Poems about heroism


An Ode to Heroism

What is heroism?
I'll tell you what it is:
Risking your life for others.
But it's also love. And giving.

Another question is- what tests heroism?
A burning building. Two burning buildings. Three.
Nothing else tests heroism like that.
Nothing else provokes the feeling of the incessant
Need to help others.

Risks accompany heroism. Risks like death.
An unimaginable death.
But along with risk is respect. And appreciation.
Nothing else gives you respect like saving lives.
Saving the lives of thousands of people.

You gain appreciation from doing what's best for others,
When they need it.

But there is more to heroism.
There is more than meets the eye.
It creates change.
It touches people's hearts,
Urges them to change the world.

Then the world changes people.
Will the world change you?
When they need it.

heroism,  ode.

Author: Elaine M Smith
Date: 06/04/2020



The essence of heroism is sacrificing yourself so that others may live. - Peter from the Arrow


Author: Auss
Date: 16/03/2020


219. heroism లాంటి ప్రేమ

ీ ముఖ చిత్రం చూసి పడిపోయా
లనచిత్రం hero లా వెంటే ఉండిపోయా
ీ focus కోసం ఎన్నో trick లే వేస్తుంటా
ీ చూపే shift అయితే నిరుత్సాహాపడిపోతా
ీ చిన్ని నవ్వైన వెయ్యి volt bulb లా వెలుగుతుందే
ువ్వు ఉంటే నిమిషమైన యుగమంతా సంతోషమిస్తుందే
World Cup Win కన్నా నీ ప్రేమ గెలుపే నాకు మిన్నా
శ్చర్యం కాదా నువ్వు చూసే చూపు
పక్కకు చూసినా నాకోసం అనుకోనా...
Arvind Swamy నీ కానే నేను Alexander అంతటి వాణ్ణి కనే చెలి
మోస్తరు చూపులో ఉంటానే నేను అమితంగా ప్రేమిస్తానే నిన్ను
టంకం ఎదురైనా ఆవేదన కలిగిన నిన్ను మర్చిపోనే మరీ
ెయ్యేళ్ళ వరమల్లె నా తోడుండిపోవే సఖి


Author: Babu kandula
Date: 11/02/2019


Heroism claims:

That a hero is never a hero,


He faces a downfall,
And learns to pick himself up.

claims,  heroism.

Author: toots
Date: 30/11/2018


A Rant: About Depression & Society & A Call to Heroism

This darkness, Unshakable
Me- So very breakable
All you see
Is the shell, quaking, aching
Outside of me
And me, contained inside
Hidden away from real life
Because if I spoke my radical ideas out in the open
My life would become broken
Like glass shards strewn across a wooden floor
My feet would bleed but my heart would bleed more

The lackluster people cannot comprehend
The ideas outside of tradition and systems and dogma
And forgive me for my stuttering and reserved nature
It takes time for the shackles to melt
For I must be certain that I can be my true self
And express myself with no filter, then the lock on my vocal cords will open
It takes a skilled blacksmith to break me free from my chains
So I can feel at ease

Sometimes, it feels like people are my disease
Society, groupthink...
Can cause so much trouble
I know I must take responsibility for the way I feel
And steer clear of blame
But I'm constantly thinking,
If only we all thought for ourselves,
If only we truly stuck to our morals
And weren't afraid to be aberrant,
Then maybe we'd have more people like Nelson Mandela,
Gandhi, Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Junior, Abraham Lincoln (and many more) in this world
None of these people were perfect, and some of these people sustained traumas and lived as pariahs in their communities and even in their entire countries
But to some who are outliers, these people were heroes
And thankfully they are regarded as heroes by the vast majority today
Sometimes to live a big life beyond triviality,
We must say no to comfort, our ego, our limiting beliefs
And say yes to a self-less life replete with love, curiosity and abounding possibility

This darkness that overcomes me intermittently and unexpectedly
Can only be conquered
By "looking at the bigger picture" and
Recognizing that even though I often times feel like I don't fit in
And I refuse to assimilate to a subculture because I will not sacrifice the lifelong endeavor of adding to a reservoir of knowledge and wisdom
For ignorance and blind faith and groupthink
Where people are discouraged from having their own unique and radical ideas that defy tradition or what the majority are subjected to believe through the indoctrination of an institution like a school or church
All I can do to defeat the darkness is to surrender to this condition I find myself in
Being full of life and ideas
But feeling like I have to hold it all back in this provincial town to be
But I think I'm just going to let the light shine through
I'm going to speak up, speak out
And not become some pseudo spiritual guru who charges an arm and a leg to gain access to their "life altering" retreats and seminars
People are always looking outside of themselves to "find enlightenment" or the next fix that will "fix" them
But we get hooked to these life coaches churning out programs with high price tags like drugs
We need to feel competent, worthy, and purposeful
We dream about becoming just like these people ripping us off
But they're just as clueless as us,
They're just rich off of our clueless-ness and desperation
But I'm going to try something different--
I'm just going to be myself, stand up for my rights and the rights of others
Live a life of service, even if that entails radical service where my life is on the line
Stop seeking validation from people who don't matter
And not give the enemies I will inevitably make by being myself any importance in my life and my life's mission
So, that's it folks
I hope you decide to do the same.

amp,  call,  depression,  heroism,  rant,  society.

Author: Violet
Date: 10/08/2017