Poems about helium


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Tie a rope around me, love
You've made me feel so high
That my feet might leave the ground
But don't worry
I won't fly away


Author: ChloГ« Fuller
Date: 05/03/2020

№ 1143098


Not so much grey today, despite the weather
Feeling lighter, an easiness, cells filled with helium,
You look brighter she says,
I have had a shave and my hair cut, I reply
She smiles, I smile, we laugh
The day feels well oiled, little resistance
Or maybe it is just me,
Either way I'll embrace it and slide on through


Author: Patrick N
Date: 06/02/2020

№ 1139985


My little helium filled heart
Floats off into the clouds,
Free from the weight of itself.
It makes miniatures of buildings
Losing sight of material things.
From its' skewed perspective,
High in the stratosphere,
It has grown bigger than
The earth itself.

There is poetic sadness
In finally reaching happy;
A lust for inspiration
In the openness of the
Universe it creates.


Author: Dot
Date: 03/02/2020

№ 1125075

Hearts are heavier than helium.

I feel like my inability to tie shoes in Kindergarten was symbolic
Because that was the year I learned to cut strings
Rather than to knot them into something elegant

And now I wish I had been taught with all of the other children

Because if I had
Maybe I would have known
Than to take the red string
That kept him tied to me
And cut it

If I had
Maybe instead
I would have known
How to tie us

But I didn't
And I couldn't

And now I'm completely
In my repulsion
For having
Done it

But at the time
It seemed so rational

Because the string was cutting off my circulation

Because I felt trapped
And claustrophobic
And tied down

Because when I was five
I was too busy playing with balloons
Rather than learning how to tie my shoes

And because
When I let go of my balloon at that festival
After I had finished crying
And once it had disappeared behind the clouds
I concluded that strings are meant to be cut
Because when you hold onto them
You disable flight

(I wanted to fly)

But I was only five

And my theory didn't account for
Anything that wasn't lighter than air

And I'm heavy hearted

hearts,  heavier,  helium.

Author: Jill
Date: 21/01/2020

№ 1079281

Happiness and Helium

They think happiness is a bouquet of helium balloons. Picture everyone in the world, each holding a bunch of balloons on strings. Most people's balloons are plump and bouncy, and they float really well. Some people's balloons might be droopy because they're sad, or sick or something. So the people that know me think my balloons are just droopy, and they try to help. They say, "Here, have some helium. Let's get your balloons all floaty again. " But I'm not holding any balloons at all. So even if they gave me helium- tanks and tanks of it- there's nothing to put it in. My balloons are just completely missing.

happiness,  helium.

Author: Grace Dockstader
Date: 10/12/2019

№ 1069081

Helium 3

All wanted was that Helium 3

All raced to the moon

All around the world

Getting energy for a dilapidated world

They want to dance on the moon

They don't want their world to die

If they reach for the moon

Maybe some will survive

They come not to lay flags

This time they come for Helium 3

They want to make the world cleaner

Just for you and me

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris


Author: Christos Andreas Kourtis
Date: 01/12/2019

№ 1037054

Helium 2

Don't stick to anything
Defy gravity
Creep up the walls of glass

No heat
Super conductivity
Zero viscosity

Helium 2
Your a super fluid
And you show that

Drip out the bottom
Of the seemingly solid mass

Helium 2
Your a super fluid
And you show that

Redefining how i think
About cold liquid gas


Author: Max Petersen
Date: 02/11/2019

№ 1016500

How My Balloon Became Addicted To Helium

How my balloon became addicted to helium is a cautionary in a coal mine
Choking on fumes, next to the garden hose, all snakes and power-lines
Entangled in the turbulence of absolute calm, a rarefied catastrophe
An asterix, just to the right
Of the meaningless word
You would say
To me.

How my balloon became addicted to helium is a lost tomb.
Teensy- weensy bones are polished
Very close to microphones.
I would have to be the nothingness,
Just for the night

[ followed by the longest day with you. ]

Jimmy the lock
And fish out the quills;
We'll write a new desolation in cuneiform and iron will -
Throw out your kinsmen
If they be discontinuous...
To shave a few hours off
Time wasted

addicted,  balloon,  helium.

Author: Third Eye Candy
Date: 14/10/2019