Poems about heavy


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All of this is wrong
I should have never fell
I tried my best not to
I swear I really did

I'm now looking for reasons to hate you
I'm searching every corner,
But every time I find something
I fall for it

Nitpicking is useless and messy
And I don't want to hate you
I want you and only you
Every cell and every atom of you

I'm trying to stand against the current
Trying not to fall because of the waves and winds
Because everything you said was so heavy
And I'm trying to take it the best I can


Author: Lorenzo IГ±igo Jimenez
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209415

Heavy Darkness

She is alone, drowning in her heavy darkness.
She chokes on the blackness of the void
And feels it sharper than the blade spilling blood on her skin
His hands are ice around her neck
Her eyes cry out for help
She is alone, drowning in her heavy darkness.

Never did she feel this way before
This vulnerability struck fear in her
A heart shredded by this monster
This man she couldn't escape
He watches her like prey
She is alone, drowning in her heavy darkness

She is sick but they won't see
Hiding behind a smile
She feels him watch her every move
She is consumed by pain
And yet, she loves him
She is alone, drowning in her heavy darkness

darkness,  heavy.

Author: Elise Jaco
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209288

Heavy body

How much longer
Until i am just the indentations
Of a body
In my bed?

body,  heavy.

Author: Christine Eglantine
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1206016

Heavy air

Turn out the lights.
It was too bright anyways.
Let us, just sit in the dark and breath.

Rock your chair.
Bring us to life in the creaking.

Think your thoughts, of my voice, nagging you, to leave me here.

You will not.

air,  heavy.

Author: Michael W Noland
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205906

Time's Heavy Burden

Don't forget the burden, time weighing down your shoulders
Every wasted moment, every breath that's getting shorter
Grasping on to memories, as your hands are getting colder
And you don't know how much longer
You can bear this heavy load

The fires of your life have turned to smoke and ash
The gentle winds of time, once slow, now are blowing fast
Take in every sunset, as if it is your last
Because you don't know how much longer
You can bear this heavy load

The ravens of deception are cawing at your door
Their evil shrieks of madness, through your mind, they slowly bore
Until time and sanity are with you nevermore
And you know you can no longer tolerate
Such a heavy load

burden,  heavy,  time.

Author: Benjamin Banker
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1200272

Heavy Heart

What part of me means so little
To you?
I mean,
Why am I so forgettable?
When you stay on my tongue like a blister.
Every world I speak
Drives the conversation back to you.
Where my heartbeat crashes,
I suffer a concussion,
But you walk away just fine.
Why not?
I mean, is that your motto?
Something you say before you lose yet another tooth.
There goes one down the drain.
Same as my blood.
Your future.
Our relationship.
How many nights has my memory haunted
Does it take how old I am to return you back to
Almost 20 years of neglect for you to give up on.
Why am I so angry?
How many nights did I pray to anyone who would listen
To get me out of there.
But the second you let go of my hand,
I fell flat on my face
When I thought,
When I thought I would walk just fine.
Maybe even run.
But it seems the only running I have been doing
Is away from my guilt.
I left him there to drown.
His hand sticking out of the water
Begging to pull me back under
So maybe he wont die alone.
I fell asleep in a clean bed.
Full stomach, and heavy heart.

heart,  heavy.

Author: Tamera Pierce
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1199018

Heavy bags

The sound of thunder
The thud of a heartbeat
The cry of the rain
The darkness of the clouds

It all seemed so familiar

The sun came up
He told me it was a new day
I groaned; i muttered
Just please make it go away

Dragging myself everywhere i go
There is nothing more than i want
Nothing more
But to be wrapped around your arms

Gently lying on soft feathers
Letting the heavy bag rest
Letting everything off my chest
Letting it all go

bags,  heavy.

Author: Patrice Diaz
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1195924

The heavy weight of hands (and other body parts)


Lift that fingertip away from your scars
And trace these ragged map-lines instead
Here, here are better roads to take
Than loneliness

So maybe your knuckle feels much too bare
But know that our fingers are not made to sit waiting
For a ring –
They are built to hold

So hold – find another set of fingers
Grasping for a stronger pair of hands
There is nothing more beautiful than two small limbs
Making a home in each other

Or better yet, when your bones feel
Too big for his too-full arms and too brittle
For the weight of your sadness
Hold yourself together, never let go

When the night is too full of night
To see the stars, take a mirror and try to
Search for the starstuff in you

You. the point between history and tomorrow
The most graceful of reckonings
The steady hum of *more, more beneath cracking skin
You. the sum of all things soft and true

And remember: those bones were never built to
Shoulder the world
They were only ever meant
To carry you

body,  hands,  heavy,  parts,  weight.

Author: jess p
Date: 25/03/2020