author: FMBurhan
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209025

Hearts Beat

I can feel your
Heart beat it
Sits next to mine,
It shares the beat as
They were once separate
Now as one never apart.

Do not break this heart,
As the beat would be a
Broken one, a love lost
Would wound both of
Them not just one.

Your heart sits next to
Mine, we share the same
Beat, we are entwined in
Are love as two beats have
Now become one.

beat,  hearts.

Author: Poetic T
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208902

I Break Hearts

That's what I do best
I'm a hard ground awaiting
So only fall if I'm worth the pain
Knowing I might not catch
You on your way down
I break hearts
*I won't break your fall

break,  hearts.

Author: Ignatius Hosiana
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208561

Hearts breaking loose

As if you could not eat otherwise
That's how a poet should write
That's what she told me

But that's not the language
I use
No no no

It is and has been
A headfirst dive into
A shallow lake

Soul and spine's at stake
It festers there anyway

But beyond that
There's the conjuring of
Limitless higher powers

Long meditations
On self mortality
Sweating through

Touching, almost
The azure wavelength canopy of sky
With slow breathing

breaking,  hearts,  loose.

Author: Timothy H
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208483

Purgatory of Broken Hearts

The darkness here is blinding
In this prison of lost desires
Not even a burning ember
Can rekindle the forsaken fires

A tomb of broken promises
Is my only company
No hope for an escape
No chance to ever be free

Pain and heartache mock me
As I ponder my mistakes
The sound I hear is deafening
From the heart that finally breaks

My thoughts, my only refuge
Of the things that could have been
But grief will soon remind me
Of the love that had to end

Comfort and joy betray me
Tomorrow will never come
Held captive in my anguish
As I am left, feeling numb

My purgatory is the silence
And here I shall remain
Forever to be forgotten
For my captor is my pain

broken,  hearts,  purgatory.

Author: Larry B
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207159

Shattered Hearts

Shattered hearts
Broken skulls.
Once a vibrant bond
Has become so dull. *

Cracked dreams
Silent screams.

*We're about to burst,
Neither of us want to talk first.

hearts,  shattered.

Author: Ryan Kane
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206616

Hearts, antiques, and other broken things

What is lovely in a world
Of splintered wood and faded golden rings,
Stained glass and tarnished silver,
Hearts, antiques, and other broken things?

What may have been discarded in the past
Now shines to brilliantly to perish,
Not alone in longing to be loved
And dying to be cherished.

antiques,  broken,  hearts,  things.

Author: William Fischer
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1205127

Hearts like punching bags.

Because of you i am
Alive now and not
Underneath the dirt.
Because of you i understand how
To laugh, how to want,
How to feel dumb but
Still love it. (my cheeks burn pink now,
Not red. )

But not today, not today;
Oh god oh god this hurts
It hurts to know that you see me but not
With desire: with tolerance.
It hurts to see you explore the world
Without me.
It scars to hear you stop laughing
Because i did something
Like just walking by.
It hurts when my cheeks burn red like the tips of your hair.
(i remember when you dyed it, you
Told me
About it. )

You're drowning me just like
A bleeding fish drowns.
I am going to die where i belong.
My lungs burn,
-baby, i can't swim. -

Why did you save me, anyways?

These days you're more like a mime,
Sitting around in your comfy box and
Sometimes you invite people in
But never

I should get away while i can but
I love you so much and
Letting you go is like

{nothing. i don't know. }

{i hope i never really do find out but
This feels a little too much like letting go. }

bags,  hearts,  punching.

Author: alyssa l
Date: 02/04/2020