Poems about heat


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Problem Arising with Heat

For M. , who never
Had to. And never really
Did. *

Forty degrees Celsius, and I never felt the sun
When I was at your doorstep. Here is the problem
With waiting. Stably idle trying to perch in a perennial
Position knowing that there's a chance of
A never comeback. I'm used to

High noon, dressed in black. No there were
No funerals, just my usual self. I am
Just waiting for you to comeback like the sun
Had not forgotten about this place; caressed
It with its fingers till the whole place melt.
And we try to find enough shelter
From hot spots like this.

Like I said, I never
Have felt the warmth of the sun.

Not in your doorstep.

Forty degrees Celsius. The grasses and the flowers are
Wilting in your front lawn. I can't blame them,

Perhaps they're just like you, wilted
From too much ember on my fingers—

Wilted, so you go home; found shelter.

I am at your doorstep, heat stricken, ready
To die, and all I'm asking

Is a voice to comeback,
Like the sun does.

arising,  heat,  problem.

Author: Jefferson Lexus Jonson
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1205569

Heat in this moment

There is Heat in this moment.
This Heat isn't like
A warm summer breeze,
Or a blanket on a winter night.
This Heat is like
Being forced to take a pleasent stroll
In the blood-shot screams of Hell
All while walking barefoot
On the Sun with a smile.
There is Heat in this moment,
But it seems only you and I can feel it.

heat,  moment.

Author: Carsyn Smith
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1203355

Two Weeks, July Heat...

Two weeks,
July heat, The fan was blowing on her face. Her eyes were shining, Her smile drew me in. That kiss, Oh, that kiss. I went back into a time of forgotten fears, A time where life stood still, Where reality did not exist. One day, Windows down, Driving through cities and small towns. Her hand slipped gently into mine. Her hands were so fragile. She easily would take my breath away, Taking away every fear as if it was nothing but a terrible dream. Her smile, Oh, that smile. Nothing could ever compare to her, Nothing could ever make me feel so complete. One moment, One of little worries. The bed was unmade, Stuffed toys by my pillow, Dust collecting on figurines from other worlds. That kiss, Oh, that kiss. One could not believe it could be their last. Not with such little time gone by, Not with the love in our hearts that nearly began. As I walk down the stairs, I pause to take one last look. The look in her eyes, Oh, her beautiful eyes, I was not worried, I was not scared, But I did not realize, I was leaving a life that I would do anything to keep her by my side. As I walk to the terminal, Cold chills run throughout my spine. A tear rolls down my face. I pick up my phone and smile. I hear her voice, Oh, her sweet voice, It echoed in my mind as I flew across the lands. I felt calm, I felt okay. I believed we could live a life everyone dreams of. It was just a matter of time before only I could live that life, A life of those dreams, A life of loneliness. I dreamed of a life that I believed would last, I love a love that I will never be able to let go of. I will love her forever, Oh, I will love her always, But she will never love me the way she once did. The way she would look at me, The way her heart would beat, And all the endless nights of nothing but those hazel eyes staring into mine. They were all moments in time, Realities we could no longer face. The times have come and gone, But I still can't stop living in the life with the one I loved.... -Patience is to hold back the pain and keep what drives you closer, a step backwards because nothing worth having comes easy.
Morgan, I will never forget you and the love you gave me. You mean everything to me. No matter how much pain I have to go through, I will wait for you. I just hope you will come back into my life. When you do, my heart will be open. Open for you, and only you. Even though you're cold as stone to this day, No one will ever compare to you, no one could love me the way you would, the way you did. You'll be normal again, you'll be fixed again, oh how I hope you love again. I love you. I love you with all I have.
Forever and always, -Grace

heat,  july,  weeks.

Author: Grace Lynn
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1198838

Scorched in the heat of love.

One fiery glance, passion infused
I caught fire, scorched in pleasure,
The remains, is yours.

heat,  love,  scorched.

Author: K Balachandran
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1197223

Escaping The Heat

Where we shoveled coal into the furnace was an inconsiderable door. Behind it held dirty chubby cherubs with cherry tomato noses, whose job it was to keep the fires of our parent's liquor cabinets full. This they did to keep them from constantly beating us, but the happy distraction did not always work. So, we would pluckily go. Go to the scuzzy pond at dusk with kerosine lanterns and listen for croaks. We tied forks to the ends of canes or stakes and would gig bullfrogs for dinner. It became only momentarily mortifying, but was always a choice way of ridding our sisters and other clingy girls of our company. We'd fry the legs in cornstarch and pepper flakes and be allowed to share with the adults their beer if it was a good catch. Usually, it was. Most of forever we waited for teaberry season, always the best time of the year. Though it was hotter than Beelzebub's bath water we'd go swimming in that scum pond to reach our favorite teaberry patches. This ensured our riches and fame throughout our Appalachian village. Everyone would eat teaberry ice cream and sing our names and no one beat us on those days.

escaping,  heat.

Author: PJ Poesy
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1194699

Heat effect

Ive touches the fire
And let myself burn
Enjoying the heat
And so it hurts

It stings my body
From head to toe
But the heat of the light
And passion hits my soul


Author: Maisunshine
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1187374

Body Heat

As your hands became my hands
And your breath my breath--
As sweat poured down my forehead in a profoundly
Passionate yet hauntingly animalistic way,
I had a memory of three years from now:
Our dehydrated and smiling lips kiss again
In front of the bar where we just got tipsy,
Creating our own cacophony of laughter.
Whispering goodbye even as our fingertips
(which are still the same fingertips) whisper hello,
I look towards Athens and you
Towards whatever life you're leading. "Sorry" I say,
And you: "It's fine. " And it is.

body,  heat.

Author: Jimmy King
Date: 17/03/2020

№ 1177796

Summer heat


Summer heat
A skin like warmed milk
Temperature rising beneath
Air sucked in from above

If I skim off the surface
In continuous brushes, pure,
Roiling, fatty liquid
Brings fever to my brow

When emotion cools
Another skin is formed,
Coagulated past
Atop a beating heart.


Walking together to the edge of the land and sky filled blue
Making friendship seem like liquid we swim in
Crashing against each other without bruising
Happy to roar or stay silent in our skins
Never as separate as our bodies pretend, sliding, floating, surfing our lives.

heat,  summer.

Author: Tim Mansour
Date: 08/03/2020